Weekly Shonen: Bleach 446, Naruto 537 and One Piece 623

What’s that you say? These three were released last week? But, they are this week’s shonen, aren’t they?

Anyway, I apologize for the late post, school started up again, so I was busy trying to readjust to classes and what not. Oh, and, the pictures in my last post ended up screwy for some reason, I don’t know why, I apologize for that to.

Bleach 446

Some of us take a No.2 while reading Bleach.

Not much to say about this chapter. Ichigo just doesn’t take no as an answer does he? The fighting was just  regular Bleach fighting, so not much in that regard. It was nice to see Ichigo get upgraded once more, I wonder how much further he will go before his fullbring is “complete”, and after that, how much time will elapse before he regains his old Shinigami powers. Tsu-kun’s comment about Ichigo’s powers becoming more and more like his old shinigami powers was interesting. Does this mean, he had observed Ichigo before? Will Kubo ever confirm or deny that? I don’t know, it was said in such a passive manner, I think Kubo just assumed that everyone knew what the old Ichigo was like.

I am also curious as to the life expectancy of these fullbring people. Do they live regular human life spans, or are they several hundreds of years old like Shinigami? The gaming kid wouldn’t have developed his powers so far, and obtained such a “mature” aura if he had just lived a regular child’s life, but at the same time, I thought they were still human, so maybe the kid is just a true genius? I don’t know why, but I get the impression that Tsu-kun is older than he looks, it’s probably just his arrogant attitude.

As for the kid’s power, it seems interesting, but trapping people, or whatever else he did, kind of reminds me of Riruka.

Oh, and what did Tsu-kun mean by “tainting” Ichigo? I am going to go on the assumption that he wasn’t implying rape, though a lot of fangirls would probably really appreciate some Ichigo on Tsu-kun or Tsu-kun on Ichigo action. Perhaps, Ginjou and the gang are still hiding something? Well, that is probably likely.

BRB... grabbing my DS in hopes of pulling of a cool pose like that.

Naruto 537

So, basically half of the human army has been wiped out, and half of the easily replenishible zombie army has also been wiped out.

The statue really likes to wreck people’s hopes and dreams, doesn’t he? Poor Chouji, the guy was on such a high after beating the crap out of his beloved teacher, but no, a big fat statue had to appear and make the poor guy face the reality that no matter how strong he gets, he will always just be pushed aside when something important happens.

Well, that’s contemporary shonen for you folks, big people never win, but rather they always serve as a reminder that we have long abandoned the era of large burry men, and replaced them with skinny kids who rely on “battle wits” and strange techniques that couldn’t possibly be stored in their little bodies.

See, He is pretty small, thin, uses weird techniques, and his body contains power that a small body could never really contain.

All Shonen mockery aside, I liked how Madara complimented Shikamaru, being complimented by that guy is quite an achievement, especially for someone who probably isn’t even 17 yet.Oh, and Chouji reclaimed some of his lost honor by saving Shikamaru.

I liked how the ninjas spent the whole day working their butt off, then Madara comes in, fights for like 10 minutes, grabs the two ugly brothers, leaves and calls it a night. Things really aren’t looking good for the good guys. Now, what will Madara do, will he create the 10-tails without waiting for Naruto and Bee? How will Naruto and Bee get through the Raikage and Tsunade?

Another interesting dynamic that we have here, is that there are quite a few villains to defeat, who will Naruto beat, and when will he beat them?

-Madara-Madara could either be the first guy to be defeated or the last, I can’t be sure of which, will Naruto be the one to clamp his mouth shut? Will it be someone else? Will it be a group of people? Will Madara summon his little beast before getting beaten? Will Kabuto betray, and kill him? Or maybe Madara’s summon will be the one to defeat him.

-The 10 tails, or at the least the big statue.- This will probably be handled by Naruto and Bee, as Bijou’s, I’d presume that they’d be the ones most fit to beat the 10 tails, or the statue(which in my eyes, is like a 10 tails prototype).  Will they have teamwork? Will the statue become the 10-tails? Will the statue/10-tails thing try to absorb Naruto and Bee. When Naruto and Bee encounter Tsunade and Bee, the statue/10 tails appearance will most likely be the factor that convinces them to let Naruto/Bee through. I don’t see a fight between the four.

-Kabuto-Anyone important could beat him. Madara, Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, Sasuke (for summoning Itachi), heck even Sakura. Ok, well, not Sakura, she ain’t good enough.

-Sasuke-Naruto has to be the one to beat him, someone else could stall Sasuke or maybe even make him retreat, but the final match has to be done by Naruto.

-Itachi/Nagato-Not sure if these two will even be shown again, and if they are, will they be beaten by the regular ninja’s out there, or will they require a special battle with either Naruto or Sasuke.

As you can see, there are many variables to consider, how can Naruto possibly handle all of that. This will be most interesting.

Oh my, quite the rush, I guess it's one of those "once a fortnight" things.

One Piece 623

Understanding really is the key to peace, or something, but jeez, understanding someone takes so much work, I'd rather be lazy.

Ok, now I feel really bad for poor Tiger. That was not nice. He worked hard to bring that poor girl back to her village, only to be betrayed and killed. That’s just sad. It’s even sadder how hard he tried to understand humans, but in the end, couldn’t. To be honest, if I, or anyone else was in his situation, we wouldn’t understand either, actually most of us wouldn’t even try to understand. You have to give Tiger credit for trying, and regardless of his internal feelings, he still tried to treat humans well. Maybe if he hadn’t been ambushed by the marines, he would have eventually come to accept humans, maybe not like them, I don’t think anyone can like humans after being put through slavery, but at least accept them.

So, this chapter also cleared away a lot of the questions about Tiger’s past. There was quite a bit of confusion because of different accounts of  Tiger’s past. Now, we know the truh, he was a slave, he escaped and in doing so, he freed other slaves, then he started the Sun Pirates, they did pirate stuff for a while, then they found a little lost human girl. After returning the little girl, Tiger was betrayed, he got heavily wounded, and then died. He died, not because humans were unwilling to give him blood, but because he refused to take their blood.

Tiger’s Epitaph (the one he spoke on his death bed) was very touching. He recognized the fact that not all humans are bad, and that the kind humans are dying out. He also recognized the important of youth like Koala. There was a surprising amount of wisdom in those words, sometimes I can’t help but feel that Oda was actually making a comment about our current human society. Hmm.

So, Fisher Tiger is now dead, well he has been dead since the beginning of the manga, but now we know how he died. Now, what does Kizaru want with Arlong? Some people have gone ahead and predicted that Kizaru is going to use Arlong as a bargaining chip into making Jinbei a Shichibukai. I don’t think Kizaru is evil, he can be sneaky at times, but he seems to be a better person than that bastard Akainu, but probably not as nice as Akainu.

The other question that remains, and one that will might be answered next time is how did the Queen die? It would be funny if Kizaru made Arlong kill the Queen, but I don’t see any reason as to why that would be the case, but you never know. Oh, but if that was the case, we probably wouldn’t find out in this flashback because Jinbei wouldn’t have let Alrong go free if that was the case, at least, I think he wouldn’t.

Sniff...Sniff... Tiger, you were a good man...err...fish...or something.


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