The Reverend: A Daddy I liked

And may you be blessed with a long life...oh wait.

A Note: A lot of images, spoilers from episode 2, and I am not really that sad, I like making a big deal out of these things though.

Surprisingly enough, good dads have a very short life span in most anime/manga.
Fathers seem to come in three flavours:

1)-Ordinary dad, who occasionally gives advice and pocketmoney, but is otherwise useless.
2)-Father who is the main antagonist, or at least one of the challenges for the lead. (Satan would be a good example).
3)-A father who either died in the past, or early on in the show.

Guess which one of the above categories has all the cool dads? Obviously, the third one. The 4th Hokage and the 2nd Nura head, anyone?

Yeah, he was your dad, don't let anyone say otherwise.

So… I really liked the Reverend. Reverend Shiro Fujimoto was awesome, and now I am sad that he is gone. I was so hoping that this would be an awesome show with a family of exorcists that raped the undead fudge out of them demons, but no!
Daddy has to go off and kill himself so his little boy can have a bit of character growth. Hmph!

Seriously speaking though, killing a close relative (more often than not it’s a dad) is an incredibly overused plot device. I don’t mind it that much, mostly because this is a Shonen, and Shonen’s tend to rely a lot on cliches in order to present their action oriented story lines, but still I wanted him to live!

Wait... what did you say I died for again?

But yeah, I was sad the dad died, as far as dad’s in anime go, he really was a badass, and just as importantly, he was a good father. It’s a rare day that you can find a dad who can both beat up and comfort his son. Maybe, I am just too much of a daddy’s boy (I’m also a mama’s boy, but that’s a separate issue), but I really felt a strong bond of love between Rin and his old man. The old man really cared for the lad(s), so, if later on (I am 90% sure this will happen) some goon comes up to Rin and tries to convince him otherwise, then, I shall, instantly and without hesitation, declare that goon an abomination and enemy of all things nice.

Reverend Fujimoto, may you rest in peace, relax and have no fear, surely your son shall rise to the Shonen challenge and triumph, your death has insured that much at least.

The Pictorial Obituary
He was….

..somewhat perverted,

quite funny,

a fan of shotguns

and God,

a teacher,

, and a wise one to,

a self-sacrificing,






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  1. #1 by paper on May 1, 2011 - 9:06 pm

    I really like the Reverend. He’s such a cool dad so it’s sad how he had to die. Not only that but the Reverend’s death really fractures the relationship between Yukio and Rin.

    • #2 by Reiseng on May 4, 2011 - 12:07 am

      Yeah, I just hope those two get along soon, well, I am sure something happens in episode 3, but I haven’t seen it yet….
      Well, if the op is any indication, then those two should get along just fine.

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