Weekly Shonen: Bleach 445, Naruto 536, One Piece 622

I just realized that last week’s Bleach was chapter 444, wow, ain’t that something, you won’t see something like that for another 111 chapters, well with Bleach anyway, Naruto shall reach a magic number soon enough. In other news Norio Ohga, a former CEO of Sony, and the dude responsible for walkmans and all things cool has passed away, may he rest in peace.

Now, on to this week’s shonen. Was it good? It was P.E.R.F.E.C.T, and no I don’t mean P.E.R.F.E.C.T as some weird acronym, I mean P.E.R.F.E.C.T as in flawless, perfect, and absolutely awesome.

This, my friends, is why I love One Piece so much.

Bleach 445

I had a feeling that that cloak thing was just his fullbring and not his Shinigami powers, jeez Kubo is quite the tease. Nonetheless, this chapter was a lot of fun. I loved seeing how fast Ichigo picked up Fullbring, and to be honest, I really like the strength development in this case. See, Ichigo is learning very fast, and that is because of his past experience, or rather he knows how to learn stuff. Now, his fast learning mostly applies to using concepts of fullbring, like the speedboost and mid-air hop thing, but it does not really apply to how much his powers have developed. This is good, it shows that Ichigo is caching in on his old experience to learn fast, but at the same time, his new power is different, so he still hasn’t gotten a full hold on it. This is realistic, it is exactly the way Ichigo should be learning. You’d think that given Shonen tropes, Ichigo would have struggled seriously, and then had an uber powerup, and bamn, no, Kubo is doing it right., he gets major brownie points for that.

It will be interesting to see whether Ginjou and Tsu-kun fight or if Tsu-kun just retreats.
We still don’t know what that Rukia thing was, and we still haven’t seen the full extent of any of the Fullbringers powers, that includes Chad and his growth in strength. I also found it interesting that Tsu-kun knew significantly important details about Riruka’s abilities.

"I call it the punch then kiss"-It works every time, 99% of the time.

Oh, and Chad’s comment about Ichigo liking being cloaked in power was dead on, and quite an interesting observation.


Naruto 536

I didn’t really think it could get more epic after last weeks chapter, but I guess it did. Well, that was a bit of a lie, I was expecting an epic chapter(gut-instinct!), and well it was delivered quite well. Naruto’s escape was quite awesome, it was nice to see him and Bee team up, speaking of Bee, the Bee-Iruka love love moment was also really cool. So, it seems that Bee can see inside people’s hearts, and he saw Iruka in Naruto. Awww, ain’t that sweet, Kishi really likes to play the Naruto used to be hated, but is now loved card, but I don’t really mind, it isn’t too over the top yet.
Why did Naruto eat the note anyway? Did he want to make it “part of him”, or did he just run out of pockets, and didn’t want to litter the forest?

Hey, kids, be sure to get your fiber okay?

Now, as for Madara’s entrance, it was quite unexpected, I didn’t expect things to move this fast, but Madara really doesn’t waste time, does he?
It really seemed like the nice party had won, but then baaam, Madara came up out of nowhere, and well put a nice, big dent in their nice. rusty pick axes.
What, oh what is Madara-chan going to do, hmm, what is a substitute? The forum folk suggested he would drain the chakra from the two bros, that is possible, don’t really know why he needs it (maybe make a temporary 10-tails thing). Well, look forward to next time, to be honest, I was expected Sasuke this chapter, to you know, serve as a contrast to Naruto, but maybe next time, or sometime after next time, but as things are now, it looks like Naruto will the enter the fray before Sasuke does.

Oh no was right.

Oh, and Ten Ten was funny.

One Piece 622

Flawless. The first couple of pages were great, but if you did not feel any sort of emotion from the last couple of pages, then you my friend are either really bad at reading 2-d faces or the internet has killed you.
My respect for the Queen went up after this chapter, she is really persistent, never seems to give up, and just as importantly, she realizes that her viewpoint is not the only one, that is a necessary quality that you really don’t find in many real leaders.

Yeah, we can be pretty bad at times...

My respect for Arlong went down, but oh well, now he is acting more like his older self, but it is strange though. I get the impression that this affair with the kid softened him up, or is going to very soon, hmmm, if I am correct, then something will happen to make Arlong really evil again(and at the same time, really soften Jinbei, or Jinbei might take years to soften), most likely that will be Tiger’s death, or perhaps the way he died. This chapter also once more showed the contrast between Arlong and Jinbei. In the previous chapter, Jinbei was the really cruel one, in this chapter, it was Arlong. Some time has passed since the last chapter I beleive, and my theory is that, Jinbei was just full or rage last chapter, now, some of his rage has dissipated. Arlong on the other hand, is a classic showcase of human-group dynamics, or whatever it’s called. He is, consciously or subconsciously trying to stand out in this group of people,he was of the opinion that this group only exists to kill humans, but obviously he was wrong. Or, well, he just likes hurting people, whatever works.
People have begun speculating if this Koala kid will be the next Straw-Hat member and how this kid will play into Tiger’s death. There is little doubt in my mind that this kid will somehow be involved in Tiger’s death, but how that will happen, I do not know. Maybe Tiger will sacrifice himself for the kid, maybe the kid will accidentally alert the marines. I don’t know what will happen, but things are looking real exciting.
As for whether, Koala will join the crew or not, that I am not sure of, I don’t really think Koala sounds like a name Oda would give to a Straw-Hat member, but at the same time, it would really tie the story together, but it might be a fishman/fishwomen who joins the crew, that would probably be a better indication of the “diversity” of the Straw-Hat crew.

This reminds me of Hanasku Iroha, except this is sadder.

It’s kinda sad though, we know Tiger is going to die, and we also know that the Queen is going to die. Isn’t it sad to read a flashback where the two title characters are already set to die?


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  1. #1 by paper on April 23, 2011 - 10:33 pm

    I thought the eating the note part was kind of.. hmm., [can’t find the right word to describe it].
    I feel like it’s suppose to be a powerful statement.
    Lol, I’d like to think of it as Naruto wanting the note to ‘be a part of him’.

    Hah, Ten Ten already lost all her chakra.
    I’m still wondering what Chouji has planned to stop the war. Sakura isn’t in the same area as Chouji and them, right? And Ten Ten’s in a different area too, right? It’s getting a bit confusing for me and I can’t differentiate between the groups.

    • #2 by Reiseng on April 24, 2011 - 12:41 am

      I am not 100% sure (it is pretty confusing for me as well), but I think Ten Ten is close to Chouji, I think they were part of different teams (Chouji was part of Gara’s squad who was proxy lead by Shikamaru), and Ten Ten is part of Darui’s team, I think, but the two teams met up, so they are pretty close. … but it is kinda confusing, I am pretty sure that Sakura is no where near though.

      Speaking of eating things, a long, long time ago, I had a friend whose younger sister ate a whole bunch of stuff. I believe tissues and paper were part of her diet, and on one occasion, she apparently (I say apparently, because I didn’t see her eat it, only saw the leftovers) ate half of a bouncy ball.

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