Some Anime North 2011 Photos

A lot of people went to Anime North, I was one of them. Hah!

This post is two weeks late, for that I apologize, but then again, I only finished editing these pictures one week ago, so it isn’t that late after all!

I wish I could write you guys a more detailed coverage of the event, but unfortunately, I only went for one day, and even on that day, I was only present for a grand total of 6 hours or so. I also didn’t go to any of the events or anything. All I did was go kaka over awesome cosplay’s. Oh, but I also spent a great deal of time contemplating potential purchases, and what not.

I don’t have much time, my midterms start next week, which is why I won’t bother putting up a Weekly Shonen this week (I am going to gift myself with 2 issues of Shonen next week!), and I am not going to bother talking about the photos or anything at least not in detail.

About the photos I took:

1)-Most of them suck, because I suck and convention lighting is also a wild beast.
2)-I am only going to upload some of my favorites here, I am too lazy to upload them all and they’d also take a good portion of the Word Press space limit),
3)-If for whatever reason, you would like to see the entire collection, the collection can be found here.
4)-My anime knowledge has its limits, I don’t recognize every costume, so please leave a comment talking about what they are cos-playing as!

So, anyways, here you go, please don’t make fun of any cosplayer ( I know you won’t, but I am mentioning it just in case. :P), it takes quite a bit of skill to come up with these costumes, and more importantly, a lot of love for their beloved anime/manga/game/other.

Some DBZ character, with an awesome guy who ran around and played the role of background for many photo shoots.

I have no idea if this is just an awesome idea for a costume, or an actual cosplay.

Not Anime related, but super awesome nonetheless.

Not sure about the identity of this costume either, looks quite fancy though.

As a blog that often discusses Bleach, this photo was a must include...well that was one reason.

Not sure if these are from an anime ,or just a witch and a Princess, or Snow-white and Queen, or from an anime about Snow-white.

The gun blocks the other girls face, sorry! But I like this picture for its general awesomeness, still don't know what characters they were meant to be though.

Clearly we like Bleach here, or maybe just Grimjow, or maybe both, or maybe we just have a fascination with the number 6.

Yeah, we talk Naruto here to, unfortunately, sensei doesn't get as much attention as he should be getting.

Not anime related, but incredibly cool and well put together.

And this is arguably my favorite picture from the event:

Yeah, you know she is awesome.


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