Weekly Shonen: Bleach 438, Naruto 529, One Piece 616

A bit late again, I got distracted by a great shoujo manga, if I don’t get distracted by something else, maybe I will write a post about that to. 😛
I wrote this in a rush, so please do ignore all typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and general sub par ness, but then again, since when were my posts any good.

Naruto 529

A decent chapter, I suppose, but I didn’t like it too much. The meat thing was somewhat interesting, but at the same time, it felt somewhat contrived, but hey, atl east Kishi mentioned it, which is better than leaving a gaping plot hole. The fifth tool was a bit silly, but just as silly if not more so, is all of this communication/teleportation stuff. Even within the context of the Ninja world, some of it seems rather unrealistic, I don’t like it. You’d think that with ninjas like these “sensors”, previous wars would have been simply won by the team with the best sensors, but frankly there is no indication of any such thing. The idea of teleportation is just as ludicrous in my eyes, sure we knew about the 4th’s teleportation jutsu a long time ago, and Madara as well (though, in my eyes, Madara really pushes the reality boundary), but teleporting objects, and teloporting them precisely to where they are needed is a bit too much. Feel free to disagree with me, or point out that I am making a fuss over a very small thing, but I don’t like it too much. Maybe, I just enjoyed the small scale teamwork that we used to see, characters back then would get better development, and the strategies were more ninja esque. Sure, there was teamwork this time with Team Shikamaru, and as cheesy as it was, it made sense (somewhat, anyway), but yeah, I am not too much of a fan of the grand war thing. I think, I am just an old fag, really this war is about the ninja world getting together for the first time to fight a common threat, I really should appreciate it more.
Speaking of old fags, the cheesy “New generation will surpass the old generation” is just too cheesy. It really sounds like a bunch of old hazbags who did their job, retired early, and shoved everything on their offspring. I know this is actually an old idea originating from the Third’s “will of fire” idea, but you know, I liked the less developed idea more. The old idea was that the will of the previous generation, the will to protect the village, the will to protect friends would be passed on. The new idea is that newer generations will always be stronger than the old ones, and that old people are essentially useless. I mean this entire war is basically a war between the old generation (with Madara, arguably the oldest ninja) at its lead, and the new generation, and who do you think is going to win? The scale is so far off, Ino-Shika-Chou “defeated” a guy that defeated the 2nd, I dislike that, I dislike that quite a bit. Well, ok, maybe they are stronger than I gave them credit for, I guess it just felt too rushed to feel realistic.
Speaking of the 2nd, I am upset at Kishi for ruining my image of the 2nd hokage. He was almost beaten by these catlike scumbags, that is just not cool, not cool at all.
Anyways, enough ranting, I liked the glimpse we had of Naruto, Darui’s apology and the subsequent response were quite funny. Next chapter, we probably get to see Asuma vs his three proteges in another one of those: “old generation is just not good enough” fights.

Bleach 438

This chapter was short but sweet. Some people said that Riruka sneezing to turn of her powers, was just silly. I personally like that, it was quite funny, and frankly not too much of an insult to her Dollhouse powers or whatever they are called. Ginjou offering Ichigo a towel, and Ichigo’s response was priceless. The speaking badge thing was interesting, it isn’t too clear if the badge is just replaying from memory or if it is intercepting a conversation, frankly I am leading on the second option, because that will move the plot forward. So, if my assumption is correct, then I can safely say that Ichigo is once more in trouble with the Soul Society punks. Maybe, becoming a Fullbring user is taboo, or maybe he was framed, it is also possible that Kubo is just throwing a curve ball at us, and the actual conversation could have been about something like “Ichigo engaging in act of bestiality”, but given Genjou’s smile, I would be hesitant to believe my last suggestion.

I was right about the Orihime bad guy dude (HAH!), but frankly I didn’t predict the infatuation ( I guess, my initial feeling of a confession, was more accurate than I thought!). The other dude attacked Ishida, eh, hmmm. I really liked the badassery Inoue displayed this chapter. Upon hearing of information about Ishida’s attacker, the old Inoue would have panicked and asked stuff like: “Why, would you do that!”, but no, not the new Inoue. The new Inoue is a badass, did you see that serious look on her face? Here, let me reshow you:

He hurt her boy-toy, she ain't happy.

oh snap!

Interrogation, 101.

One Piece 616

We learnt a lot, a lot happened, and all of it was awesome, you don’t need me to say anything else, do you?
The bad guys seem to have made it to the palace, oh oh! Robin is hot, like super hot, and well hotter because she is looking for that pony-glyph thing. Franky was funny, he almost pulled a Chopper, but didn’t quite have the chops to do it. The info we got about Fishmen, and how they can be so many different things was really cool, I also liked how Oda was trying to each us that very valuable lesson of not categorizing people. It looks like Van der Dicken is after Luffy, hopefully Luffy will reach Jinbei before Van Der Decken reaches Luffy.
A lot of the One Piece community is of the opinion that Hodi and Van Der Dicken are not the main enemies of this arc, this consensus has been reached because they seem weak, and the arc is moving too fast. Now, if this was some other author the weakness could be attributed to a lack of good scale, but this is Oda, he doesn’t normally make mistakes like that, but if so, then why did Jinbei warn Luffy not to fight Hodi. Is there a personal reason? Does Jinbei not trust Luffy, or maybe that if Hodi gets defeated, the hatred against humans would only increase, or something like that. Hmm, we shall see!


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