Weekly(more like 1 week to late) Shonen-Bleach 423, Naruto 512, One Piece 599.

Yes, it’s late, very very late. I am just posting this for what I suppose would be archival reasons. Since I want to just get this post out of the way (still have to read the new chapters, and study for exams), I am a make this real quick.

Bleach 423
Once more, there was much uproar over this chapters lack of oomph, and what not. Calm down people, I personally found this to be a touching chapter. Sure, nothing happened, but that’s fine. The last scene with him and Rukia pulled at some strings, the two have been through much together, but I am sure this isn’t the end. We still have the soul king to deal with!
Quick Pointers:
-I doubt the manga is ending, the break suggests continuity.
-Aizen could come back, either as bad guy or good guy (broken out by Ichigo), or he could stay locked forever.
-Ichigo will find a way to regain his powers, or the main character will switch to someone else.

Naruto 512
A great chapter with loads of info. Stupid Madara and his op ways, he has a clone of the 1st, that’s like having a dumb, beefed up Yamato (or whatever his name is). The Zetsu thing was unexpected, and even though it’s pretty cool from a story perspective, in my opinion, it killed Zetsu. I never really liked Zetsu, but in many ways, he was the ninja of ninjas, he could get to places, he could dispose of bodies (by eating them!), and he had a sense of humor. Now, he just feels like a generic grunt. In other words Zetsu was demoted from Akatski spy to one of Madara’s 100000 lackey’es. Oh, and damn Jiraiya wasn’t the only one with the info, Oro-boy was damn well informed. I am hoping Kabuto betrays Madara.

OnePiece 599
Another amazing chapter, not as epic as last time’s, but that’s to be expected given the premise of last time’s chapter. It will take a while to get used to Franky, but I am sure I can do it, and Zoro is a motherf****** badass!

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