I am back! Oh, and Weekly(monthly) Shonen.

It has been a while, but yours truly has somehow survived his first university term (whether he passed or not, is a totally different question), anyways, so, I will get right to it, and post stuff. Please do go ahead and read this post, that is if you can stomach bad grammar, horrible sentence structure, and dismal spelling.

I am going to make these entries one post at a time, so I will post the first chapter, read the next chapter, post that, and so on and so forth. I guess in my messed up head, this weird tactic will somehow emulate “the genuine experience”. So, without further ado, let us be of! Oh, and it is a pity that there is no Shonen next week, but oh well, I shall live, but will you?
Sorry, for posting this so late, I started on Saturday, but then I got lazy. Oh, and I am sorry, but for some reason the images might be grainy, click them if you really want to view a non-grainy version. Also, the anchored links don’t work as desired, by that I mean, they work, but they might get you a few lines down in some cases, just put up with it, and be happy I included them!

The following paragraph was written after the post had been completed. It details my methodology for this post. Give it a read, if you have the time and energy to put up with more of my useless writing, otherwise, just head on down to the “good” stuff.

The “good” stuff

Ok, this is a very long post, around 3686 words. Damn, I am tired, yeah this post took a while because I am lazy, and really meticulous about my manga reading habits, but still, I spent many hours on this post.
In case any one is curious, this is the order it went down:
Skimmed chapters of 4 weeks ago, wrote a post for each one. Read Naruto 519, wrote the post. My original intention was to read Naruto 520, and 521 before I read Bleach, but since I really enjoyed 519, I decided to read Bleach first. Read Bleach 429, wrote a post on it, felt it was better than Naruto, so I went back, read Naruto 520, wrote a post on it, read Naruto 521, and wrote a post on that to. Then I read Bleach 430, wrote a post, read Bleach 431, and wrote a post on that to. After I was done with Naruto and Bleach, or Bleach and Naruto, then and only then did I start with One Piece. I read each chapter, and wrote each post. Having said that, I didn’t just sit down and do it, the first part(for the chapters that I had read 4 weeks back) was done on Saturday. In between posts, or in between reading and posting or even in the middle of a chapter, I would often just stand up, walk and fantasize about stuff. Yeah, I am weird, but Lord Reiseng is proud of being weird.
So, this is an interesting post, where I wrote my opinions down before reading the next chapter. I guess it would have been a good exercise in writing if my writing wasn’t so error prone, and it would have been a good exercise in blogging if I had actually spent some time choosing and cropping my image choices. Sigh, I am really tired. I hope you guys enjoy this post, and hopefully, more posts will be coming soon. I plan on doing a retrospective on Psyren, and more posts about anime and Shoujo manga couldn’t hurt either. Until then, I will be resting my beautiful hands.

One Piece


Chapter 518
Chapter 519
Chapter 520
Chapter 521

Naruto 518

You mad, bro?

I know at this time people were getting real excited about the upcoming war and what not, but I am just not that excited. In this chapter, it was nice to see that Sandy puppet dude do some stuff, Sai was ok, and well most performances were to be expected, but at the same time, some of it felt cheesy. Kankurou’s last bit of dialogue, though cheesy seemed to have been cool. Hmmm, I wonder what will happen in the 3 chapters I have yet to read, for some reason, I am not very enthusiastic about them. I think it might partly be because, I am pretty enthusiastic about Bleach and One Piece.

Lesson learnt: The key to success is love and tribal face painting stuff.

Back to the “good stuff”

Naruto 519

Aww, what a cute fox.... I want to crush it!

I liked this chapter. The introduction bit with the corny puppet master stuff was quite touching and moved me, but the best part was the training. I guess I am still quite shallow if reading about a main characters training turns me on, but whatever, I enjoyed it. It would have been nice if Naruto could go into full beast mode, but I guess Kishi really wants Naruto to be unique and what not, so Naruto must stay in this form. Hmm, so the rasengan is based on the whole tailed ball thingymabob, hmm, the fourth is a copy cat. Nonetheless, quite interesting, I guess Naruto will make his rasengan compatible in this form, and then hopefully he will add wind element chakra to it. But, will he be ready before Sasuke departs? Will Naruto even permit himself to use dangerous techniques against his old flame? Only time and Kishi will tell. Oh, and I find it rather interesting that Bee knew the Fourth, makes sense, everything in this manga is “connected”, and although I don’t mind the idea of the Fourth having made the Rasengan for Naruto (yes, it was implied not stated), that notion points out some plot holes, so, I’d rather not take it too seriously.

Universal Rule of Shonen #5: People of the past are always more badass than you ever will be.

Back to the “good stuff”

Naruto 520

Universal Rule of Shonen #3: Yellow is always in style.

If I was pessimistic, I would point out that guts aren't enough, but I don't want to believe that, so I won't point it out.

Naruto needs better time management.

Pretty good chapter, it was nice to see exactly how that zombie creating jutsu worked, I bet that eased the minds of a lot of paranoid readers. The bit about the 4th was also an important bit of information that had been left unknown for far too long. If memory serves me correct, then this is the 1st time Kishi openly admitted that the 3rd summon actually was the fourth, and just as important was the realization that the coffin didn’t summon not because of the thirds actions, but rather because it couldn’t be summoned. Hmm, most interesting, fascinating, and in general, intriguing. The rest of it was okay, yeah I guess the war is about to start picking up, but like I have mentioned continuously, I am not really that excited for the war, there will be too much stuff going on and what not. Oh well, it should still be fun, and you (the readers) really shouldn’t let my negativity bring down your anticipation, stuff is about to happen in this manga, everyone knows it, what we don’t know is how well Kishi will execute said stuff, and how well will the ending to said stuff be constructed.

I don't like the jutsu either, but just you wait! Kabuto will be at significant risk when the zombies "touched by the power of the human heart" come back and try to kill him.

Back to the “good stuff”

Naruto 521

One of those techniques is clearly different.

Ok, so I enjoyed that bit of war. Yeah, I am a hypocrite. It was really cool seeing Haku and Zabuza have that emotional exchange with Kakashi and Sakura (well, Sakura not so much, she is ugly as fudge these days). I doubt Kabuto is as overpowered as he thinks. I wonder what “that other technique” refers to, it is probably something that makes him immune to the effects of the Sharingan, or that combined with some summoning using zombie jutsu makes him immune, regardless he has something that makes him immune to the sharingan, we will see given enough time, what that is. Oh, and the fact that he confessed to himself that fighting against the Rinnegan is a bad idea, is Kishi’s way of telling us that Kabuto is already prepared for the Sharingan. I really didn’t like the ending, random powerup through proxy? Not my style.

Yeah, please do stop them Kakashi and put that snake Kabuto in his place!

Back to the “good stuff”

Chapter 428
Chapter 429
Chapter 430
Chapter 431

Bleach 428

A tribute to FMA? No way, Kubo like all other artists, has a thing for old half blind men.

I really don’t feel like talking too much about these obsolete chapters, I want to read the new ones, but whatever. This chapter was so good in the beginning, and the middle. It was awesome seeing Karin and her determination, I look forward to seeing what becomes of her, and how she either gets owned by noobs, or how she owns noobs in the recent future. I wouldn’t mind either, as long as it is fun, and exciting. Sorry, for the lack of coherency, having not written anything for 4 weeks, and not read any manga for 3 has sort of fried my petite brain. Oh, and back to the chapter, I didn’t like the end. I don’t want Ichigo to be manipulated around like “insert smart reference to readers favorite tv show/anime/manga/animal/quote”.

She cares, how touching. No, seriously, I was touched.

Back to the “good stuff”

Bleach 429

I want more than just bread....

Insert excuse to put another Inoue shot in.

After Naruto 519, I wasn’t really looking forward to Bleach, but damn, this Bleach chapter was pretty damn awesome. I am not a big fan of Ichigo’s insecurities, I mean he should obviously know to trust an old friend (Urahara) more than some random stranger, but hopefully the truth will be revealed before Ichigo joins an evil group, and becomes a pseudo bad guy (yeah that’s the direction the manga is going in right now). Damn, Ishida got hurt, who was that guy, I don’t really think he was the same as the guy that talked to Ichigo, but I can’t be sure. So much stuff is happening, hmm, can’t wait to read the next chapter, but I think just to tick myself of, I am going to go read the next Naruto instead, actually I will probably read the next 2 Naruto’s then come back to Bleach. Sorry, for the confusing post, but oh well, you are going to have to put up with it, like you put up with me (I’m surprised people can actually tolerate me).

Noooo! Don't follow the light.... I really need better captions.

Back to the “good stuff”

Bleach 430

I don't need an excuse to include a page about Inoue.

As a long time reader of Shoujo, I approve of this fantasy.

Bleach-Brotherly Love Endures All CHallenges

Another awesome chapter. I am loving these character interactions, sure the tension is going up, but the characters are for the most part behaving like themselves. It’s the little things like Yuzu’s love for Ichigo, Karin’s teasing of said love, Inoue’s wild Ichigo fantasies, and her ringtone that are making my day. Recently, some friends of mine complained about the Bleach manga, but I am personally enjoying it, maybe I am just weird for actually believing that. I still stand by my belief that by Shonen standards, Ichigo is a pretty good character, his mean punk attitude feels genuine and at times he actually uses some of his brain. Having said that, Bleache’s characters do have the habit of becoming lifeless dolls when engaged in battle (maybe lifeless is too strong, i guess generic, or less unique, I think the previous arcs Inoue is the best example of this), and that is why, I am enjoying the current arc, hopefully future battles will be fun, and hopefully Inoue will stay awesome. I don’t agree with Ishida’s dad’s theory that Inoue and Chad are targeted, Ishida’s attacker probably wouldn’t have been stalking Ichigo if that had been the case, and more importantly he probably wouldn’t have run. We shall see, I am probably wrong, but please no more kidnapped Inoue arcs, please, please. I was also displeased by Ichigo’s decision to so hastily call that number, he should have waited, and seen what was up. Even though that dude that talked to Ichigo acts a lot like a bad guy, a big part of me thinks that that is not actually the case, and that the dude with the black hair is in fact a good guy ( the sidekicks are another reason why I think this to be the case).

A serious image....or maybe I just like Inoue.

Back to the “good stuff”

Bleach 431

Do I really need to explain the presence of more Inoue?

I think you should understand how I roll by now.

This chapter was short, but still pretty cool. We now know the purpose of Ginjo’s flirting. That black card thing, especially calling the number was probably an idea Kubo got from Psyren, but it doesn’t look like Ichigo will be going to the future to fight using some weird mind power, so I can forgive it. I hope Sado is okay, we haven’t seen him since the manga “restarted” or to be more precise even before the restart, we hadn’t seen him for a while. I actually don’t mind Sado. Yeah, I guess in some ways, Kubo just uses him as a filler character but I like his ideology, and the original introduction to Sado was one of the most touching things in Bleach. The bond between Sado and Ichigo was shown to be a very strong one, and it is a pity that that bond wasn’t further developed after the SS arc. Hopefully this arc will show that bromanship between Ichigo, Sado, and their other two nubcake friends.
Anyways, the hideout of Mr.Ginjo’s organisation seems pretty interesting, we were introduced to some ugly lady, and some guy wearing a hat. The guy wearing a hat is obviously cool, like it is pretty damn obvious. I wonder why the group is so fixated on Ichigo, I(and probably many others) have the feeling that Ichigo is a descendant of the royal/noble family. Given that theory, it wouldn’t be hard to extrapolate that perhaps having a friend of noble lineage would be of some use to these nub cakes. It is also possible that these guys need someone to fight someone else, and Ichigo is “strong enough” to do so, where strong is a condition only satisfied by the main character. I am also happy that Ginjo holds nothing against Ichigo’s dad, hopefully he will say the same thing about Karin/Urahara. It is a pity that there is no Shonen next week, oh well! Now, it is time for me to read the king of Shonens, yay for One Piece!

From right to left: Fuhrer, Ugly, Cool.

Back to the “good stuff”

One Fucking Piece
Chapter 605
Chapter 606
Chapter 607
Chapter 608

One Piece 605

If I knew someone with a rocket launcher, I would make that face as well.

It was freaking amazing. Damn, Oda is so awesome, his awesomeness exceeds my own. If you took Oda, and put him into a ketchup container, you would get super awesome sauce, but doing so would put an immediate and abrupt end to the One Piece manga, and that would not be a good thing. Anyways, this chapter was awesome, we got to see Luffy, Sanji and Zoro in action, and I must say, all three of them are super cool. Everyone else using theirs powers was also pretty awesome. Chopper probably won the award for most unexpected change, damn that guard point is big (insert that’s what she said joke). The ending was a pretty interesting cliff hanger, how on earth will the Straw Hats+one evil wannabe criminal get out of here.

Next week should be interesting.

Back to the “good stuff”

One Piece 606

It is a fish eat fish or in this case fish attempt to eat Cridaria world.

Poor Brook.

Every second I spend writing this section further delays my reading of chapter 607, therefore, I will try my best to not spend much time here. I think there is no need to point out the obvious, but THIS CHAPTER WAS AWESOME, SO AWESOME, ONLY CAPS LOCKS COULD DO IT JUSTICE. There is nothing to discuss, because nothing needs clarification, One Piece is absolute. Ok fine, I will talk a little. The bad guys escape had me worried for a second, but then he got captured again, so I was happy, I would have been happier if he had just fallen of, but then I wouldn’t have gotten to see Franky referred to as Master Speedo or Master Bikini Pants depending on your translation, I personally prefer the latter.
All of the monsters attacking the ship had me scared for a bit, and what was up with that old pirate dude, guess we will see next chapter or chapter after that. I was also really happy that Luffy and them rejoined the crew, and there wasn’t a whole arc created just to look for them. Oda’s attention to detail is astonishing, the bubble stunts were interesting. Every time the crew avoided an enemy, the fear in the reader increased, because the bubble got smaller, the fact that Luffy and co had to share one bubble also added authenticity. There were other interesting details, like the use of the word “vestigial”, which is a term in biology that refers to features inherited, but no longer used (like the hair on our bodies). Oda is either really well informed of the world around him, or he simply does a lot of research, it is probably the latter, but regardless, Oda is pretty damn impressive.

How will they escape? Find out next week! Or in my case, in about 2 minutes or so!

Back to the “good stuff”

One Piece 607

Slow and steady wins the race....but the fast always live through a volcanic eruption.

Do I have to keep writing? I want to read the next chapter, jeez. Oh well, I will say a few things and move on. I think I have called a chapter great pretty much every entry in this post, so calling this one great would be redundant, hmmm, it was awesome? No, brilliant, ok, I guess that works. i am always amazed by how One Piece incorporates humour so well in the most fickle of situations. I mean, the characters are running away from a lava eruption, and Robin is commenting on the Kraken’s method of movement. The Kraken also had some hilarious facial expressions, the Kraken getting hit on the head, the whole ordeal was amusing. If that wasn’t enough we had the Sanji death scene. Why are perverts so damn funny? The ending was as suspenseful as always, hopefully the Straw Hats will enter the island without a hitch, oh and I was wrong, looks like we won’t get to figure out the truth behind those ghost pirates just yet.

Oh Sanji, your dreams are most admirable, I want to see a Mermaid to!

Back to the “good stuff”

One Piece 608

I to occasionally get lost in a deep dark sea...but reading One Piece always pulls me out.

Wow, every singly chapter from the past 3 weeks has been great, and this last chapter is no exception, but rather the icing on an already delicious cake. I am very pleased. A lot happened this chapter, I was upset that the Straw Hats got separated, they have been separated for 2 years, so it would have nice if they had stuck together, hopefully the others aren’t in any trouble. Come to think of it, the crew getting separated is a common thing that happens in many One Piece arcs, so I guess it makes sense for that to happen again, it felt a bit early, but I suppose given the opportunistic nature of their entry, separation this early on was unavoidable. I hope that bad boy in a crate doesn’t do anything bad.
As for the evil bad pirate dudes, I am guessing that they actually are evil, and not just good guys who seem to be evil. I wonder who the Neptune army dudes are. Are they like the marines, or are they the “good guys”. Currently I am inclined towards enemy of StrawHats but good to the public (like the marines).
It was nice to see Keimi again, not only is she still quite hot, but her clumsiness and general silliness is still intact. That is good to see. Once more Sanji’s reactions to the mermains was fantastic. I also liked Sanji referencing Brook as Bones, Franky as Robo, and Zoro as Green. The guy at the end, the leader of them silly pirates, reminds me of Kuma (even though he obviously isn’t Kuma), could he be one of the Yonkou? I am not sure, if he is, then Luffy and crew better steer clear of him. I can’t wait until next week (or well week after next, since there is no Shonen next week).

After meeting all those hot mermaids, your life really can't get any better, so I guess death is acceptable.

Back to the “good stuff”


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