Weekly Shonen: Bleach 447, Naruto 538, One Piece 624

I was busy with school, or rather pretending to be busy with school, so I read this chapters today…on a Sunday…sigh, I am slowly breaking away from my Shonen on Friday tradition…stupid life getting in the way, does complaining about life make me a bitter old man?
Anyway, back to the chapters. Oh, and plenty of cute chibi/child shots this time around. The entire chibi Naruto crew was awesome,  the chibi-ish versions of Mr.Ganer in Bleach was nice, and Mermaid kingdom’s little princess was also really cute.

Bleach 447

This is why my posts are so infrequent and always delayed.

It was a good chapter with a good deal of information thrown in. First we learnt that the kid is actually quite strong, and that he is pretty good at formulating strategies to. We still don’t know if if he really is the same that he looks like, but we did learn that he has his “occasional” immature moments to.
I wasn’t expecting Ichigo to fight Ginjou, what a cocky guy, thinking that he had beaten Jack or whatever her name was, that match was interrupted or so I think.
I was also not expecting Orihime to play a role in Ichigo’s upcoming training. Hmm, what will she do. I’d laugh if Kubo just has the fullbringers “kidnap” Orihime and threated to harm her in order to get Ichigo to go through one of his “I am a White-Knight (black, in his case?) bitches,” powerups. Actually, no, I would be pretty upset and angry if that happened, unless of course it is done in a comical manner, but then, he probably won’t power up.
You know what I would really like?
If at the end of the manga, we come to realize that Aizen who had been controlling all of Ichigo’s life was in fact being controlled by someone else, who was being controlled by someone else (the Soul King???), who was being controlled by Inoue Orihime. Yeah, I went there, Inoue is responsible for everything!

Bow to her now, while you still have the chance...

Naruto 538

Awww...chibi Hinata was rooting for Naruto way back then, seriously though, she has liked him for far longer than Sakura...they had better end up together (though I know they won't, Naruto only has eyes for Sasuke).

Master Kiiragi over at randomc.net gave this chapter massive internet points for being a nostalgic trip back to what Naruto used to be. I didn’t notice it first, myself, but on second thought, I would have to agree with him. It was really nice seeing the little ninjas, it was nice seeing the old Naruto try so hard for something as trivial as popularity, well, then again, to him, a segregated individual, popularity was a pretty big deal, and heck, I bet it still is to a certain degree.

–Warning: Old fag rant coming up.–

Naruto used to be this deep (at least by Shonen standards) manga about ninjas fighting like ninjas, it was about morality(in the broad sense, like how far should you go for a mission), allegiances, betrayals, and each ninja, not just the bad guys were accompanied by a sense of mystique. You never really understood anyone ninja’s true combat prowess. All of the old badass’es were accompanied by a “what kind of interesting techniques does this guy have” feeling. Now, it’s just “oh, a new powerful guy, I guess he is going to blow stuff up”. I am also really against the black and white “good vs evil” fight going on, I’d rather have many shades of gray, thank you very much.

Anyways, my typical rant aside, I found the hate stuff a bit overbearing, but that’s been a Naruto theme for a long time, so I guess it was to be expected. As for Naruto this chapter, well, the kid was a total badass, I really wish I could have been that badass when I was 16/17. Personally, I do think that Naruto soleley bearing the world’s hatred is a bit too much, but given that this is Shonen, this is to be expected (Shonen Rule 1: The Universe revolves around the main character), what I also expect is one of those cheesy “Oh, Naruto you can’t bear all the hate yourself, we are your friends, let us help you!” speeches.

So, in conclusion this chapter was a great chapter, heck we even got an exclamation for that two finger thing, that’s a good thing, but it’s kind of shocking it came so late. The nostalgia back to the realm of what made the old Naruto so great was very refreshing, and totally unexpected, heck Naruto pulling pranks was also in it’s own way quite nostalgic.

So, Naruto, what are you going to do about all this hatred and shnaz, to be honest though, I don’t think those zombies can hate, the only hater is o’l Madara. I look forward to see how Kishi will end this manga, will it be totally happy, of will there be a more realistic approach. We shall see.

Naruto sees himself in the Kyuubi's eyes, and the Kyuubi sees Naruto. Is that supposed to mean something, or just look really cool?

One Piece 624

If you look closely, you can see the 4 year old princess looking at her mom cry. Awwww.....

Sad chapter after sad chapter, jeez, Oda.
I feel really bad for the poor Queen, she tried so hard, and after five years, she managed to obtain a measley 1000 signatures, that’s 0.02% of the population. Heck, 488,263(1.44% and most people signed it in the first couple of weeks) of us Canucks signed a petition for protesting against Usage based internet billing (UBB), which was relatively menial (note: I am strong supporter of non UBB policy, I was just stating that it doesn’t quite compare to exploring land). And, what makes the Queen’s quest even worse is that everyone dropped out, that drunk uproar was well justified in her case. If I was in her shoes, I would have probably drunk myself to death (that’s saying something, considering that I don’t even drink).
That was quite a speech she gave, so, she wasn’t just a naive person bent on peace and love, she had some very legitimate reasons to want to go to the surface. Anyone who works hard for the next generation earns some major points in my book.

I don’t know why, but the Queen’s hasty departure scene was quite badass. Now, it seems pretty obvious that the Tenryubito had something to do with her death, how they are related, I do not know. I am also interesting in how the Queen treats her quests. Most likely, she will be very nice to them, in order to gain acceptance for her people. But, what if they have slaves (well, they will have slaves), but what if they have fishmen slaves, or what if they are only here to get slaves. What will the Queen do? Will she just stand by and watch her people suffer for the sake of the future, or will she put everything she has worked towards at jeopardy and fight back.

The Tenryubito’s arrival really does not bode well for her, she will either destroy her rep by helping them, or she will destroy the rep of the fishmen by protesting against them. Of course we know that she will die, but what will happen in the crucial moments leading to her death.
Whatever happened either had a great affect or it immediately halted any progress they had made. This will be very interesting.

Jinbei becoming a Schibukai was expected, and his reasoning was nice, so that’s what he meant by letting Arlong go. At least, he beat up Arlong. Now, most people are pretty certain that Buggy received a letter requesting him to become a Warlord. That seems likely, and knowing him, he might just accept. The Cloun Warlord, eh, I like the ring of that.

He's just a little sour that's all, nothing a few human slaves and an orange haired navigator can't fix.


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