Weekly Shonen-Beelzebub Chapter 73

Sorry, I am a bit late on this one. I blame my laziness, I was also waiting for the next Bakuman chapter, but it doesn’t seem to be out yet, oh well, some other time.
Anyways onto our little Baby Demon Lord.

This is ESPN sports center reporting live fro.. wait the game's over already?

Each team has won 1 set each, and now in the last set, Oga’s team is leading has match point, but they have had match point 5 times before. Himekawa messes up the serve, Izuma from the Horseman spikes it back hard and fast. The ball seems impossible to intercept, until our beloved Oga ditches his post, pulls off some acrobatics, and manages to smash it back, winning the game for team Ishiyama. Miki cries, thinking it was his fault, but he is comforted by his teammate, who proceeds to tell him about how they played as a team, so it’s not his fault. Oda receives some praise from Kunieda, and then Kuneida receives some praise from the caption of the horseman. The team’s reconcile, but their new found love is interrupted by a rude fellow stealing the mike, and having his goons storm the place. The rude fellow is none other than Kiriya, who Oda beat up in a flashback, defending Miki, a few chapters back. Kiriya mocks Ishiyama for their softness, and wacks the horseman caption on the head. Kiriya then faces off with Oga, and announces his desire to ruin everything about Oga’s life. Oga performs the Baby Beel test, and once the test shows a negative, he whacks Kiriya with Baby Beel. Oga, then in conjunction with Baby Beel, proceeds to mock Kiriya’s missing badassery.

I hope you aren't accusing Oga of child molestation, that would be plain rude.

In my opinion that summary was way too long. I should learn to compact such things. Anyways, on to the chapter, it was great. I wasn’t expecting the match to be over so quick, but I’m glad it was, long sports games with individually accentuated serves and what not, bore me. Oda and Baby Beel’s reaction to the Kiriya was priceless. Damn, that was funny. I have little to say, other than this was a great chapter, and the sequence of Baby Beel’s initial exposure of baby err… legs, followed by whack of legs, followed by disappointed pose was priceless. A manga like this would translate so well into the anime realm (if done right of course), one can not help but wonder why it hasn’t been done already. Oh well, I will have to contend myself with The World god only knows, and Bakuman, though both of them are less anime material than Beelzebub. Wait, I just checked Wiki, and YES! The anime has been announced, there are no official dates for release or anything like that, but according to wiki, it is concrete (whatever that means), so yay! I do wonder what they will do about Baby Beel’s nakedness, I mean on the one hand it adds a lot of humor, but on the other, I’m not sure if the anime creaters will think of it as suitable material. It might still go through, if like the manga, they do not add too much detail to the nether-region. Oh well, I can’t wait!

Ball in face attack.

Sorry mate, you just ain't good enough.


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