Weekly Shonen: Bleach 420 and Naruto 510.

Sorry, for the late postage. I could have posted this on the weekend, but I just sat there, and did nothing instead. Oh, well.

Bleach 420
Once more for emphasis, I don’t care about the specifics surrounding Ichigo’s powerup, the only thing I care about is the fact, that it is truly badass. Not just your average run of the mill badass, or even shonen level badass, it’s truly badass.
Nin-Ichigo looks sick, but the con of this transformation kind of makes me wish, he had defeated Aizen without transforming, how cool would that have been?
So, instead of pictures with semi-funny captions, I am going to bore you with predictions, yay!

  1. Ichigo loses his Shinigami powers, but retains his hollow ones. Manga shifts focus on Ichigo trying to regain his Shinigami powers.
  2. Ichigo loses all power, and manga shifts focus on him trying to regain his powers
  3. Ichigo loses all power/only Shingami power(unlikely in this case), and the manga shifts to some other character.
  4. Ichigo becomes a permanent Uber powered being, can no longer live in Soul Society, we discover that there are others like him (maybe in King’s dimension), and the manga switches to focus on interactions with them.
  5. Ichigo becomes a permanent Uber powered being, can no longer live in Soul Society, disappears, and the manga starts focusing on some other character (s) (e.g. Ichigo’s sisters).
  6. Ichigo dissapears, with or without indication of power loss, the manga shifts on characters trying to find him.
  7. Timeskip, Ichigo might be the main character, it might be someone else, or even a descendant of Ichigo.
  8. The manga ends.

I am sure there are other options, feel free to write them down in the comments. A lot of fans think the manga is ending, I personally do not think so. We have not seen any signs of Kubo wanting to end it other than Aizen’s upcoming demise. Normally when a manga is close to ending, the author has notes talking about how the manga is approaching its last arc or something, I have seen none of these. We have also not seen any of the royals/their guardians.
Having said that, it is possible Kubo just got tired of Bleach, and wants to end it as soon as possible, we shall see.

Naruto 510
Even though a lot happened, I have little to say. It was a great chapter. Some would say, that Konan was just fodder, and her only purpose was giving us some valuable information about Madara, and some back story on Nagato/Yahiko.That might be true from a pure logistics perspective, but I don’t want to look at it that way. Konan is the only person shown, to have injured Madara so badly. So badly. that the old fool had to pull out the Sharingan’s uber haxor trick. To everyone wondering about whether this haxor technique did close Madara’s eye, I personally could not give a damn. In my opinion he lost his sharingan ( he has many more, so, I doubt it matters), but frankly speaking I am getting tired of the Sharingan. “Oh, look at me, I have the sharingan, I am so cool, I can do anything, I am god, blah, blah. Jeez! I confessed this earlier, but as much as I am enjoying each chapter, I can’t help but think about what this manga could have been. Now, the manga is all about destiny, and godly-techniques. What happened to ninja skill, tactics, and in general the insignificance of each character. Let me explain what I mean by insignificance. In the olden days, all the ninja were equal, they were many that were genuinely stronger, but everyone was a ninja living in a ninja world. Naruto was just a ninja, the only that set him apart was his guts, Sasuke had his slightly genius tendencies, and Sakura nothing at all. The characters were doing their best to live in a world governed by ninja military esque rules, struggling to try and leave their own mark, in a way kind of like what we do. It’s not like that anymore, the entire focus of not just the manga, but the entire ninja world is on a few characters, and it’s not so much about their actions anymore, but more about what they represent. Naruto represents all that is good and pure, while Madara represents darkness and control. Sure, characters can represent stuff to readers attending a literature analysis, but their representations shouldn’t be so heavily boasted about by other characters. What makes Naruto so special? Sure, us readers love his guts, and so do his friends, but clearly all the characters think he is more than that, he has practically been branded a Mesiah, and that to, without explicit consent. The original Naruto wasn’t about good and evil, light vs dark, it was about survival, about trying to achieve your goals in a harsh world. Madara should have never been brought into the picture, this is of course purely my opinion, but Naruto would have been far more original if it had followed episodic adventures/missions like One Piece. Naruto is still a lot of fun, but it is no longer about ninjas, you could substitute the ninja powers with anything else, and it would still work, sure, you could say this about a lot of Shonens, but Naruto used to be different. It used to be about ninjas, and the challenges they faced, now it is nothing more than super heroes and super villains.

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