Weekly Shonen- Reborn 302, Naruto 506, One Piece 596

Ok, well I guess this is the second part of the weekly shonen thing. I still have Bakuman and Nurarihyon no Mago to read, but I guess they can wait. So, without further ado, here we go.

The Three Musketeers, minus swords, plus dead people.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 302
Naruto 506
One Piece 596

It's cheesy, but in this case, it works.

The Vongola guys are on a boat, one of the old guardians raises an obligatory objection with the ninth, who tells him that Tsuna and his gang best represent Vongola, and that the rest of them should just Stfu. The Vonogola come across an island, that was invisible seconds ago, apparently Enma decided to reveal it’s location. Tsuna and his gang board their little vessel and prepare for landing, only to very shortly realize they have no radio communication and are about to featured on the next episode of survivor. The gang lands, and walk a bit before encountering the Simon family. Enma utters out some useless threats, and the two gangs look at each other before Reborn noticed the presence of the Mafia law enforcing people. The Law enforcers apparently had some promise with the founders of the two families, and as such they cannot allow a fight between the two to exist. So, if the two clash, the losing family will be eradicated, and prisoned for eternity. Despite having heard that, Tsuna and Enma prepare to square off.

Can't say, "I saw that coming".

Not too much happened in this chapter, but it was still pretty good nonetheless. The whole fight or start a mafia for your friends thing is obviously a bit contrived and slightly cheesy, but quite necessary given the context. If this manga was a seinen, the entire reason for the family could have been wealth and greed, but as a shonen, you can’t have your main character being part of an evil organisation, or if he is part of one, it is his responsibility to change said organisation. Think of the kids, who are influenced by this manga. Anyways, even though I do have a bit of hatred for the cheesiness of friendship, it works very well in this manga, much better than it does in most shonens. Now, back to the chapter at hand. All of it was pretty predictable except for the whole Mafia law makers entrance. I did not expect that. That inclusion totally caught me off guard. I was thinking that this arc would just conclude with a simple “Vongola won, and Simon family became good again” kinda ending, but not anymore! The inclusion of these mysterious weirdos has greatly changed the possible outcome, I mean in all likelihood the conclusion might still be the same, but how it’s achieved will now have to be totally different. After kicking Enma’s butt, Tsuna is gonna have to convince the weirdos that they can be friends again or something. It would be totally unheard off, and rather unexpected, but totally cool if Tsuna lost, was sent to jail and had to break out somehow. It would be even more unheard of if Enma won, and became the main character of the manga, talk about putting 300 chapters of development to waste. Anyways, this was a good chapter, the fights should start next week.
Side note- I have been reading Reborn since it was on chapter 80 or something, the fact that I have been reading this manga for more than 200 weeks is quite mind boggling. I feel old now.

And thus, the legend of the flying turtle was born, oh, and Naruto is a little girl.

Kisame somehow sucks up the chakra of the two random ninjas and KillerBee, and then proceeds to hightail it out of there. Gai opens his 6th gate and is launched by killerbee to pursue the fool, then in midair, he summons Mr.Turtle and uses him as further leverage to keep moving. While of this is going on, our fearless future hokage is being treated for a booboo broken ankle. Gai and Kisame meet up, Kisame feeds his scroll to a shark, makes his sharks reproduce asexually (real sharks can’t do that), and then launches a full out attack against Gai. Upon realizing that there are too many, Gai opens his 7th gate and begins his counterattack, Kisame then launches a mega shark against Gai, who counters with a massive Tiger.

End result of confrontation: TIGER SHARK!

Nothing special happened in this chapter, fighting scenes in manga have never really gotten me that excited, so this wasn’t that exciting of a chapter, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The humor from the previous chapter was mostly gone, the only exception being the turtle in mid-air thing, that was hilarious. Gai is a pretty strong azure beast (as he refers to himself), and hopefully he will shut Mr.fish up once and for all. I’d rather not see the scroll end up in Madara’s hands, though it most likely will. I hope Gai does not die in the upcoming chapters, it would be a bit of a detrimental hit to the manga. Gai always has been a funny funny character, he is one of the manga’s most original characters, and as such it would be nice to see him live out the entire manga. The fool had better not open the eight gate, Naruto and Lee would not like that one bit.

All hail the mighty Usuppnn!

We see what more of the Strawhats are up to.
Nami- Nami using the pretense of a suicide solution manipulates the elderly in order to be freed from her crimes. She then proceeds to ask Haredas to teach her everything about the New World’s weather, so that she may guide her crew through the New World. After some emotional stuff about helping the reckless Luffy, it switches to Brook.
Brook- Brook, poor Brook is still a circus attraction, well he has “angular” moments, while thinking of what to do in order to help Luffy. Unfortunately he can’t come to a proper conclusion, so he just plays his new single “Bone to be wild”.
Robin- Robin is just chillaxing outside, you know in the cold cold weather. She teases the revolutionaries by telling them, they should have come for her earlier, and then proceeds to have some flashbacks about her traumatic past, and how Luffy has helped her. The Revolutionaries tell her to come inside, but she doesn’t trust them completely and choose to stay outside, so they try to their best to accommodate her by bringing out blankets and a sofa. The Robin section ends with Robin giving a blush (while thinking of Luffy), a blush that could theoretically fuel the RobinxLuffy fan group for many years.
Franky- Thanks to the explosion caused by hitting the self-destruct button, not only has Franky obtained a brand spanking new look, but he’s also discovered another lab filled with weapons and human modifications. In order to ease the minds of his initial hosts, he puts on a tiger rug, but shortly after catches fire, runs outside, and scares the bejeebers of off those soldiers.
Usuppnn- Usuppnn tells Heraclesnn, that he will first lose weight, gain muscle, then become stronger, become stronger again, and become stronger some more. Usupnn then proceeds to ask Heraclesnn for some tips and pointers on how to shoot stuff. The chapter ends with Heraclesnn telling Usuppnn about Pop Greens and Usuppnn’s desire to become the true king of sniping.

I am legend.

Whew, that was a long summary, as usual a lot of stuff happened in One Piece. These mini character arcs aren’t bad at all, but it would be nice to get the ball rolling and move onto the main story/whatever important thing is about to happen. It’s funny, how before when it was all Luffy, I was hoping for some Straw hat info, now that I have information about the straw hats, I’m hoping for Luffy again. I guess this manga is just not complete unless you have the Straw hats together ,that just goes to show how the bond between them is just as important as the characters themselves. Anyways, back to this chapter, it was great. The flashbacks might have been slightly unnecessary, but I guess they provided somewhat of an emotional touch. Humor was great this chapter. Oda sensie’s ability to add humor to anything and everything is quite marvelous. Nami’s manipulation of the old geezers was hilarious, Brook thinking angular poses would help was also hilarious, and almost just as funny was the name of his new single, “Bone to be wild”, freaking hilarious. Robin herself (as befitting of her character) was not that funny, but the revolutionaries with their accommodating antics were quite funny, and more importantly that blush was revolutionary. Franky was just downright hilarious, and Usuppnn and his conversation with Heraclesnn was also quite amusing. One Piece is like a lot of other Shonen’s, in that the manga is about making legends, but there is a big difference. Other Shonen characters don’t become legends until the later part of the manga and only become legends for one or two tasks, whereas in One Piece, the main characters are making legends left, right and center. Just look at Franky, his tiger antics made a legend. You might scoff at such a legend, but it is a legend. I do not know of exactly how notoriously well known the Straw Hats are in their own world, but to us the readers, their actions always stand out, and make a mark. These actions are more often than not, not a result of plot, but rather the characters themselves, and as such we can say, these characters are very well defined and quite remarkable.

Sorry, this post ended up being too long, I blame a good part of it on my One Piece fanboyism, here maybe this will be some solace.

A possibly revolutionary blush.


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