Sigh, I hate introductions. In order to ease our introduction, I have drawn the following picture:

The awkward stare works every time. So, what is this blog about? It are teh anime blog! Yes, this lean, mean, rudimentary html machine shall display posts about anime and manga.

I have been an anime/manga junkie for a few years now. After, a previous attempt at a blog that went nowhere (due to laziness), I decided to buckle down and make something out of my anime/manga fancies. Hopefully, I will update this blog as frequently as I can, hopefully, I will improve as a blogger, hopefully, you, as a reader will enjoy my posts, hopefully, you will tell your friends about me, and hopefully, you will help me conquer the world. Ooops, pay no heed to my ambition, or  the toxicity that may be found in this websites muffins.

Oh, and please don’t be shy to comment. Comments (even the mean ones) will feel make me feel good (maybe I’m masochistic, who knows….).

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