My apologies, I will be MIA for a while.

First of, I would like to apologize for my great delay concerning last weeks shonen. I would also like to apologize for the inevitable delay of upcoming posts. I have exams starting very very soon, and as such I should be psuedo studying right now. In order to reward myself, I am going to not get my shonen fix this weeked, and next weeked, then when exams are over, I will get a massive overdose of 3 chapters! When that time comes, I shall make a post concerning the last 4 chapters. I would also like to point out that since I will have hopefully have more time after that, hopefully if I can get this lazy arse of the interwebs and unto the blogosphere, I should be able to write up other far more interesting posts as well.
So, hang on tight, Lord Reiseng isn’t dead, and he shall conquer the world, but patience is key!


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