Manga recommendation: Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso


Cute girl, what more could you want? Oh wait, she has a knife, meh, she is cute, so it doesn't matter.

Or as us English folk like to call it:
Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies.

I guess I will start this “recommendation” series of posts, basically if I read a manga, and feel like recommending it, I shall. My apologies for this very noobish post, I am not very good with recommendations it seems, but nonetheless, I hope these posts can at the least get you to take a look at what I am suggesting.

Skip to the end, if you just wanna know if this manga is for you or not, in this particular case, I strongly suggest that almost anyone of a decent age should most certainly read this manga, it is fantastic.
Now before you run of and read the plot summary for this manga, please take just a second and read the next line or two.
DO NOT read any plot summaries for this manga, some of them might spoil just a little bit of the manga for you, but that isn’t the main reason why I don’t want you to read the summaries. I do not want you to judge this manga based on a summary because quite simply, it is impossible to summarize this manga’s plot while still doing it justice. If you want a loose idea of what this manga is about, then this is the best I can do:

10 years there was a kidnapping, and now in the present time, another kidnapping has occurred and a serial killer is on the loose as well.

Yeah, you really can’t tell anything from that line, now can you, but don’t judge this manga from that singular line, this is an incredible, brilliant, and absolutely horrifying manga. It is twisted– although sometimes in a sweet way– but this twsittocity (not really a word, I’m afraid) isn’t the author trying to be different, no, this twisttocity carries with it a very deep lesson, a lesson that deals with sanity and insanity, child abuse and a bit of love.

This is a mystery manga, but unlike most detective mangas, the mystery isn’t unraveled by a detective but by itself. The twists are great, unexpected, but never unwelcome, in other words they don’t show up out of the blue for no reason whatsoever. Everything is perfectly crafted from the 1st chapter, and no little detail is spared. This is a very tight, well written manga.

Read this manga if:

  • You like reading good manga.
  • If you value intricate details, which are part of a larger easier to understand plot-line.
  • You like/don’t mind crazy characters.
  • You like/don’t mind pretty, but crazy girls (similar to yandere, but a bit crazier than the text book definition of the word.)
  • You don’t mind blood, or brutal treatment of human beings. (This manga isn’t nearly as bad as other Seinen, but the implications are worse, and the mental damage is quite a bit higher.)
  • You like short manga.Do not read this manga if:
  • You were abused as a child. (It sounds like a joke, but I am being sort of serious.)
  • You are younger than 15 or 16.
  • You get scared easily.
  • You have Maniaphobia (fear of going insane).
  • You need a manga that will last you a long time.(Not really an excuse in my opinion)
  • Despite me making it sound much scarier than it actually is, it really isn’t as scary as a lot of Seinen, more so than scary, I’d say it makes you think a bit more, and the story in general is awesome, and so is the male lead. What are you standing around here for, go read it!

    Rating online:
    This manga received a 8.5/10 on and a 7.92 on MAL.
    Is it worth the rating?
    Yes, actually in my opinion, this manga is closer to a 9, it is a great manga.

    The male lead looks the part, and he acts it to.

    Credits: Baka-Updates,’s phobia dictionary and myanimelist(MAL).


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