How I was super touched by the World god only knows.

Note: This concerns the manga, and the latest chapters of the manga, so if you are a fan of the anime, reading this post might spoil stuff for you.

For those of you who have been following the manga, you will know that Keima is in search of the goddesses, and in order to find them, he must first discover which one of the girls truly forgot the time they spent with him. So, he goes around and checks if either they are jealous of him and another woman (he did make them fall in love), or if they have forgotten about him.

In the latest chapter, he discovered that the student teacher and the swimming girl forgot about him. So, here is what I wish to bring to attention. Note: I obviously just copy/pastaed these images, i was too lazy to download them. Sorry, if this offends anyone!

Rejection 1

She doesn’t remember him…rejection 2.

This page right here, ripped my hear out.

Genuine concern, atta boy Keima.

Ok, so looking at those images, you might go, what the hell dude, how did that impress you, and well, you might be right, but as a long time fan (like really long time), Keima’s melancholy touched me. At the end of each arc, Keima normally has a sad face when he meets his target, and at those moments, one realizes, that even though Keima didn’t exactly “love” those girls in the romantic way, he loved them nonetheless, and without them, he is lonely. See, ladies and gentlemen, this is what a true man looks like. He works hard, wins over the girls for their sake (partly for his sake too!), and then just accepts their memory loss. So, what was it about this particular chapter? The third page was just so sweet, he first attacks her(in a creepy non violent way) to check if she remembers, then once he sees that she has truly forgotten, he tells her it was a mistake, and as a last thought he asks if she still swims. He didn’t need to ask the last part, in fact it would have been better from a practical standpoint if hadn’t asked, but he did! That simple statements shows, that Keima is not only sad at being forgotten, but that he also cares about these girls. Given the character Keima was initially portrayed to be, this is incredible moving, and it’s also pretty cool, how the author can show Keima’s feelings through so few words/facial changes.

Go, Keima, I still love you!


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