Bleach 422 and One Piece 598 finally!

Once more, I must apologize for a late posting. I guess, I should just make that this blog’s moto: We post late, cause we can. My laziness and desire to procrastinate on homework has lead me to exclude pictures for this post, next weekend (since it’s a long weekend) I might get them in.

Bleach 422
I have often talked about my disagreements with the anime/manga community at large, but in this case, I am of the same opinion as the public. Kubo is a mega troll. The chapter itself wasn’t bad, it ended off Aizen’s little run quite quickly (some would say too quickly), and jump started the next arc. Having said that, the chapter was a bit short, and most of all, it had a horribly timed ending, it was like the cliffhanger of a cliffhanger. Anyway, now that my speel about Kubo’s trolling is out of the way, the contents themselves need to be discussed. It looks like everyone is safe and sound (when was the last time, a good guy died in Bleach?), and Aizen seems to be out of the way, for now. Byakuya and Zaraki were badass with their “I don’t give a damn about my near fatal injuries”, and Zaraki’s comment about the fight being boring was typical of his character. I am so damn glad they didn’t show the Yammy fight, the guy got on my nerves, but I’m happy he found a new dog friend, he will probably go and become a hollow hermit somewhere. The reunion of Ichigo and co was expected, and not really that emotional. A while back, I watched the first couple of Bleach episodes, and I must say, the old Inoue was so much better. The Inoue during the Arrancar arc was horrible, weak, whiny and intolerable. I mean, I get the whole “nice girly” thing, but couldn’t you be a bit less of a whiner. Hopefully, now that her arc is done, her character will improve, and I certainly hope it does because Kuno seems intent on making her “Ichigo’s only woman”.
Unlike a bunch of other people, I didn’t really mind the whole give Aizen a sad backstory bit. It’s incredible rare to find a villain, who just wants to kill/make people suffer, s,o story writers tend to flesh out their villains as humans, if only as a way of fitting the trend. I have a feeling that the soul king is more than meets the eye, and hah to all the people who claimed Bleach would end soon, it doesn’t look like it will end, now does it? As for Ichigo’s outburst of pain, there are 3 possible reasons.
1)- Him losing his powers causes him pain, you know how losing your power to eat causes you pain, or something.
2)-His hollow powers are taking over. -I personally doubt it’s this option, namely because Kubo made a point to show the combination of his hollow and shinigami halves, and Ichigo’s ascent into uber transcendental hollow/shinigami zone. I think he lost both his hollow and shinigami powers, it would seem weird if he took control of his hollow powers before, only to have them leap out of control again. But, then again, this is Bleach.
3)-Humans can’t live in soul society,so, he feels pain and screams. -This is plausible from a logistics perspective, but sometimes I doubt Kubo’s plot consistency skills, so who knows.
4)-Ooops, you discovered a secret possibility! Kisuke is a bitch. -I doubt it, but you never know, he looked sneaky for a few panels, and he didn’t like what Ichigo was talking about.

The true reason shall be revealed next chapter, so hang tight folks!

One Piece 598
The following segment may contain exceptionally coarse language brought out by the writers love of One Piece.

Mother fucking yeah! One Piece is back, and damn isn’t it back with a bang. The combination of not reading One Piece for 4 weeks and being able to see the entire crew, who look cooler than ever, was so fucking awesome. During the 4 weeks, I didn’t really think about One Piece much, but when I saw my classmates reading it during class, my heart leapt with joy, wanting to savor the moment, I waited until the weekend before I read it. And DAAAAMNNN, oh gawd, did I miss One Piece or what. I like the new looks of all the characters, Franky’s new hair is a bit strange, but we shall see, how good/bad it really is, when we see him. As for Franky’s arms, I am sure Oda has something very special for us. OH MY GOD, even though it’s already been a few days since I read the chapter, I can’t contain my excitement! I FUCKING got to see the Strawhats again, oh it makes me so sooo happy. Sorry, expect a few more of those random outbursts of joy. I don’t think the fake Strawhats will be anything more than quick fodder, actually I have a feeling, Oda won’t even show us much of our characters new abilities yet. Well then again, Oda does have a habit of making remedial villains do not so remedial things. The marines are coming over, hopefully they will just catch the fakes and not event notice the presence of the new ones. Speaking of presence, who were the guys who were chasing Robin. The two theories circulating arround are that the nubcakes are either Dragon’s men, or Cipher Poll. I understand the reasoning for both (although, I think Dragon’s men seems far less likely), but something seems off. If it was Dragon’s men who didn’t want Robin to leave, they would have recognized the fake, and similarly the Cipher Poll are heavily trained agents, you’d think they would be smart enough to recogize the real one from the fake, but who knows. I doubt they are bounty hunters, to secretive for that. Meh, it’s probably the Cipher Poll, but Oda tends to be unpredictable, so we never know. Speaking of Oda’s trends, he loves to make hot women, and Oh God, Nami and Robin (Nami especially) were so damn hot. The long hair, was like oh fuck man, that’s really hot. Chopper was cute, and damn Usopp almost turned me gay. Sanji’s goatee was nothing special, but it was a nice touch to an already cool character, brook got new clothes and I enjoyed what little was shown of his “soul music” performance. Soul music? That, seemed more like death metal to me, lol. Luffy has a nice big scar on his chest, which is almost certainly the work of a certain Admiral we all know and hate. I seriously hope Luffy doesn’t go the revenge route, it’s not his character. Speaking of character, Luffy seems to have wizened up a bit, his comment about not marrying Boa had me giggling at his new found intelligence/wit. Speaking of newly found stuff, most of the characters seem to have somewhat matured, but still kept their core intact. This ability to keep intact characters despite their situation is in my opinion a testament to the prowess of Oda-sensei. Usupp and Nami’s reunion was touching, but when all the characters reunite (next chapter, I hope), I will probably burst into tears (not literally you faggot), and sob for a good amount of time. At this point, I would like to apologize for my strange uber fanboyistic post, but I love One Piece, it is my favorite shonen, and one of my favorite manga’s of all time. I can not wait until next week! Fuck Yeah! Oh, and I know I said no pictures, but I really couldn’t stop myself from getting this one.

Fuck man, I missed them so much, it's so good to see them again!

Oh, and this might seem a bit repetitive, but someone nice on a nice forum somewhere combined the above picture with it’s past counterpart:

Woah, Oda does a kickback to the past, gotta love the guy!

Oda’s art has definitely improved, but that picture is so nice and nostalgia inducing. There are very few mangas that have the consistency to pull of a kickback/reference to something so long ago. By the way, just to reiterate, I am not sure about the color version, but the original 2nd picture was in the first chapter (romance dawn), so yeah, this new chapter cover symbolizes a new beginning of One Piece. Ladies and gentlemen we have reached the halfway point in One Piece, let’s sit down and enjoy the rest of the ride!

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