Weekly Shonen: Bleach 450, Naruto 541, One Piece 627

This is a tad bit late, but on time by my late standards, so oh well. I am not going to bother throwing in images, I don’t have too much time to spend here, I’m afraid.

Bleach 450

Not too much happened. Basically Ichigo and Ginjou fought, while Inoue and Riruka ate donuts. Then Ginjou blinded Ichigo. So, I don’t have much to say, a good deal of people were complaining that the Inoue/Riruka heart to heart took too long, and it sorta did, but I kind of enjoyed the comedy like the chair part, and especially the donut bits, but it was slightly dragged out.
Ichigo seems to have been blinded for some reason, I guess Ginjou feels that this is the best way for him to get his powers back. I feel kind of sad that Ichigo, who is just a kid has to be dragged onto the battlefield once more, but I guess it is like they say, once you have tasted battle, you never stop craving it, or something like that. Which is somewhat different from what most real soldiers experience, but I don’t have the qualifications to go into a discussion about psychology or philosophy, so I won’t bother. Anyways, this was a decent chapter, but nothing that memorable happened, which is kind of a pity given that it chapter 4 freaking 50 after all.

Naruto 541

We didn’t see any of the sneaky stuff from last time, but Naruto and the old Raikage had an interesting showdown to say the least. I thought it was too risky for Naruto to use Kage Bunshin, but I guess he figured that he might as well use it. Maybe his last convo with the fox got rid of the risks, or diminished them. The comparison in speed bit was cool, it’s nice to know that Naruto can move pretty fast. SO, the Raikage is the fastest person, eh, that’s interesting, and the 4th used to be faster, that’s interesting as well.
I disagree with the Raikage’s “the fourth” was a failure speech, but I don’t necessarily agree with Naruto’s speech either. Yeah, the 4th did a good job, but it really would have been better if he hadn’t died. Oh well.
Looks like we are going to be treated to a semi interesting flashback next time. I had so thought that Bee and Raikage actually were brothers, but I guess they do have a pretty significant age gap so it makes sense if they aren’t related. I also found that pretty funny actually, so they make little kids do a test with the Raikage to see who is compatible, and who is not. It’s kind of silly to throw so much responsibility on a little child, but then again, I guess that is one of this mangas main themes, the theme of necessity of a village over the necessity of an individual.

One Piece 627

So, the sad flashback finally ended, eh. I dislike Hodi even more now, his speel at the end caused some serious damage to the work done by the Queen, but the Princes and their speech at the funeral really helped stabilize the situation. Those guys are pretty savvy for a bunch of kids, their mother would have been proud. When they were first introduced, I hadn’t figured that their past would play such a crucial role. Good old Oda for pulling one over me again.
I had already figured that Nami wouldn’t be mad against fishmen, I was right, and as it turns out, Jinbei did not turn a blind eye towards Arlong, but was rather blinded. He didn’t have to apologize so much though, I don’t really think he did anything that horrible, but then again, I find it hard to put myself in Nami’s shows because you know, I haven’t been abused by fishmen or anything.
Technically speaking, humans are sort of fishmen, cause you know, we evolved from fish or something, so yeah, I find that interesting.
So, what will Luffy and the gang do, I’d image that they will end up meeting with the soldiers/Zoro/Brook/Usupp soon enough, or so I hope. Robin might drop in quite soon as well, or maybe Robin will be the one that picks up the trail of whoever is controlling everything from the shadows. Someone mentioned that Luffy sleeping through the story is so characteristic of him, now he holds no bias for either side, and well, his judgement will be solely decided by his own sense of morality and what not. That’s an interesting idea, and there is a good deal of precedent for it, Luffy really does whatever he feels is right, so, hmmm, I wonder what he thinks is right in this case.
Will Luffy’s actions destroy the island? Who knows? They have to go that meeting thing soon, and King Neptune was meant to be going, but Hodi threw a wrench in those plans. Hmmm, what will Hodi preach now. Things are getting interesting, and the pace is about to pick up, real fast, real soon.


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  1. #1 by paper on June 6, 2011 - 1:51 am

    T-T I need to hurry and catch up on these chapters. It seems like there’s a lot going on.

    • #2 by Reiseng on June 7, 2011 - 2:12 am

      Yeah, well sort of, Bleach just has some relatively numb training, Naruto is getting exciting, but our little hero hasn’t made too much of an impact just yet (but he is very close :P), and as for One Piece, well, things were at a regular pace up to now, but they are just about to escalate, fast.
      So, yeah, you can try to catch up soon, but for Bleach, you can maybe afford to wait a bit or well follow the anime, it will get here soon enough. For Naruto, only wait if you are okay with not getting too hyped up over some upcoming Naruto heroics, and never wait on One Piece, or so I say. 😛

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