Weekly Shonen- Fairy Tail 196 and Bleach 416

Since I am too lazy to actually do these posts one by one, I will be doing them in random groups. The makeup of the groups will depend on the manga’s I have read by that time. Also, when I say Weekly Shonen, they don’t have to be in the same magazine, I am just referring to my own weekly dose of Shonen. So, withouth further ado, let’s talk about Fairy Tail and Bleach! Note- If you do not want to read Fairy Tail, you can click the link for Bleach to skip on ahead.

Fairy Tail 196
Bleach 416

Fairy Tail 196

All hail Dragneel Sama!

Gerrard wants to sacrifice himself, and be the villain, Code Geass style. His kitty cat bodyguard is obviously against it, and responds by telling Gerarrd that Mr.Kitty should be sacrificed instead. Gerrard obviously refuses, and through this refusal and some more discussion comes to the conclusion that sacrificing himself and leaving behind sadness isn’t a good idea. The two begin to ponder their next move, but they are interrupted when a goon comes in, and tells them about a rebellious group who are well rebelling. Gerrard and Kitty Bodyguard immediately decide to take action, thinking that insurgents must be quelled before they can come up with a good plan to fix their own mistake. Surprise, surprise, the insurgents are none other than Natsu and the Dragon gang. It takes Mr. Kitty a good amount of time before he figures out that obviously Natsu is just pretending to be a bad guy. There is little or no confirmation of whether Gerrard has figured this out yet, but he would be incredibly stupid not to have. The chapter ends with Mr.Butler cat telling Mr.Kitty Bodyguard that Mr. Kitty should get ready for what they are about to do.

From a rouge badass to a soft prince, what has the world come to?


This was a pretty good chapter, to me anyways, it was pretty obvious that Natsu or the Earth Fairy Tail gang would take the fall. I look forward to seeing how they pull if off. It was nice to see Natsu prancing around the town, his “demon lord” look is pretty cool, and quite amusing in it’s own way. I also liked how as a contrast to many other weekly manga’s Fairy Tail had a 21 page chapter. It looks like Gerrard won’t be going back to Earth, that’s kind of sad, we hardly got to see any of his magic abilities. I am presuming that the connection between this Gerrard and the Erza Gerrard will be explained later. The above few sentences about Gerrard might read as neutral, as they are meant to, but just for the record, I HATE what Mistgun has become. I started the manga very late (only a few months back), but since starting it, I loved Mistgun. Mistgun was awesome, he was cool, mysterious, rogue, and exceptionally powerful. Now he has become nothing more than a sissy cheesy nub cake. “Oh, look at me, I am going to sacrifice myself in a totally uncool way, oh look at my face, someone else looks just like me”. This is probably the biggest problem with mystery characters, we love them for their mystery. If the characters are to develop, as most readers want, then they lose their sense of mystery, and in most cases the development ends up totally wrong and screwing us all over. Mistgun could have been so much more, why did he have to be the stupid prince  of some other world? Why did this other world even have to exist? A simpler back story for Happy would have been suffice, and there is plenty of stuff going on in Earth, what with you know the whole bring back evil Zeref or whatever. Why did Mistgun have to be an identical clone of Erza’s Gerrard, couldn’t he have been a different person. Oh damn, I just figured out the relationship between the two Gerrards, I feel stupid for not figuring it out earlier. Everyone has a look a like in Eidolas, and Gerrard (mistgun) happens to be a look alike of Gerrard (Erza). Sheesh, I’m stupid. Still, the fact stands, Eidolas didn’t need to exist, Mistgun didn’t need to be Gerrard. Why was Mistgun patrolling around? Maybe, he was just a lone wanderer, who liked to be alone, or he was going around trying to stop Zeref’s revival. Even if Mistgun had to be a prince, did he have to be such a cheesy contrived stereotypical character? Well, that’s all I’m saying for Fairy Tail, I wrote a bit too much, I’m afraid.

Bleach 416

Progress-slow, but progress nonetheless.


Aizen kills Gin, who remembers that he did all of this for Rangiku who apparently had something taken away from her. Aizen looms over them all with his “I are teh haxorz” look, when Ichigo arrives like a Boss.


That's total bullshit, individuals don't evolve, only species do, and fear has nothing to do with it.

What a romantic.

A very sweet touch.

It’s interesting how much shorter the Bleach summary is compared to Fairy Tail. Anyways I enjoyed this chapter, I have always loved Gin, and was sad to see him die. More so, than Gin’s death, I was sad at how he died. His death was absolutely brutal, Aizen first slashes him, then cuts of his arm, and then stabs him. Aizen then proceeds to tell Gin, that Gin helped him achieve his goal. But, you know what, Gin was a total badass, not only did he manage to be the first to scare Aizen, but he died without any panic or worry on his face. His face was serious, and focused on trying to find a way to stop Aizen. Not once, did he panic, or show fear, what a total badass. Even Aizen showed fear. It was also sad to see a bit more of Gin’s history, it was proven that he is in fact a good guy (as many predicted), and that he truly cared for Rangiku, who by somehow (despite trying to kill him repeatedly) reciprocated his feelings. Gin’s last line about how he was happy he had said “Sorry” was a very sweet touch, and brought a good deal of life to Gin’s character. Speaking of badass, Ichigo’s entrance was also badass. That look on Ichigo’s face is one very well liked by me. I know facial expressions should change, but I would be very happy if Ichigo kept that look even in times of extreme distress like having his arm chopped off, or being stabbed by butterfly man. It would have been nice to see some of Ichigo’s “new strength”, but I guess I can wait. Hopefully, his chain is useful for more than S & M plays.

Ichigo-badass mode on. Note: mode will auto shutdown when Aizen cut's him.


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