Late once more-Naruto 514 and One Piece 601

No excuses…
I am going to quickly write this, so I can move on and read the newer chapters, yay!

Naruto 514
I didn’t really like the chapter, sure a good deal happened, but some of it seemed a bit fast, and in general not that exciting. Sorry, it was a good chapter, but at the same time it was not. I didn’t really like Kabuto’s snakeness, it would have been more badass, if he did not have such a hideous form, and as many people predicted, Kabuto did indeed steal Yamato only. Now, it looks like Yamamoto is in trouble, I doubt he will die, not yet anyway, but we shall see. I am kinda sad Naruto is still an idiot, why can’t he be the badass ninja, we have wanted since the beginning of the manga. Defining a character is one thing, but they can(and in many cases, should) grow.

One Piece 601
Epic. More epic that 600, for sure. Dammmmnnn, Luffy ownt up that pacamajiger, and so did Zoro/Sanji (written with Zoro first, because he is number 1 and Sanji is 7). The humor was once more top notch, and I have little else to say, other than, I can’t wait until the crew is all back together. Please, tell me, they actually get back together in 602, pls, pls, don’t keep me waiting Oda!

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