Weekly Shonen: Bleach 439, Naruto 530

I should have made this post yesterday, but yeah. This post will be short, partly because there is no One Piece this week but mostly because I want to do other fun things. 😛

Naruto 530

A decent chapter. Looks like the Ino-Shika-Chou are going to fight their old teacher, and I guess it was a good thing they hesitated before making their resolve, had they not done so, they wouldn’t have seemed human. Still, it would have been nice if they had just been like: “Yo, our sensei ain’t no more, that corpse is a disgrace to his memory, let’s beat it up” and gone on to kick Zombie Asuma’s butt.
That Akatski fellow is arguably the scariest of the bunch. It seems that Darui is going to have to beat him, but Darui is tired and what not, oh well, if he has any smart Aleck remarks, I would be glad to read them. The fan seems to have disappeared, hmm, I wonder who took it, I guess it might prove crucial in defeated the Akatski fellow or it might show up a few chapters from now in the hands of some random villain or something. It might even be the key to summoning the 10 tails, but let’s not push it.
It was really cool seeing Hanzo use his lizard thing, damn poison eh, how evil, back when I first heard of him, I thought he was a noble ninja, but then Kishi ruined it with the Pain flashbacks and the poison is more proof of that.
I don’t know how I feel about a ninja vs a samurai fight, if it was a ninja vs a pirate, I’d understand, but a samurai? Meh, I can’t help but feel that the samurai thing is just an excuse for Kishi to dwindle with a small samurai fetish. Just wait until Naruto is finished, then write an entire manga based on samurai’s, I’d read it.

Bleach 439

Yeah, I really can't.

I liked this chapter, but I really can’t say much about it. Ichigo is going to have to wait until he gets to train again (but that might not be the case after the Inoue thing), and Riruka is still pretty awesome. That “guy” has pretty much been declared a villain. Even if he is only doing whatever he is doing to get even with Ganju (the prevailing theory on the internets), the fact that he intends on hurting his subordinate is a sure fire sign that he is evil. It was also confirmed that he uses Fullbring, and his weapon of choice is a sword, a clear comparison to Ganju. I hope we don’t just get another rescue Inoue arc, but it looks like we will, but this time, I hope it is just Chad and Ichigo. If it is just those two breaking down doors and kicking ass, then I am perfectly fine with rescuing Inoue again.
Speaking of rescuing, Chad’s comment about Inoue’s strange reaitsu was really off-putting. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I really hope Kubo gives us a proper explanation next chapter, and doesn’t just make up something like “a strange reaitsu” just to inform Ichigo and Chad about Ichigo’s abduction. If that is his intention, he should have just left a blood trail or something traditional like that, maybe a piece of ripped clothing (o.O, I would like that). But then again, this is a Shonen, and girls don’t get physically hurt in Shonen, especially helpless ones like Inoue.


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