Weekly Shonen: Bleach 444, Naruto 535, One Piece 621

Sorry, it’s late, and I need to sleep, so, I have to make this short.

Naruto 535

Oh my! Naruto is on the move, hell yeah. What a great chapter, we got to see some of Naruto’s moves, and Naruto has decided to unleash his badassery upon Madara’s goons. Naruto’s initial escape and lie detection ability? Perfect. Naruto’s conversation with Iruka? Perfect. His skirmish against the other ninja? Perfect. Nagato’s flashbacks? Perfect. Naruto’s escape? Perfect. Iruka’s analysis of Naruto and his subsequent note hiding skills? Perfect. Naruto’s activation of badass mode? Perfect.
Chapter rating? Perfect.
Naruto’s skills have gotten better, he is faster at the frog jutsu thing, and his nine tails chakra seems quite formidable, and most of all, he isn’t hesitant, that is a very important quality for a Shonen character.
I was hoping that Sasuke would attack the good guys first, and then Naruto would just jump in, and be all “No, bitch, I’m a cook some hawk for dinner tonight.” But now it seems more likely that Sasuke will join the fray after Naruto, though nothing is confirmed. There is a good chance that we will get an update on Sasuke next chapter.
Regardless of what happens next, no doubt Naruto will make quite the entrance when he enters the war. I can not wait!

Badass mode, engage!

Oh, and there is a special chapter about Rock Lee out, it’s cheesy, but quite fun to read.

Bleach 444

Well, this chapter sure moved fast, at the beginning I thought they would use the whole chapter as a buildup for whatever Tsu-kun’s powers are, but not only did they talk about them, Tsu-kun himself showed up, and Ichigo got Shinigamized by his badge. Fascinating. Can’t say too much about this chapter, it was mostly a buildup to something very interesting. Why did Ichigo get his Shinigami clothes back? Are his powers returning, or is it just an effect of his badge? A member on a forum mentioned that Ichigo’s eyes looked like the ones he had when he was super sayaning Aizen(I paraphrased that), and I would have to agree. What a badass. Overall an epic chapter.

Is this meant to be nostalgic? I don't know, but I love those eyes.

One Piece 621
Oda can draw small boobs…..
Wow, the queen was well, a little different than I had envisioned her. Naive? Yeah, everyone saw that coming, but a small naive goldfish who breaks her hand with every slap, cries for criminals and children alike, and gives birth to a gargantuam baby? Yeah, that maybe not so much. Oh, and did I mention the snot OCD? Yeah. Most interesting.
Tiger on the other hand was far more relaxed and chillaxed then initially expected. Jinbei was cruel, Arlong was nice-er, nicer than Jinbei at least (WTF??). Like seriously, I can’t beleive the old Jinbei was so cruel, I wonder what changed him, it was either Tiger’s assassination, the Queen’s assassination or a talk with Whitebeard.

I find it sad that the Queen’s dream was not taken seriously by anyone, like no one took it seriously, which is well, quite sad, but in many ways, it is quite understandable. Some people are predicting that Luffy will enact the late Queen’s plan (to take the island up), and in doing so, destroy Fishmen island (the way it is now), but also bring about some greater form of understanding between the races. That is an interesting theory, and plausible, given that everywhere the Strawhats go, major change follows. The only problem is that Luffy is not very influential right now, I don’t know how he can bring about change. Hmmm, but anyway, this arc is most certainly about more than just some rogue Fishdude called Hodi and his cowboy-esque partner.

Awww, dawwwwww,everyone is so cute, how did she give birth to that thing anyway?

The timeline is kind of confusing right now, so I’d rather not get into it, but I am very interested in seeing the circumstances behind the Queen’s and Tiger’s death, are they related?



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  1. #1 by paper on April 21, 2011 - 6:18 pm

    I can’t wait to see how people on the battlefield react when they see Naruto come flying in but I wonder which area he’s going to appear in first. It’s probably the one where Sakura is but I wonder how he’ll know which group she’s with.

    • #2 by Reiseng on April 21, 2011 - 10:55 pm

      Naruto has that super chakra senser thing, right? So, he should be able to sniff out Sakura quite easily. Some people are predicting that he will go after Nagato or Itachi instead. I don’t know where he will go, but I to, can’t wait till he jumps in, as much as I love comedy, I’d like to see an exceptionally cool moment here, but it isn’t totally far-fetched to think that Kishi will make Naruto enter in a very comical manner.

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