Quick Summaries- Bleach 425-426,Naruto 516-517,One Piece 604

Really sorry for being late guys, and I apologize in advance for this post’s shortness and general lack of awesomeness. I have been busy, or should I say pretending to be busy, and my exams are coming up, so expect more delays and what not.

Bleach 425-426
Another two great chapters, it was really funny seeing Ichigo get kidnapped by his boss, who happens to be a new character, and one of them hot mothers and what not. Isshin X boss lady?…. Nah! Anyways, like I have no doubt mentioned before, I am liking the current direction of Bleach. It isn’t fast paced, but it is nailing the basics, namely keeping the readers on edge, and at the same time displaying characters true to themselves. What do I mean by “True to themselves”? I mean, that most of the characters aren’t acting like the generic shonen stereotypes they occasionally act as. For example, our beloved Inoue is a clutz, a hot clutz, but at the same time just a clutz. She isn’t running around screaming to be saved, and Ishida isn’t fighting some second rate hollow. The characters aren’t acting different for say, but they are acting like themselves, and in shonen manga where personalities tend to get lost in fierce battles, this is quite reliving. I also like the plot, the new revelations concerning Ichigo’s family are sure to be interesting, and speaking of Ichigo’s family, why was Karin at Urahara’s shop? The theories could range form shinigami training, to just wanting to spend time with the other two brats, Speaking of the other two brats, Jinta (or what ever his name is), looks like a delinquent, while his partner looks pretty (no pedo????). My personal guess as to Ichigo’s family’s situation is that his mother was probably a princess or something, or maybe just a member of a noble house, or perhaps his father was a noble, we shall find out soon (hopefully!). I look forward to the next couple of Bleach chapters, more so than I look forward to the next Naruto chapter.

Naruto 516-517
For some reason, I can’t get myself that excited for this war. I mean, sure there are going to be some good fight scenes, and hopefully we should be heading towards an epic (if not cliche) ending. Gara’s speech was alright, but he put too much emphasis on Naruto, jeez, don’t be so cheesy! I hate Kabuto and his overpowering, but then again, not as much as I hate Madara. My hate for Kabuto increased when he took down Anko, how could he! She was hot… well I guess that explains the reasoning behind Kabuto groping her with his long tail. I am expecting some of those fancy shnancy emotional battles soon, and it looks like Sai/whatever guy the chapter was named after, are going to be the first ones to experience such pain. Someone on a forum pointed out that he liked the fact that this war would involve true ninja warfare, as in the use of ninjitsu and not opjutsu. That may be true, but I still have some other gripes with the war. My primary reason for dislike is the whole good vs bad thing. I mean you could argue that Madara still has good reasons, but really it is quite clear who the good and bad guys are. This companionship and bonding together could either show the growth of the ninja world or a total disregard for the values this manga started out with. Sorry, about the weird, incoherent rant, I am still enjoying Naruto, but I also enjoy complaining about Naruto.

One Piece 603
Even if I wanted to, I doubt I could complain about One Piece. This was another phenomenal chapter, the underwater scenery was amazing, and even though I bet some of it was drawn by assistants, I honestly think that the backgrounds alone are proof of Oda’s creativity. I laughed quite a bit when that baddy failed in his attact, I expected him to fail, but not in such a disgraceful manner. Hopefully he will be to scared to do anything, and will simply be kicked of at the next island, I don’t want him to become a member of the crew (this would be quite a twist given that Oda hasn’t really brought a cold blooded killer to the crew yet). The Kracken at the end, and Luffy’s reaction made my day. You go Luffy! Tame that octopus, and ride it like an underwater cowboy(not literally of course).



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