Weekly Shonen: Naruto 524 and One Piece 611, Bleach is dancing with the flu bug.

So, apparently Kubo caught the flu, so Bleach was missing this week. Oh, well.


Naruto 524

A sensei that gets mad? Yoda is dissapoint.

I think there is something seriously wrong with me. It would seem that my enjoyment of Naruto is strictly dependent on my mood/condition that day. I didn’t enjoy last weeks chapter too much, but I really liked this one. I wonder why? Oh, wait, maybe it is because this chapter had Naruto, sad flashbacks, symbolic tears of blood, wise words, some weird taijutsu, sensor sand thing, implications of a fight between kages, and most of all, a bad-ass sensei.

So, yes, I enjoyed this chapter. I know it would be unrealistic to hope for this, but it would be great if Kakashi could just destroy all of the swordsmen by himself, yeah it might schew the power relationships in this manga, but it would make for an awesome chapter or two. Nonetheless, I can tell that Kakashi has some awesome stuff to show us, if he doesn’t take on all of the swordsmen himself, he will surely make a fool proof strategy that will. This chapter also marks the first time that Kakashi has been seen as really angry.

Mummy wannabe when living, a dummies mummy when dead.

One Piece 611

I'd hate to scratch myself with that thing.

I went into this chapter thinking that One Piece would let me down this week, that I just wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it. But, as it turns out, I will enjoy One Piece regardless of whether I want to or not. This was another great chapter.

I want to go there to...

Quick Points:

  • Pirates with lobster hands can’t fight very well.
  • Starfish dude is rich.
  • Nami has been discovered.
  • Never offer anything to Nami for free.
  • Not learnt from this chapter, but never offer Luffy free food either.
  • Santa Claus spends 1 month on the North Pole, preparing for Christmas, the rest of the time, he is busy ruling the underwater kingdom.
  • Evil pirates are evil, evil enough to take drugs and still think they(the pirates themselves) are good.
  • New  steroid discovered. Ivankov snorts at the oral administration of such drugs, I personally prefer rectal administration.
  • Head of fishman pirates isn’t very strong, likes to bite things, probably employs his own dentist.
  • Fishmen want revenge on humans for discrimination.
  • Some human stole the fishman captain’s lolipop when he was younger, or maybe he just threw it on the floor or maybe such trivial details are best left conjectured by the original author and not a blogger such as myself.

Anyways, that was a great chapter. The captain of the fishman pirates didn’t seem that strong, in a standard shonen, sometimes characters can seem underwhelming when they are actually on par with the main characters. But, this is One Piece. Oda doesn’t skip on the small details, he made these fishmen take a drug to reach this relatively meager strength level. Oda is probably setting these guys up as mid arc fodder or they are going to be used as a demonstration of someone else’s strength, Van Der Dicken, perhaps? It is still possible that I am wrong, but I don’t think Oda makes these kind of little mistakes, I will forgive him if he does, but I don’t think he will. Unless of course, the captain is weak, and some other members of the crew are really strong, like that octopus dude from the last chapter. Some people are theorizing that given his very different attitude, that octopus dude is only pretending to be a fishman pirate or that he is just a simple mercenary.

This arc is really demonstrating Oda’s creativity, I mean look at all the fishmen designs, the designs in the new pirate crew are all ready  pretty creative and there are still other fishmen that we have yet to meet.

They say bitting is the sincerest form of flattery.


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