Weekly Shonen Bleach 424, and One Piece 602, oh and Happy Halloween!

Tis late, but still early, huh, how does that work?

Bleach 424
I loved this chapter. It was first of great to see Bleach again after it’s two week break, and it was also great to see Bleach go back to its roots. The first page especially was so nostalgic, it was cool. Seeing all of Ichigo’s friends and his new and upgraded family was also really nice. I am liking Karin’s new hair, and Tatski seems to have upgraded her look quite a bit, in other words, she is pretty damn hot. 😛 Keigo and Ichigo’s little chat was sweet, especially the bit about Rukia. Awww, Ichigo misses Rukia, and even though he doesn’t admit it, he also misses his abilities. I actually felt pretty sorry for Ichigo, he seems not necessarily sad, but melancholic without his abilities. Sometimes people can criticize Kubo for lack of plot, but you have to give him occasional credit for character emotions and expressions. Ichigo, especially, is somewhat of an anomaly for a shonen character. Sure, he has the same brute force approach of many other characters, and sure he always talks about protecting one thing or another, but something about him is quite original. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it’s his calm punky attitude, he isn’t over eager to achieve, nor is he a total weakling, yes, he has his bad points, but at his best, Ichigo just doesn’t give a fuck, and in my opinion that makes him awesome. Ichigo is also quite smart (grade wise anyways), and to is quite strange for a shonen character, I mean look at Naruto. Naruto failed the graduation exam several times. As for the ending, it was good to see Ichigo still has some strength, even if it’s just physical in nature. The other Shinigami dude seems strange, but I doubt he is a permanent bad guy, he might be an antagonist, but I doubt he will be a major villain. He is probably a good guy in disguise. I for one cannot wait until the next chapter, I want to see what happens to our blond haired hero, and I also want to see how his friends and family play part in the upcoming events.

One Piece 602
I rushed through this chapter at first, so, I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else (One Piece has to be read slowly), but then I reread it once more, and enjoyed it significantly more. FINNALY! The strawhats are back together, I was expecting a more touching reunion, but I guess given the circumstances, this is fine. I bet in the next chapter, we will see something more touching as the crew will have more time to talk to each other and what not. I loved Luffy’s little mini-speech, that might be the only time that he has admitted to being selfish, which is quite an achievement. The interference of the masters/friends of the Strawhats was also really sweet, you know, the whole protect the next generation kind of thing. And, last but not least, our favorite little chef. Ahh, Sanji, Sanji, you are quite funny. Let’s have a quick recap of Sanji induced laughs:
1)- He saw Perona, and asked her if she was a real woman (Perona by the way had a cute, cute outfit, she was both cute and hot!).
2)- He saw Nami and Robin, and subsequently flew of courtesy of a nose bleed.
3)-He saw Boa, and turned to stone.
4)-He raged so very hard at Luffy, and his adventure at the isle of women. Sorry Sanj, we all know, if you had gone to that island, you wouldn’t have rejoined the crew(he’d either be stone, or he’d voluntarily stay there).

It’s a bit late, but happy Halloween! If any of my readers wore any cool costumes, feel free to pop a link (to an image hosting website like imgur), and show your costume off to me!


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