Naruto- Putting it in Perspective

Last Thursday, I read Naruto Chapter 504. This post isn’t really about the chapter, but about putting the chapter in perspective. Let’s think about it for a second. Chapter 504 was the conclusion to the Kyubi’s flashback arc. Most people probably already realized this, but this chapter… we were waiting for this chapter since the beginning of the manga.  In other words, some people have been waiting for this chapter for 11 years. Think about that for a second, 11 freaking years! So much as changed in that time, so many manga’s have been released, heck I have cousins who weren’t born 11 years ago. So, this little post is just about looking back, and well bringing back some memories.

I bet Kishi never thought he would be as famous as he is today.

Oh, my god, so awesome! Well the Kyuubi was never shown to make tsunami's but whatever.

Wow, the Fourth Hokage was mentioned on the first page of the first chapter, think about that now. True Naruto fans have been waiting for Chapter 504 for 504 chapters, and 11 years! Holy Shit! On the slightly critical side, it mentions that the people assembled the shinobi, that to me gives the impression, that the Kyuubi attacked normal people, and the shinobi were either created or summoned to protect them. It also gives the impression that the attack lasted for a long time. From the latest chapters we know that the Kyuubi attacked a village of shinobi, so shinobi were involved straight from the beginning, and the attack did not last more than a day, heck probably not more than an hour.  The page also says “that once appeared”, that to is misleading, we know that the nine-tails existed before the attack, and that it was even sealed in people before it was sealed in Naruto. I guess Kishi did change somethings as the manga went on. At the beginning the Kyuubi was this exceptionally powerful beast that could ravage whatever stood in front of it, but later on, it became less of a demon. The kyuubi is still a powerful force, but it is slightly overshadowed by the existence of the 10 tails and even more overshadowed by the existence of Madara.

A frog, a hawk OMG

Take a look at that. There’s a frog and a hawk. The frogs were not introduced for quite a few years, but the hawk… Sasuke and the hawk was only introduced like a few years ago. Wow, look’s like Kishi had done a lot of planning, like a lot. It’s strange how Sakura is with the frog though, did Kishi change his mind later on, or is she, you know just there. Naruto also seems to be covered by what appears to be the fox’es chakra.

Wow, Kishi's art has improved (in terms of quality).

Compare that picture to a more recent chapter, the art has changed drastically, it used to be quite cartoony, but now it’s far more serious. I kinda miss the old Naruto, it was more fun and less drama 😦

Naruto and a swing.

The above picture is probably one of the manga’s trademark scenes. This scene has been used countless times, again and again in order to show Naruto’s loneliness, sometimes the swings are set to a different backdrop, but they are there. Even though, this scene has been used a lot, it is still a very emotional and powerful scene, that 11 years later still invokes emotions of sadness and loneliness. A great scene, indeed! Even this early on, Kishi’s talent is obvious, take a look at the shadow on Naruto, if that isn’t effective shading, I don’t know what is.

The Third was such a pervert.

Naruto’s sexy jutsu is a force to be reckoned with, I mean it can knock out the 3rd Hokage! If Naruto invented a nude male version, I’m sure Sasgay would be knocked out to.

Naruto's first badass pose.

Naruto has had a few bad ass poses, but the one above still stands as one of his greatest.

hmm, a ninja eh.

Well that’s the end of chapter 1, Naruto is now a ninja, lol. He has come quite far in 4 years manga time (or 11 years in real life), but well he still has a bit more to go. On that same note, I am not too happy with the whole “Naruto is the child of destiny” thing, I mean it used to be so much better, when he was just a shinobi, who got respect through hard work, but now it seems that whatever he earns, he earns it because he was meant to, kind of sad actually:(.

Well, that’s all the lazy me is going to write for this chapter. Naruto has been a hell of a ride, I have only been watching/reading it for like 5 years, that’s nothing compared to those who have been following it since the beginning. I will just leave this next shot here, and be on my merry way.



OMG! That's such a Jiraiya esque pose.

Sorry, I came across this in chapter 2, and I had to include it, because well, that’s so Jiraiya like, it’s scary, but awesome nonetheless!

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