Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 9- Ringo’s incestuous love blooms

The gang is babysitting for a senpai (a senpai, who previously won the beauty concert), but for some reason Ringo is stalking from the back. It is soon revealed that Ringo and the senpai share some history together, history that involves evil parents, divorces, and some play time. Despite Ryouko, and Morino’s insistence. Ringo refuses to meet her senpai/sister until swallows too much water under rather mild seeming circumstances at the local swimming pool. Seeing her sister drown and show little response to treatment, sparks furious feelings of forbidden love and bravado. Ringo jumps in, and delivers a few kisses of life, her beloved sister awakens, and true love has won. Ringo then proceeds to carry out shameless acts, and wins her sister a scholarship. They then live happily ever after.

Ringo’s tale of love

The desire for incest started early.

Ringo asks her friends for help.

Her friends formulate a plan.

...it involves bikini's and swimsuits.

Ringo prepares herself.

All stories need some fan service.

The kiss had to be given before the confession.

Oneechan... I.. wait let me change the setting.

Oneechan, I love you.

I love you to, Ringo.

Oneechan, I can't live without you.

"It's alright, I will never leave you."

Shameless deed, but done for the greater good of her sister, and their true love.

Ringo has the girl's talk about what went down.

Happiness at last.

Hidden feelings surface.

The result of Ringo and her Oneechan's love.



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