Weekly Shonen: Bleach 434, Naruto 525, One Piece 612

I am sorry this is so late. The new chapters are already out, and I still writing about last weeks chapters. This would be shameful, if it wasn’t a common occurrence. Oh well, nothing you can do about that, I blame other life stuff and work.
Anyways, I am going to make this quick, so hopefully this post won’t keep anyone from reading the new chapters. Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I haven’t read the newest chapters yet. I read my Weekly Shonen on Friday’s, and sometimes on Saturday’s.

The new duckface?

Bleach 434

Be careful, it's a trap!

Not too much happened this chapter, but it was still a pretty good chapter. Yuzu and Karin’s worrying over their brother’s mysterious actions was quite touching. It is quite funny to see Yuzu, who (if I remember correctly) always proclaimed her true feelings, and now she pretends to not care. Ahh, teenage anime girls, their fickle emotions will be the end of us all. Speaking of teenage girls, Karin is quite the girl, hehehe (sometimes, I really dislike myself). I thought the sad to happy mood swing was a really nice touch, it shows that they were more worried than angry. Dollhouse, eh? Ichigo has been through so much training, that it was no surprise to him that he would have to train to get his powers back. It might not seem like too much of a surprise to us, but the fact that Kubo acknowledged this through Ichigo, shows us (me anyway) that Ichigo might be a blockhead, but he isn’t a total blockhead. Nonetheless, the inevitable training aside, the house thing was pretty cool and quite unexpected.
Oh, and why is it always a girl in charge of Ichigo’s training? When he was with Urahara, it was the little girl with the gloves, in soul society, it was Yoruichi, then it was the vaizard girl and now it’s the goth tsudere. Hmmm, this is most interesting, and a topic that should have a closer look taken at in a future post.

Naruto 525

A great chapter. The history was awesome, it was so exciting to see all those kages together. I admit, I am not a huge fan of this “bring the dead back” overpowered jutsu, but if it can be used to bring back cool people like those three, then I don’t mind. I look forward to watching the old geezer fight Muu, whom we shall refer to as zombie cow from now on. I don’t really care much about the feudal lord, they will probably be captured, or some random hero dude will pop out of nowhere.
Okay, crazy theory time. Once, the feudal lords are captured, Kabuto will find out and approach them. He will then turn into a snake, and go down the throat of one of the lords and take total control of the body. Why? Because he can, and a large helping of consorts who aren’t scared of your scales is always a plus.

This picture is only here, because I like this pose. It is casual, intelligent, yakuza-ish, wise old man-ish. Most of all, he just doesn't give a fuck.

One Piece
Fantastic, awesome! Did you expect anything else from a One Piece fanboy? I hate that Caribou guy. Does he not realize that men do not use swamps/bogs/whatever to capture women, we use a combination of alcohol and ecstasy. The backstory on how the light gets to the bottom was fascinating. Oda really does think of pretty much everything, the design of the castle was also very meticulously drawn out. Oh, and what about the princess? I would declare her as mine, but Luffy will win her over soon enough.

The third rule of Shonen:-
Once a guy gropes a girl, there is no going back, she will fall for him, but he might not fall for her.

The boobs have been groped, and tears have been shed, let the one sided love begin.


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