The death of a dear friend (again?).

Thanks for everything, I love you guys.

First it was OneManga, and now this, jeez, I should make a separate category for closures.

First, let me talk about my history with Eclipse. We go way way back. Eclipse was the fan-sub group for some of my first non-mainstream(i.e not Naruto, Bleach) anime. I watched their subs of Shakugan no Shana, their subs of Hayate were also top notch. In more recent times, I watched some of their Kaichou wa Maid sama, and every Amagami episode I watched was one of theirs. They have existed for almost exactly 5 years now, and I would wager I knew them for more than half that time. When the first episode of Amagami was released, I checked the torrent listing for who was subbing it and found a torrent by another fanssuber. This other fansubber had pointed out in his comment, how it was unfortunate that they were competing with eclipse. I looked at that, and went, “sorry mate, you seem like a good bunch, but eclipse, well eclipse is an old friend”. It’s true, I don’t know if eclipse has the best quality subs (although i think they are pretty good), or if they have the best translation ( I don’t know Japanese!), and they have probably received their share of criticism (all fansubbers receive it, be it from other groups or fans), but to me, they are special. Eclipse fostered my initial anime love, they helped me appreciate anime, and for that, I consider them an old friend. A friend that I will sorely miss, but still wish the best for. When new series came out, I would go their website (I still think of it as the original and check if they were translating a new series. Eclipse had been going slow for quite a while ( I didn’t watch their version of Kaichou wa Maid sama, because I was desperate), but they were pretty fast with Amagami, and that made me really happy. I am so happy I could enjoy an anime by eclipse shortly before their closure, and I am really happy I found them in the first place. Back when I first found them, I thought of them as the serious type, you know the guys who take fansubbing seriously, and do a damn good job of it. I am still of that opinion, and I now firmly believe that the members of Eclipse are and always will be badass motherfuckers.

For making great translations, for releasing HD videos (my first HD anime vidoes were all eclipse!), for introducing so much anime to me, for being there when I needed you, for making batch files to facilitate my laziness (I still have to watch the batch of FMA, thanks for making it!) and in general for being an awesome pseudo friend I could rely on, thank you. Thank you very much, there is no way I could completely express my gratitude, you guys did a lot for me, and I wish all of you the very best in your future lives. Once more, thank you, thank you very much, I love you guys, and will remember you for a long long time. Maybe someday, I will update this post or make a new post of some of my favorite memories with Eclipse, but for now, I will stop my creepy fan boy talk here.

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