Weekly Shonen: Bleach 440-441, Naruto 531-532, One Piece 617-618

Yeah, sorry about that, I didn’t do it last weekend for whatever reason, and then I decided to just make it a dual post again. I hope no one minds, and if you do, you know you have the ability to complain in the comments, right?
In other news, Japan’s earthquake and tsunami have been quite horrible. My feelings and prayers go out to the Japanese, I have been through an earthquake that killed a lot of people, the aftermath isn’t fun. I haven’t been through a tsunami though, and well that did a lot of damage (most of the damage).
Oh, and please donate to the Japan cause.

Yeah, I guess I am a bit small for you, eh.

Bleach 440
A short chapter, not much happened, but it was a good chapter nonetheless.
Ok, so we found out a little bit about that dude’s abilities, he can stab people, they think they have been stabbed, but probably haven’t and on top of that, they think that they were meant to be friends. The best friends stab you just when you need it, I mean just look at Julius Ceasar. We also found out that this fellow Tsukishima is an ex-ally of Genju(my name for Ginjou) and his little posse, of course given Tsu-kun’s weird sword ability that may just be an illusion. I couldn’t tell, but I don’t think Inoue suffered any physicial damage from that stab, I mean it’s not like she had a hole in her boob or anything, but I was more interested in her hair. It doesn’t look cut to me, but I might be wrong. If her hair is cut, then it would suggest for sure that he has the ability to choose what his sword goes through.
Maybe it’s a sword of love, or something? But, he did injure Ishida, or are we going to be forced into believing that Ishida hurt himself because of an illusion.
Other people are tired of illusions because of Aizen, I don’t really mind them too much, as long as they are interesting.
Tsu-kun looks strong, I mean he looks weak, and the modern day rule of Shonens is that anyone who looks weak is actually really strong.
I can’t help but wonder, is Ganju the bad guy, is Tsu-kun the bad guy, are them both good guys, or are them both bad guys? Hmm, well at least at this stage, I am going to say that regardless of Ganju, his crew is probably not bad,at least not all bad.

Bleach 441
A good chapter, that was quite long, especially by Bleach standards. I didn’t like Ichigo’s emoness, but the end was interesting.
Huh, I didn’t expect Tsu-kun to be their former leader, huh, fascinating. So, now the presence of other Shinigami representatives was confirmed, and now we know why Ginjou has that badge, interesting, most interesting.
Ikumi gave a pretty good speech about being an adult and whatnot.
It would seem that Kubo has started to roll Ichigo into his typical “pre-powerup” slump, but something seems off this time. Ichigo, just seems more depressed than usual, it is like he has lost faith in everything except for his own strength. I mean, he got shook up by Ginjou’s Urahara comment, Urahara is good friends with Ichigo’s dad, does Ichigo not trust his own dad and just as importantly, how could he not trust Urahara?
Did Ichigo forget who it was that thought him how to fight in the first place? Who helped him regain his shinigami powers the last time he lost them? Who, helped him get to Soul Society and save Rukia? Who helped him find Inoue? Who was the one that helped the Vaizards? Who was the one who finally put a lid on Aizen?
How could Ichigo not trust Urahara so easily? Jeez!
Well, having said that, Ichigo is most definitely not acting normal, he is not messing around, I am scared, Kubo is really giving Ichigo some character development, character development in Bleach is a new and very scary concept! Having said that, I do agree with the online Bleach communities opinion that Ichigo is showing progress, and sheer determination, that ending was nothing but raw determination. I like that, I like that a lot, hopefully Ichigo won’t lose his resolve.
Oh, and Ginjou isn’t out of the spotlight just yet, he could be lying, you know.
Some interesting theories and comments are jumping around this chapter, it would be in your best interest to check some forums and read up on some of them.

Naruto 531

I didn’t like this chapter, sure it had some interesting fights and what not, but it was somewhat confusing. What the heck did they keep talking about? All of that out of the air samurai chivalry just felt too tacky for this manga, sure there might be wisdom in there, but it felt forced, and unnecessary. I hate to sound like a samurist, but the samurais shouldn’t have just jumped in like that with no past development and just expect us to understand their code. I mean, yeah, everyone knows what a samurai is, but you cannot simply throw a samurai into the fray and hope that by definition of the word, people would expect him to chivalrous and whatnot. Sorry, for the rant, it probably isn’t anything important, I just occasionally like to rant. 😛
Did the manga just totally forget that Danzo is a frigging zombie, I mean he isn’t meant to die so easily, unless of course that Samurai swordstyle which is “designed” to beat ninja has some magic release powers or something.
The Asuma thing at the beginning was cheesy, but well within an expected range.

Naruto 532

First of, I would like to apologize for thinking that the manga had forgotten about the zombie thing, but I guess that was wrong, my bad!
Ok, so Naruto redeemed itself this time, I don’t mind the samurai thing anymore… I am sorry, but this chapter touched me, quite a bit. There is nothing to say at this point, the end to Hanzo was great, a well renown ninja like him deserved a great ending like he did. I guess Kishi probably threw samurais in because he was trying to emphasize the honor of these two men, which was arguably why I didn’t like the previous chapter, I am really strange, I guess.
The whole faith thing left me confuzzled last time, but it worked this time, so, Hanzo was a good guy, who lost his faith or whatever, and then regained it. He also happened to forget Mr.swordsman, but then remembered him again.
I have gained a great deal of respect for Hanzo from this chapter, what a noble soul, he really did a lot for the sake of peace, and the faith he believed in. No wonder he is such a legendary ninja in the world of Naruto.

Not much happened with the trio, but Chouji, I am dissapoint, you might have just gotten your whole team killed. Well, I am sure the team won’t die, but I expect better Chouji, my shonen characters must come equipped with either balls of steel or a heart of steel, there is no excuse for having neither.
The ending of the chapter was a bit sudden, but I guess we will see what Asuma’s move will do next time.

One Piece 616
First chapter in 2 weeks, was it any good? As always, it was magnificent. Actually even by One Piece standards, this chapter was great.
I was not expecting Oda to make Hodi so strong, that guy raped everything out there. Hodi’s little speel seemed to upset Nami quite a bit, but hopefully, she is more sickened then terrified. Arlong must have been quite horrifying that Nami still gets a bad reaction, every time he is mentioned, well that is to be expected, that guy locked her in a room for most of her life. She seemed to disappear towards the end, I don’t think she is running away for say, given all the development she has gotten and the type of person she is, she is most likely going to do something interesting soon.
It looks Van Der Dicken might just end up fighting Sanji just like Hodi seems to have ended up fighting Zoro, an end boss for Luffy has yet to be shown,this is most interesting.
The princess being puked out was well funny to say the least, will Luffy and them ever be able to reach the forest? Will Van Dicken stop them? Will Sanji hold Van Dicken off? Oh, the suspense.
Lastly, let us talk a bit about everyones favorite swordsman, Zoro.
He is an absolute badass. The bit about him releasing the hostages because he couldn’t protect them was frigging awesome, for a guy who doesn’t mind doing the dirty work if it is necessary, Zoro is incredibly chivalrous. This fight between him and Hodi looks to be most promising, I can’t wait!

One Piece 618

Dammmnnn, I was totally wrong with my predictions, Sanji did not end up fighting Van Der Dicken, and Hodi did not put up much of a fight. My, oh my. Oda seems to have become fond of proving peoples strength by tying their hands together. He did it with Hodi, and now to, contrast he did it with Luffy.
Zoro is strong, and so is Luffy. Actually, crazy strong is probably a better description. Now, it really looks like there is some bigger villain.
I knew Nami had run away for a good reason, well that is one prediction I was right about, I didn’t expect her to go after Jinbei though. Hmm, what could be going on, this islands history seems really interesting.

Anyways, this was a great chapter, and this is all I can say about it, but,  I am really looking forward to next weeks chapter.


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