Weekly (Bi-Weekly) Shonen Bleach 448-449, Naruto 539-540, One Piece 625-626

No, I am not dead yet.
Sorry, I didn’t have a post last week, I got lazy, and then busy with school, theoretically, I should be working on the massive pile of work I have piled up, but oh well, I shall write this post instead.
I also went to Anime North today, it was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to take too many pictures though, but I will have a post with a few of the pictures in it, soon!


Bleach 448

Reminds me of a certain Reborn character's catch phrase.

Yukio has a pretty powerful Fullbring, well as expected, the little kids always have some of the strongest abilities, they never have the strongest though, that honor usually belongs to the lead character. Which kind of brings up the point, why don’t main characters have cool, unique(-ish) abilities like this one. Well, the truth is that they do, but it’s just that those mangas either never get popular, or the ability evolves into a standard upfront combat ability, or the ability becomes so popular, that it is no longer thought of as unique.
I liked Ichigo’s response to the “Have you ever wanted to be inside a video-game” question.
Inoue’s conversatin with Riruka was really enlightening, I really liked Inoue’s resolve. I really hope Urahara and old Kurasaki aren’t going to try and take away Ichigo’s powers.
Oh, and you know it really irks me how Ichigo’s dad and Urahara are messing with his life without asking him first.

Yay for resolve and what not.

Bleach 449

Stick it in, stick it in, ooh, ohh, stick it in! (I made that up, I don't know if it's a real song or not)

Wow, Kubo, you show us that front page, and still do not reveal anything about the mysterious character or what they are up to, jeez, you are quite a troll, you know. Well, since it involves a persons reatsu, and Ichigo, it’s probably Rukia, or maybe Kubo wants us to believe that and it is in fact some new character who is related to Ichigo somehow. Some people are suggesting Karin, I hadn’t thought of that, that’s most interesting.
I am still not happy that they are messing with Ichigo’s life without consent, oh well, such is the faith of the average Shonen hero, they have little control over what they get to do, when you about it.
I am really liking Inoue and Chad to, both of them seem to have build up their resolve and they know what they want to do. Ahhh, friendship or something. To be honest, in real life, most friends would ditch each other pretty fast if they had to deal with life and death situations on a frequent basic, but whatever, Shonen’s are all about friends and defending them. Inoue’s new power seems really interesting, so, did she get a brand new power or is it just a modification on her old one? She didn’t have to explain it though, but I guess it was necessary for the readers sake.
Chad’s quite a boss to be giving himself endurance training like that, but it suits his style.
Well, Bleach has reached 50 Volumes, even if you dislike Bleach, the fact that it got this far shows that there is value in this manga, and that this manga is quite well liked actually. Next chapter is chapter 450, so that’s a cool number to.
Oh, and it looks like we have more time manuplation, so I guess a mini time skip, or it might be that Ichigo is now racing against the actions of Urahara and co, so can he get his powers back before the reatsu is stuck in?
Oh, and 2, Tsu-kun’s powers are still a mystery, hmmm.

Sadistic,, hmm,,, Maybe she should be sadistic to me to.... Just kidding, or am I?

This kid is a wizard, I joke you not.

Naruto 539

This takes a lot of courage, I am really proud of Naruto.

Other than the badass conclusion to the Naruto/Kyuubi heart to heart talk, the rest of the chapter took a significantly different turn. I wasn’t expecting Neji to have gone bad, uhh, he is probably a clone of Zetsu’s, other than that, there is no real point in discussing this chapter, given that the next one is already out. Sigh, another indication that Sakura likes Naruto, I kind of hope she doesn’t, I’d rather have someone truly deserving of Naruto (like Hinata) end up with Naruto. Sakura can go fan-girl over Sasuke, that is her original purpose and in the series, and that should remain her purpose as well! Oh, and lest I forget, the talk between Itachi and Nagato was absolutely awesome. No, seriously, it was. It was also really touching how Itachi was carrying Nagato.

Badass comradery and Reiseng's fanboyism, engage!

Naruto 540

YES! YES~~!!! Muhahahaha, fall for Sasuke, Sakura, fall for him, and forsake the rest of your life, Muhahahahaha

Oooh, this was a fun chapter, the community was right, it was Zetsu cloning Neiji, but it isn’t just Neiji, there are clones everywhere, quite a devious plan, Madara, how will the good guys ever survive?
I was soooo Happy Sakura is still showing feelings for Sasuke, yeah, it’s kind of silly, that she would still be in love with him, but whatever! Yay, for NarutoXHinata,or NarutoXSomeoneelse and well, yeah, it’s kinda silly how I am talking about that, despite the fact that this manga and this war has very little to do with love. I guess I am just a soft Shoujo freak on the inside.
I was also quite happy with Sakura’s handling of Zetsu clone, quite professional if I do say so myself.
More Itachi and Nagato is always good.

Hopefully, the zombie controller has a nice plan that involves these two destroying Madara...hey, I don't really need a good excuse to include a picture of these two, do I?

I like B"ee"

One Piece 625

Wise words, my Qyeen. Very wise.

This applies to everyone, not just Merman, you know.

The Queen is absolutely astonishing, she doesn’t spew words just for the heck of it. She really, and I mean, really sticks to what she preaches. If half of mankind, no, even an eight of mankind could be like that, our world might truly be an astonishing place. It takes a lot of guts to be willing to actually go on board the ship of a guy, who, just a few days earlier had a gun pointed at your head, and even now, still hates you. I have nothing but respect for that Queen, and I am guessing that in chapter 626, we shall see how she dies. It was quite unexpected to see her come back from her trip, I hope she didn’t have to make any sacrifices, but the question remains, if she got the magic paper, then how come the fishmen didn’t really go up. Did the paper get lost? Destroyed? Was it nullified for some reason? Or did the fishmend just now want to mingle. We shall most likely see in 626. The Princesses power is interesting, is it Haki or just a special mermaid ability, hmm.


I agree, if only the privelaged can do stuff, then it really isn't practical for everyone, now is it?

One Piece 626

The hole in your heart, put a hole in mine to.

Sniff..Sniff… The Princes are awesome, and so was their mother. The shooting was so sudden and unexpected, who on Earth, did it? Mermaid ability confirmed, possible future nakama, Who knows? unusual for Oda to rely on legends and faith, but whatever. Luffy is most certainly the dude who will lead her though. The Baratie is looking good, Decken was funny.
Sniff..Sniff.. That is all.

An Awesome trio of brothers

I had to complete the trio.



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