Weekly Shonen: Bleach 435, Naruto 526 and One Piece 613

So, along with my fleeting youth, another weekly shonen goes by. I always look forward to next weeks weekly shonen, and I enjoy little of the anime/manga world’s offerings during the week. I can’t help but think that with each new weekly shonen, I grow older, and that someday, I will realize I am a 80 year old man, and the only thing I ever did with my life was read weekly shonen every Friday. Anyways, enough with the depressing thoughts, let us now take a quick look back at this week’s manga. I am not going to bother decorating this post with images, and I might not again until a scanlator who doesn’t beleive in watermarks and download restrictions shows up. (note: I love the current scanlators, but I am not sure if I should put watermarked images here). Not inserting images should hopefully also give me a bit more time to work on other posts.
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Naruto 526

An interesting chapter, I suppose. I did not enjoy it as much as other people, but I still thought it was a good chapter. The beginning with the o’l feudal lord fellows was meh, but I found the hiding tactics employed to be interesting. Black Zetsu’s “I am the earth line” made no impact on me whatsoever. I was just like meh, whatever.
Why can’t mangas ever have politicians who don’t sound like condescending. self centered pricks. Darn, manga’s are too realistic.
The encounter between the two Hyuga brothers was nice, if not cliche, the part with Hinata and Neji was a nice touch, but in my opinion, not a necessary touch.

The black lighting jutsu carried out by general what’s his face, sent ripples through the Naruto manga community. People are like, “Oh, my god, is it like, you know, like related to that Ameterasu”,”Yeah, it like totally is, dude, that’s so cool!” When I first read the chapter, I didn’t really notice anything special about the black lighting, but on second thought, I guess it is pretty cool. The dude is now about to use the “storm element”, which is likely a mixture of water and lighting jutsu’s. Hmm, I wonder if he will use black lighting, or regular ligthing. Still, if he can use black lighting, and sasuke can use black fire, now all we need is someone who can use black water and someone who can use black wind. I doubt Naruto could learn either of the two, is orange wind possible?

The two brothers seem interesting, I am looking forward to finding out how they are related to the nine tails. If the ninetails was sealed in them, then did they exist before the fight between the 1st and Madara? I remember reading somewhere, that the first hokage gave the tailed beasts as gifts to other villages. Maybe he gave the nine tails to the lighting village, and then after some time, Madara killed the brothers, and used the fox against the 1st hokage. It couldn’t have happened after that fight, because 1st’s wife had it sealed in her since. Or, mabe the brothers never had the whole fox sealed in them, they might have only had a portion of the chakra. Anways, we shall see, and this is one thing, I really look forward to finding out.

Bleach 435

This chapter was really funny. I once expressed my doubt about Fullbring powers. I wasn’t sure if they should become a big deal or not, but having read the last chapter, and this one, I can happily say that I wouldn’t mind if they became a big deal. Most people use objects close to them, eh? The moment Ichigo started thinking about looking for one such object, I automatically figured it would be his shinigami badge. I am glad that he managed to figure it out without help, and I am also happy to see that Chad understands him enough to know that Ichigo’s badge is the best idea.
I am LOVING the tsundere. For a guy who has spent close to 10 years writing a non romance manga, Kubo sure as hell knows his tsundere. Riruka is awesome, I like her ability, her looks, her fashion sense, and her tsun tsun personality. Luckily enough, she isn’t like the tsundere of most modern anime as she doesn’t let her tsundereness get in the way of what needs to be done.
The yakuza in the bear suit was hilarious, though I did feel sorry for him. I mean, yeah he is a yakuza, but he is still a human being. Hopefully, after that monster form wears off, he can go back to selling body organs, and beating up other yakuza’s. Note: Reiseng, does not encourage the illegal practise of organ selling, nor does he support yakuza fighting, but in a fictional context, it is probably okay.
I was really looking forward to seeing Ichigo use his new powers, every time, Ichigo gets a powerup or a new power, shonen freaks like me immediately start fantasizing about what it could be. So, I absolutely cannot wait to waste another week of my life by rushing through it all for the sake of reading a Bleach chapter.

I am sorry, I lied, but Riruka is just too cute.

This has to be the cutest thing Kubo has ever drawn. Like, seriously.

One Piece 613
When I read it at first, I thought it was a short chapter, but I probably got that feeling because I kept getting distracted and as such, I read the chapter in parts. Let’s recall what happened.
-Van Der DICKen lauches axe at poor innocent girl.
-Luffy saves the princesses life from said axe, and does so by using said princesses boobs as support.
-Princess saves Luffy from the guards.
-Luffy eats food.
-Princess gets Luffy mad. Starts crying, only to be called a coward.
-Luffy decides to take her on a walk, like the puppy that she is.
-Nami and the others fend off the guards.
-Usopp has a badass speech.
-Guards convince king to join in.
-King attacks, but is blocked by Zoro, who got bored of prison.
-Van Der Dicken and other pirate dude form alliance, poor Neptune is in trouble.

Whew, that was a lot. Well, it might seem like a lot, but that was just your average One Piece chapter (see why I love One Piece so much!).
Van Der Dicken seems like a bit of a dick really, and not the desirable kind either. I LOVED Luffy’s interaction with the princess. I was expecting him to console her, and to tell her to stop crying, but instead, he just called her a coward, and said that he didn’t like her, straight to her face! The best way to deal with a spoilt person is by telling her she is spoilt, and refusing to encourage her. This is another reason, or maybe even the main reason, I love Luffy so much.
Luffy lives his life, true to himself, actually most of the Strawhats do, but especially Luffy. In my opinion, the greatest people are the ones who can live doing what they want, and they don’t give a damn about what others want of them. They accept the consequences of their actions, but they never yield to the desires of others or society. This is what I want for myself, this is why I look up to Luffy so much. Someday, I want to be like him, yeah it would be cool to be a stretchy pirate, but that incredible mentality of his, is what I really want.
Usupp gave an awesome speech, Brook was a badass, and Nami’s drinking line was awesome to. Zoro’s entrance was typical Zoro, and as befitting of a typical Zoro entrance, it was quite badass.
The joint alliance between the Dickens and the uglies, cannot be a good thing for the country. I feel sorry for them. The country is wasting their troops attacking the strawhats, when they really should be keeping on eye on much greater threats.
Van Der Dicken’s ability seems interesting, can he target anyone he wants, or just people he touches with his hand, or just people he touches with his glove? Is his ability a devil fruit? If it is a devil fruit, can he swim? I am expecting answers to these questions in the next couple of chapters.
Oh, and just to prove that Oda really does take care of most inconsistencies, take a look at the beginning when the guards enter the princesses room. In the last chapter, there were no guards guarding the princess, the reason behind that was explained right at the beginning of this chapter. Sure, it may not be a very creative reason, but the fact that Oda mentioned the reason is quite extraordinary. It might seem like a simple thing to you, but taking care of little details like that, distinguishes amazing story tellers from great story tellers.


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  1. #1 by paper on February 17, 2011 - 1:27 am

    Lol, orange wind…
    It might be possible since it’s Naruto we’re talking about. x]
    When I first saw the two Hyugas, I thought they were Neji… It’s so hard to tell them apart when they’re clad in the same ninja outfits and the same headband.

    • #2 by Reiseng on February 19, 2011 - 12:18 am

      Yeah, Naruto isn’t called Konoha’s most unpredictable ninja for nothing.
      It isn’t only the Hyugas that are confusing though, since there are so many people involved in this war, you kind of lose track of faces and names unless they are really important like Kakashi or Gara.

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