Nurarihyon no Mago Chapters 117-118

Burn Baby Burn!

Wow, two great chapters. I am still confused about Nuramago’s release schedule. It seems to be a bit random compared to other shonen’s, but I guess this is a scanlator thing, not that I mind, reading these two chapters back to back was a great experience.

Chapter 117 Summary

Nura numero 1 escapes, but not before noting something peculiar and scaring the pants off of Mr.Cyclops. Nura the first recognizes the sword, and questions why it was in Mr.Cyclops possession. The rest of Gitsume’s youkai QQ, and the cyclops nub is informed that the old fox is in labor.  Then the youkai QQ once more, as Rikou and his circus is spotted. Rikou then proceeds to lead in a very leadership esque manner before being stopped by  mind reading slobs.

Chpater 118 Summary

Rikou faces off against the mind reading nubs, whom we saw in the flashback arc. He can’t best them until Yura shows up, goes uber rage mode and corners them. Rikou then proceeds to slash them up.

Capter 117 pics:

I would hate to see what would happen if you took away his social benefits.

Didn't expect that.

Rikou, suave as always.

Moar Rihan Prox!

Chapter 118 pics:

Hey, I am a thief, and I like to steal things!

Kill stolen!

I love Yura's hair.


I thoroughly enjoyed these two chapters. We finally figured out (somewhat) what that whole sword thing a few chapters back was about. My guess is that there is a traitor in the Nura clan( then again there always is). The manga continues it’s act of hiding information and slowly revealing it over time. If you haven’t read it, go to THAT anime blog and read Chronolynx’es post about how the anime screwed up on this. It was great to see the old man Nura put up a fight, and you know not die. A few fans presumed that he would die so that Rikou would get stronger, but hah! This old man ain’t that easy to kill. The next chapter though less mysterious in terms of past happenings had some nice action particularly towards the end. The Yura is mad scene was incredibly well done, looks like anger= power up.

It would be easy to draw parallels between Rihan and the Fourth Hokage (from Naruto ,duh), but I think that would be selling Rihan short. Rihan is an awesome character, we know so little but we care so much. I think Shiibashi Hiroshi has done a great job in the presentation of the three Nura heads. Every time I see a mention of the 2nd my stomach tightens, and a pain lunges at my heart. I am sad that such a great character no longer exists, the thought that poor Rikou lost his dad at such a young age, and is still rightly upset about the loss, almost brings a tear to my eye. Many manga’s have great leaders, but the Nura heads just exude charisma, no wonder the youkai are attracted to them, but not only the youkai, the author knows how to bring out the youkai within the readers hearts, and for that, he must be thoroughly praised.


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