Weekly Shonen-Naruto 513, One Piece 600

I was originally thinking of just trying to skip my weekly reading this week, what with mid-terms starting on Monday and what not, but well One Piece 600…. 6 freaking hundred, I just thought, I had to read that the week it came out. Anyways the impressions are gonna be very quick.

NOOOO, poor Mr.Turtle. I felt so sorry for the turtle. I clinched when I saw the snake bastard reaching for the turtles tail, and I clinched at every other horrifying attack on the poor turtle shudder shudder. Does Kubo have no heart, so cruel. 😦 Anyways, It was nice to see Deidara back with his sense wacky personality, I always liked the guy. I am curious about his relationship with that old dude, and I am also slightly curious about his powers, the flying bit seemed so Superman like, in other words totally random, and unexplainable. Kabutu seems to have become quite the calm badass, well other than his hurting of the turtle, that was just cruel. The best bit was Bee’s rhyming, especially the junk one.
One Piece 600
Let’s quickly the bad out of the way. The StrawHats didn’t reunite, and it was an ordinary chapter (no color pages, or anything to commemorate 600 chapters), but perhaps mangas are more concerned with the number of years run, and not the total chapters. Anyways, the chapter was great. I was happy Chopper didn’t stay fooled ( I really wanted to avoid any extra hassle), and I was super happy with Franky’s antics. Yay, he can get his old hair back! Chopper had a new form, seems pretty cool, the kid has grown a bit, I am looking forward to his human form, that ought to be interesting. I wasn’t too happy Luffy mistook Zoro and Sanji, but I guess it is part of his nature. I personally don’t really want him to fight anyone, he should just leave and get to the ship. It would be nice if the marines attacked, and Luffy took the chance to escape. Zoro and Sanji’s antics were hilarious. Number 7, lol. And, last but not least, Brook was awesome. I didn’t really like Brook as much as the others (though I still loved him) because he was the newest member, but his speech moved me like a truck, pushing a Beatle. I NEED MOAR NOW! Hopefully, they will all reunite next chapter, and begin their adventure. I suppose the reunion being put off until the next chapter makes sense. The next chapter is like “chapter 1” or something.

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