Weekly Shonen: Bleach 424, Naruto 515, One Piece 603


No comment could do that face justice.

Hello, for the first time in some time, we have present, everyones favorite shonens. Okay, that was a weird sentence, I highly doubt its grammatical accuracy, actually I doubt the grammatical accuracy of any of my posts, I possess good looks, not good grammar. Anyways, useless grammar aside, let us move on to this weeks showcase of teenage manliness, but first, a note about my reading order. Normally, I read Bleach, then Naruto, and finally One Piece. On occasion, I decide to switch the order of Bleach and Naruto depending on how the two mangas are doing. In other words, I save the best for last, and if I predict that the next Bleach chapter will be significantly better than the next Naruto chapter, I switch the two.
Huh, but Reiseng, I knew you were weird, but that weird, seriously? Yeah, I have meticulous shonen reading habits, it is my “time of the week” so I try my best to make sure that everything is perfect. By perfect, I mean going to the washroom right before starting, having a glass of water next to me, in case I get thirsty, making sure my tummy is relatively full, finding a good song to play at the same time, and some other minor things. Even though, I am a pretty fast reader of manga in general, reading these three weekly chapters can often take 2 hours worth of my time, because of my strange habits (One Piece normally takes the longest!). Anyways, my strange habits aside, I wanted to talk about this weeks order. I was going to read Naruto first, then Bleach, simply because, I thought from the previous chapter, that Naruto was going to be meh. I saw the cover page of Naruto, with the declaration of war, and I immediately switched over to Bleach, because I knew Naruto would be a big deal this week. So, without further ado, let us get this silly little post done and out of the way.

Bleach 424

Meet Kurasaki Ichigo: Former hollow eradicator, now money whore, but still boss.

I am still loving this almost retro Bleach. I love it, the suspense of when something major is going to happen is quite awesome as well. I want to see how Ichigo will get his powers back, will he get them all back at the same time, or is it like a restart, namely that he will get them back slowly through random power ups. Ichigo’s dream was interesting, if I was a psychologist doing psychoanalysis, I would presume that Ichigo wants to get his powers back. Renji, Rukia and Byakuya ( I think it was Byakuya), are his subconscious telling him to wake up and regain his powers once more, or perhaps they are just telling him to wake up, and at least realize that he wants to have his powers back. His dad’s interest in these dreams was also interesting, I am under the assumption that Isshin lost his powers in a similar fashion, and somehow regained them. There are only a few issues with this assumption though, I think he had lost his powers for almost 20 years before regaining them, we can’t have Ichigo be powerless for 20 years, that just won’t work, and the other problem is the amount of power he regained. Isshin is strong, there is no doubt about that, but if he was as strong as the post training Ichigo, then why didn’t he just stop Aizen himself?
Does this mean, that Ichigo will not regain his full powers, instead he will only retain part of them? Or, that maybe it takes some time to regain his full power, either way, we don’t know, but I am looking forward to finding out.
Back to the chapter, it was amusing to see Ichigo charge for strength services. At first, I thought he was the student council president, and everyone else was asking him to provide club funding, but no, he is a strength prostitute, and a rich one at that. It is quite saddening to think that Ichigo is trying to lead a normal life, but saddening in less of a “Kubo you fail” way, and more of a “Aww, I wanna give Ichigo a hug” way.
Ishida seemed cool, and as obnoxious as ever. The gang probably won’t stand a chance against Ishida, even if Ishida doesn’t use any of his Quincy powers. The foot that landed was either Sado’s or perhaps that shady character guy from last time, hmm, it might even be someone like Renji in a body, who knows. Oh, and last but not least, I have renown my love for Orihime. YESSSSSS! Not only is she smoking hot, moe clumsy, but she is no longer a whiner, and she has mastered the face gag! Yay!!!!

Ichigo, forget about everyone else, just take Inoue, and I am not only saying that because I want to see her without clothes or anything... well, maybe just a bit, but admit it, you want to as well!

Naruto 515

Very nice, is that a hexa rasingan I see?

Loads of stuff revealed this chapter. The Naruto trend of OP people (over powered, not One Piece!) continues. I saw the old fart lifting the turtle, and imagined a face palm( I was too lazy to actually do it), that set a bad tone for the rest of the chapter, but then i saw the epicness, and I was sad no more. HOLY SHIT, every one is going to war! Shit is about to get real, folks. It was great to see all of the divisions, and the division commanders, especially Kakashi and Gara. Yes, picking Kakashi was the right choice, and Gara was the right choice as well. This war is hopefully going to be quite fun, even if it is just another good vs evil kinda thing. Speaking of evil, dammmnn, Kabutochimaru is one evil mother doer. Did you see his Edo tensei army? DID YOU? I am wondering though, if that was the entire bunch, or are there more that Kishi did not show us. I mean, we didn’t see any of Konohas previous hokages, and in some ways it would make sense (from Kishi’s perspective) to not include them, but at the same time, it wouldn’t make sense from a story perspective. We shall see, though, we shall see. I guess it was nice to see Sasuke again, I wonder how Sasuke will take it when he finds out that Kabuto has resurrected Itachi, or maybe he will never find out. Hmm, Naruto and Sasuke will both probably join the battle late, after they have both done recuperating/training. Upon meeting, the two will proceed to try and kick each others ass, just like every good friend should. The war has me excited, and you know, I think it is acceptable for this manga to finish, it has provided us with many good memories, and hopefully it will provide us with some more epic memories in this battle, before giving us an awesome finisher.

Sasuke, you don't need eyes, you have Naruto!

When the living don't work, the dead do, it's necrolism!

One Piece 603

Multiple head bumps+ boobs+ blood powered rocket propulsion+a dash of irony= win win.

I have little to say, other than this was another great chapter. The strawhat connection, which alienated some people, was in my opinion justified. I don’t want One Piece to follow the destiny route, that Naruto did, but if it’s just the Strawhat thing, then I don’t mind, this much is normal for Shonens. I actually like to think of the Strawhat thing as somewhat of a old fashioned samurai thing: “My son, you are as strong as me now, so here, take my prized sword, and cut your enemies down!”. I get this notion from Rayleigh’s line that Luffy is a man worthy enough to wear the hat, yeah he blabbed a bit about destiny and what not, but to me, he was just happy to see the hat being worn by someone worthy of wearing it.
Now, as for the rest of the chapter, there were many lols to be had. First of, I don’t care about those ugly brothers, I want them to be annihilated as soon as possible. The logia mention was either present to showcase Luffy’s ability to beat up logia people, or to showcase, that perhaps one of the other straw hats (Zoro or Sanji) can also cut up logia dudes. The best part though was Sanji’s rocket launch courtesy of Nami’s boobs. Oh, and lest we forget, Kuma’s sacrifice. Let me spell this out for you guys, so you may never forget: KUMA W A S A F U C K I N G B A D A S S.

Like I said, a fucking badass.

The past two pages contain more badassery than some full length series.


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