Weekly Shonen- Bakuman 97 and 98, Reborn 303, Bleach 417, Naruto 507, One Piece 597

Sorry, this post is so late, it’s so late, that the new issue of Jump is about to be available for reading. I am still not sure, if I should continue with these posts, they take quite a bit of energy, and require a certain amount of pro-activity.
Well, without further ado, here we go.

Bakuman 97 and 98
Katekyo Hitman Reborn 303
Bleach 417
Naruto 507
One Piece 597

Bakuman 97 and 98.

The rivalry begins....er.... continues.

Chapter 97
Our two manga artists continue where they left off in chapter 96, that is with the idea of making an arc. Takagi get’s to work and comes up with a rival arc. An uber detective is trying to expose the children of PCP for the criminals that they are. Unfortunately Takagi has only got the arc planned up to the 3rd chapter, so he decides to go back to his school for more motivation. Takagi comes up, having decided on making PCP release fireworks, but unfortunately the means to deliver a message to their rival still eludes him. In order to get inspiration Takagi goes to his elementary school, but is only truly inspired by the incomprehensible text message his partner receives.

I wonder if real manga authors get this excited, I doubt it, but you never know.

Chapter 98
Takagi has the arc planned out, the PCP kids will lure their rival into trying and stopping their release of fireworks, but then he will be totally defeated, as the fireworks launch. This sounds good and all, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem complete, luckily after meeting Iwase, Takagi decides this arc will be the start of a rivalry. The chapter is published, and now us the readers must eagerly await the results.

PCP really should be a manga of its own.

Those were two great chapters. Even though, its plot is vastly different from that of other shonens, Bakuman clearly has just as much, if not more of that determination and energy. The suspense created in this manga continues to amaze me. How can a manga about manga (a real life thing) generate this much suspense? I suppose the suspense can be credited to the author’s amazing skills (hey, he did write Death note after all), and the sheer lovable determination of the characters. Very few shonens can pull of determination without making it seem contrived, and unoriginal, this manga does a pretty good job of pulling off determination. I may not have talked much about the chapters themselves, but they were more of the same, and when it comes to Bakuman, that’s never a bad thing. Oh, and I would so love it, if Tsugumi sensei decided to be like Eiji, and publish two series at once. I really want to read PCP.

No comment necessary, awesome cover page is awesome.

Reborn 303

Tsuna's brand spanking new look!

The Vindice continue their explantion, and talk about how the loser will suffer. Tsuna QQ’s and informs them of his lack of affiliation with the mafia. The Vindice respond by telling the Mafioso, that this is a battle of pride. The Vindice disappear, E-Enma(Emo Enma) and his crew begin to disappear to, Tsuna activates his new haxor glove, and attempts pursuit. The E-Enma group compliment his new found glove skills, but dissapear tauntingly nonetheless. The Vongola bunch then head out, following the yellow brick road, until they meet some rather unpleasant plants, plants that had apparently absorbed the blood of the first Shimon dude. Mr. E-Boxer (Aoba Kouyou) appears. Ryohei then challenges Aoba, and the two get ready for a face off in a ring made out of poisonous plants.

Mhhmmm... beef.

Nothing overly special this time, but a good chapter nonetheless. It was great seeing Tsuna’s new release, though it might have been more effective had he saved it for his battle with E-Enma. I was actually expecting them to go through some sort of trial, before they met up with their rivals, but I guess I was wrong. I was happy to be wrong, this way we can get straight into the fights sooner, but I still don’t know how they will avoid the Vindice’s punishment. Well, then let’s see what next week (or this week maybe even tomorow!) brings us.

More so than Ryohei, who was the star of the page, I was impressed by Reborn's uber badass stance.

Bleach 417

Decision made- Badass mode initiated, potential risks ignored.

Ichigo comforts, Ichigo locates, Ichigo talks, Aizen mocks, Ichigo pwns.

Aizen got pwned. I am loving the new Ichigo ,heck, I even like his new hair style (I’m a sucker for typical long hair cool shonen dudes), Kubo better not destroy this Ichigo, that we waited so long for.

Face check.



Naruto 507

Gai the gut gutter!

Gai pwns Kisame. Kisame is mind scanned, Kisame has the killers flashback, Madara’s face is about to revealed, Kisame wakes up by biting his tongue, and breaks out of his wooden restraining device.

Nothing much to say, this was a good chapter, I am happy Gai won so easily, not so happy Kisame broke out so easily, the guy just doesn’t give up. Kisame’s back story was quite saddening, he was never “truly evil”, more like someone who was evil because someone had to be evil. It’s also saddening how Kisame only want’s a bit of truth in his life, the saddest part is, even though it might not happen to this degree, I can see people developing like Kisame because of childhood experiences and what not.

I gained a lot of respect for Kisame at this scene. I can't help but feel sorry for him, and I can't help but respect his determination and resolve for his simple but sound goal. That smile is also awesome.

One Piece 597

Two pirates, two humans, or two total bad asses? You decide.

Zoro begs Hawkeye for training, and explains the message. The Strawhats need to meet in 2 years time. Mihawk accepts Zoro as an apprentice after seeing him give up his pride. In the mean time, Raileigh takes Luffy to a stranded island, explains the type of Haki, and preps Luffy for training.

Hawkeye's laugh sent ripples through the One Piece fan world.

Despite my exceptionally short summary, this was another great chapter. Three things have been confirmed: Hawkeye will train Zoro, Luffy will learn Haki from Raileigh, and there will be a time skip. The first two were somewhat obvious (espcially the Zoro one), fans were somewhat confused by the idea of a time skip, because Oda seemed too good for them. I was at first apprehensive about the time-skip, but I am now beginning to think, it will be great. I doubt the time skip will occur next chapter, hopefully we will get some info on the other various characters. As many fans have predicted, I too think the crew will reunite in the 600th chapter. It should be a doozy! Now, this is where I have some unfortunate news, no One Piece for 4 WEEKS! Oh my, life will be hard, I will be a sad bunny, but hey, who knows what Oda can do with 4 weeks of research/brainstorming time, he is a genius after all.

...but did you have to take a break for 4 weeks, I'm sad Luffy. 😦

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