Bleach 421, Naruto 511 and surprise! FMA Gaiden.

Meh… I am a bit lazy, and I really should do stuff other than weekly shonens, but these seem to be popular, and I am a whore, so oh well. OH, and don’t get used to the images, I felt generous this time around.

Hair whip!

Bleach 421

So, it would appear that not only is Ichigo badass, but so is Urahara. I think we are meant to pity Aizen at this point, the poor guy thought he was evolving once more, but as it turns out he wasn’t, he was only being sealed. The hougyouko obviously betrayed him, and as per Shonen guidelines Ichigo obviously didn’t kill him. I was worried about how Aizen would be taken care, he couldn’t be killed by Ichigo as that would send a wrong message to the kids, and he really shouldn’t have survived. I suppose the only other options were being killed by someone else (or his own arrogance), and being sealed. Kubo decided to go with the seal, most likely because Aizen had been shown to be invincible earlier. It was upsetting to see Ichigo lose his powers so soon, and even though he said he lost his shinigami powers, I think that entails to his hollow ones as well (mostly because he couldn’t fight back, and tensa Zangetsu was both hollow and shinigami.). I am now 99.9999999% sure the manga is not ending, Urahara mentioned the king in a very interesting manner, like he his some super important dude or something. As for Aizen, I feel sorry for the fool, judging from his last rant, he didn’t really want power, he just wanted to be free of the Soul King’s influence, or something like that. I bet all of this started back when Aizen was told about squad 0, speaking of the past Shinji (if I recall his name correctly), really should have been here to finish up his old lieutenant.

I actually like this quote, it seems wise.

Naruto 511
Sigh, I guess there is a reason why the term “narutard” was invented. I read so many comments of people qqing about nothing happening, something doesn’t always need to happen you know. In most shonens the plot is just there to aid in character development, so if character development can be had without a plot change, then so be it. Anyways, let’s go back to the chapter. It was great, I was thoroughly moved by Konan’s past. The Konan-Yahiko kiss while Nagato stood outside was really sweet. I knew Yahiko was the one she liked! The frog suits got many giggles out of me as well, and the end with the paper thing was a very nice touch. Madara’s new look has once again split the Naruto fan verse (I still don’t get what makes Madara that special), I personally liked the new look. I know last time, I had a long rant about Naruto, but this chapter made me happy. In my opinion one of Kishi’s best talents is the amount of emotion he adds to certain character, especially the villains. This chapter made me feel like I was reading a manga about ninjas again. Nagato and Konan only did what they did, because it was their ninja way, and the flashback was all ninja. I mean they friggin used secret passageways, that’s pure ninja right there! Oh, and the pictures of their training/battles were also quite ninja esque. Even though I know it’s just his appearance, Madara also looked like a badass ninja, and not the overpowered douche bag he actually is. I wonder if Kishi’s one shot is going to be any good.

Awwwwwwwwww.... so cute.

FMA Gaiden

Damn, I missed the crew.

Yeah, I know this isn’t “weekly”, but whatever.
I was hoping it would take place after Ed’s children had been born, but whatever. This was still a nice gaiden, it did little to add to the story(the characters in this manga were already quite developed, we just had a few story things to sort out), but it was still nice. It was nice to get a peek into Ed and Al’s new life, and it was also nice to see Al’s armor again. Watching Al’s armor get torn apart was a bit saddening as well, that armor was like a staple piece of the manga, it defined the manga. Within the manga itself, I suppose the end of the armor, and it’s subsequent usage in automail/bird nesting symbolizes the cycle of life. Everything dies, but every time something dies, it helps nurture life somewhere else. But to me, as a manga reader,the loss of the armor kind of symbolizes the final end of this manga. The helmet providing refuge for the birds though, kind of symbolizes how even though the manga has ended, it’s remnants might just help others grow. FMA was one of the most influential shonens of all time, it might not have been as popular as the infamous Dragon Ball, but it was influential in a different sort of way. FMA showed that even tales of fantasy can showcase real human beings, humans who struggle onward through rough waters for their dreams. The FMA characters don’t dream because of ambition or desire, but because those dreams are the only things keeping them alive. For creating a brilliant manga with such real characters (and some great art!), Hiromu Arakawa must be praied greatly. My only regret in regard to FMA is that I didn’t read it until after it had finished (I had watched the entire first season though).

Yeah, I felt some pain as well, oh well every end leads to a new beginning. Here's to hoping for another great series from Arakawa sensei.


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