A sad week, the end of a legend and possibly a way of life.

They might be going down, but at least their head is held up high, this is dignity at it's finest.

Well folks, I only found out today (though some would have known for a few days now) that One Manga is shutting down. I have few words to say, for there is little to say. One Manga was a legendary Manga site, I loved it, I used it a lot. I started out reading Naruto and Bleach. Eventually my Bleach readings lead me to the precurser of Mangashare. Mangashare got me into reading manga, and it didn’t take long for me to find One Manga. It had almost every manga one could ask for. It was probably the most convenient site on the internet. Sigh, I will sorely miss it.

It did so much for me, showcasing so many manga to me. Almost everyday I would look at the updates and see if there was any manga I had not read, and give it a shot. I read a good amount of the romance manga posted on that site. Sigh, why did those damn copyright people have to ruin it, I know authors need money, but still:(. I am also greatly worried that other manga sites are going to follow, I think some other sites have already gone down. I have been feeling it for the past couple of days, it feels like the whole fansub/fanscanlating era is coming to an end. I don’t know what I would do without my supply of anime/manga, so if it does end, I will be in quite a pickle. It’s a pity, I didn’t get to experience the golden days of fanwork nearly as much as other people.

Sigh, I’m sad, I’m a go and try to read as much manga on One Manga as possible, if only to strengthen my already strong memories of a great site, that showcased manga to manga newbies everywhere. Perhaps, it was this wast popularity of it, this reach, that ultimately ended it.
I made this post on another site:

lol, it’s funny a few months back, I went to my brother’s speech competition, this kid gave a speech and talked about how much he loved manga. He mentioned that he started out reading manga in a library, but then he found OneManga, and now he can read as much as he wants online for free. I remember thinking at the time: ” No, kid you do not tell people about OneManga, it’s supposed to a secret”.

Sigh, farewell old friend, you will be sorely missed by this manga reader, and many others.

I cannot even begin to describe how much I will miss this site.



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