Weekly Shonen: Bleach 442, Naruto 533, One Piece 619

Hey, you can’t blame me for there being no post last week, why there was no Shonen weekly to write about!
Oh, and I would like to apologize, I took a quick look at last time’s post, and I was appalled at that shoddy piece of writing. There was a quite bit of grammar, spelling and general readability fail in that post. Well, it’s not like this post is going to be much better.
In general, I would like to apologize for my horrible writing, English is my first language, but without significant planning, and significant editing, I always seem to make a lot of mistakes, you have my sincerest apologies. If you notice something I always mess up on, please, please, do tell me.

Bleach 533

A good chapter, as are most Bleach chapters nowadays.
I didn’t like Jackie’s fullbring, it looks weird, and she is ugly. When you have an ugly person using a weird fullbring, the combined effect alone is enough to knock out most opponents, but it just so happens that our hero holds no ugly hatred, and is able to see through Jackie’s exterior and recognize her for the warrior she is, or something like that.
In other news, Inoue is still a clutz, clearly no harm was done to her. Still, I wonder if Tsu-kun did anything to Inoue, or was he simply attracting Ichigo and Genju’s attention. Sado might be the next guy to get hurt, or as Tsu-kun was debating, he might go straight for Ichigo.
Nothing else to say about this chapter.

See, I am not the only one who thought someone was ugly.

Quick note: I find the attention to detail to be quite awesome, I mean, look at the above pic, see where her hair meets her neck, damn, mangakas are awesome, well, as an artist, Kubo is arguably better than most mangaka anyway.

Naruto 533

Meh, it was an alright chapter, I was never the biggest fan of Ino-Shika-Chou, well, I like Shikamaru, but only because his smarts, when well utilized, are very entertaining to read/watch. In this case though, the chapter was nothing but a cheese fest. Yeah, it is sad that you punks have to fight your old sensei, but hey, a lot of other people have to fight their loved ones to you know. Jeez, Chouji took 2 chapters to get ready! Oh well.
So, it looks Chouji has grown wings instead of balls, I guess they will do. For whatever reason, most stories associate wings with power, and not flight these days, hmm, interesting, well, I can’t be bothered to look into it that much.
I wasn’t really expecting Tenma, or whatever her name is to find the fan. When this manga ends, and the world is shown a few years from now, Tenma will be shown using that fan to fan her face after a hot day, at which point, Gara’s sister, or whoever she is, will get mad, and yell at her a bit.


(Link to the author’s site.)

Anyways, I guess it was an alright chapter, but meh, not too exciting.

One Piece 619

A great chapter as always. I was hoping that Zoro really had dealt with Hodi, but well, I guess he didn’t, and he never really got the chance to. I hope Neptune doesn’t die, the old man had started growing on me, now we see that he really is strong, he could have probably put up more of a fight against the Straw-Hats if he had actually tried, and if his back wasn’t so weak from old age. Speaking of old age, I like how Oda actually has things like old age or injury affect the fighting level of his characters. Neptune was strong, clearly so, but old age brought him down, it was funny seeing him sprawled on the ground(or water) from a sprain back, but there was also a strange sense of realism there. Old age is bad, we saw something similar with Whitebeard, and the fact that Whitebeard was able to hold of his old age and his illness for so long, was a testament to his will and strength.
I am happy that Luffy and co, reached the forest without much trouble. Jinbei’s reaction to the princess was hilarious, and One Piece slapstick at its best (it was slapstick, right? If not, then please do correct me).

Sorry, your mouth isn't big enough to hide her.

Sanji seems to have gone back to normal, I guess that is a good thing, some OP fans were thinking that his near death experience was starting to be overplayed, I personally do not mind either way.
I wonder what the crew will do, when the news of what happened at the castle reaches them, how will Luffy react, it looks like Zoro, Usupp and Brook will be fine, but how will they meet up with the others?
Oh, and before I forget, I am looking forward to finding out why Jinbei is responsible for Arlong?
There are two possibilities:
Jinbei accidentally unleashed Arlong (as in he thought no harm would come from it), or perhaps, Arlong left the crew, and Jinbei feels responsible.
Jinbei used to be evil, and set Arlong loose to do evil things to little girls with orange colored hair.

Hmm, Jinbei seems like a nice guy, but at the same time, I can’t shake the feeling that his niceness is a form of redemption for past misdeeds, the truth shall be revealed next time, or so I hope!

Oh, and there is a One PieceXToriko special, but I haven’t read Toriko, so I didn’t read the special yet, and even if I had read the special, I am not qualified to comment on it.

edit-I just read the One PieceXToriko chapter, even though I haven’t read Toriko, I really enjoyed the chapter, it was great, you all should read it!


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