Weekly Shonen- Bakuman 99, Reborn 304 Bleach 418, Naruto 508

Slightly late, but meh. 😛

Bakuman 99
Katekyo Hitman Reborn 304
Bleach 418
Naruto 508
One Piece 598

Bakuman 99

Such joy.

Our two manga creating protagonists get told the good news. They have beaten Natural in this weeks poll, and were only 2 votes behind Crow. Our two hero’s jump in joy, while their rival Iwase upsets a waitress with her womanly tears, hence the title “Tears of Disappointment and Tears of Joy”. The two then get told, that Hattori is running over with some good news, the two presume for a second that Hattori has news of an anime, but to their initial disappointment it’s only a drama cd. The disappointment soon turns to joy, when Saikou asks if he can nominate the voice actress for the female lead. Without a second thought, Saikou nominates his beloved Azuki, Azuki receives the request and accepts it with tears of joy. The editor in chief is then shown pondering over what anime proposal(s) for PCP.

More joy!

Another great chapter. I was worried about whether or not, they would beat Natural or not, in normal manga circumstances, they would have, but this manga tends to have a few twists and turns. It was also nice to see so much happen, in other manga’s this chapter would have ended with the duo finding out their place, and the reactions of their rivals, but in this case, we had the drama cd and anime proposals. Speaking of the the anime proposals, was it just me, or were there two of them? So, not only are our two artists good enough to get an anime, but two studios want to make it! I have a feeling that this manga might end soon, the two mangakas have almost achieved their dream of an anime adaption, I don’t know if there is much more to that, personally I don’t mind. A lot of manga’s start to drag on after a while, if this manga ending in the next 20-30 chapters stops that from happening, I will be perfectly happy, after all, it has been a great ride.

Could you make it into a real life anime? Please, and thank you!

Reborn 304

You two got gear upgrades to you know...

The two boxers begin their fight. E-Boxer informs Ryohei that he knows all of his moves, and what not, because of some guy who is thoroughly disappointed with Vongola. E-boxer proceeds to beat up Ryohei, until the end of the chapter, when Ryohei’s band thingy starts glowing predictably, and he mutters an apology for making them wait.

A secret informant? I guess even the great Simon family needs some info.

Kind of a meh chapter, it was pretty obvious after the first couple of hits, that Ryouhei’s power would involve getting hurt first. The most exciting thing to come out of this chapter was the idea that someone had given the Simon’s information. My bet is on Mukoru, he probably tried to lure the Simon’s into a false sense of security or something. It might be Byakuran, or whatever his name was, but only because I have no recollection of what happened to him.

You get stronger, when you get hurt? HOW REVOLUTIONARY! NOT!

Bleach 418

When a cool villain gets this arrogant, you know he is about to die.

Aizen got P.W.N.E.D

None, needed.

Black is so pre-chapter 200.

Naruto 508

Itachi, both badass and wise, sigh, why is he dead?

Kisame escapes, uses Water prison technique on himself, summons sharks, has awesome flashback of awesome Itachi, has previously summoned sharks eat him. Naruto and Gai compliment him, with Gai showing his wise side, then Gai shows his stupid side by opening Kisame’s scroll. The scroll booby traps the folk in water prisons containing sharks, before making a quick getaway using shark mail. Oh, and Konan meets up with Madara (who is after the Rinnegan), apparently she is prepared to take him down.

An incredibly viscous death.. no more needs to be said.

These past two chapters made me gain a lot of respect for Kisame. The guy did what he had to do, he did the dirty work, so others wouldn’t have to, pretty noble if you ask me. The flashback with Itachi was a great touch, then again anything involving Itachi is automatically awesome, unless it’s Sasuke talking about Itachi of course.
Itachi’s line: “We are humans, not fish” sounded wise, and funny. I am not smart enough to know if there was wisdom behind it, but it sure sounded like it. Itachi’s comments about how a human’s true nature is only revealed when he dies, mirrors that of Jiraiya’s. The fact that Kisame was thinking of Itachi at the end, shows that he really did respect Itachi, which was well obvious, but quite a sweet touch in my opinion. There are many, many Konan fans in the Naruto community, if she dies, they will be sad.

Boys and Girls of the Shinobi world, don't associate yourselves with these idiots. OK?

One Piece 598



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