Weekly Shonen: Bleach 453, Naruto 544, One Piece 629

Hey, guys, sorry about not posting anything last week, I don’t really have any excuses, so, all I can do is apologize.
Having said that, if you are one of the few people who actually read this blog on a semi-frequent basis, then Thank You. Even if it’s a very small number, I always get happy when I find out that people are reading the stuff I have written. So, thanks for reading, now if only more of you would comment. 😛

Summary of older chapters:
I am too lazy to write out a proper post for each chapter, so for the sake of future reference, I will do a quick sum up of what happened/my thoughts.

Bleach 451-452
Ichigo and Ginjou fight and Ginjou is quite brutal, but then Ginjou turns out to be a great friend.
Ichigo’s fight was kind of sad, a bit pityful that he didn’t see through Ginjou’s ploy, still, I guess that was crucial in helping Ichigo gain powers or whatever. So, as it turns out, Ginjou ain’t a bad person at all, he is almost guaranteed to be a good person.

Inoue had a pleasant morning, Ichigo’s new powers were demonstrated, and after going home, he encountered a Wild Tsu-kun.
A few people had serious issues with Ichigo’s new look, I didn’t mind that much, personally, it might have been cooler if he just had a plain shirt+pants, and wore the sword on the back, but oh well. I also found it interesting how Ichigo is the only one with a costume. Every other Fullbringer gets to keep their clothes. Oh well, I don’t mind too much, it’s probably only a temporary thing anyway. The Tsu-kun visit was quite shocking, I was not expecting that. I wonder if he really is Ichigo’s cousin, or if he just mind washed poor Yuzu.

Obligatory new fighting costume picture.

Naruto 542-543
Sad sappy flashback, and then some awesome fourth hokage action.
Te flashback was kind of cheesy, but it was nice to see their back story. The 4th hokage was absolutely awesome, why is it that the quality of any page with the 4th improves by several magnitudes?

Awesome fourth hokage action, Sad sappy flashback.
This was the previous chapter, but in reverse. I feel Sorry for Bee, the poor guy only wanted to stand by his bro, but no, his bro decided to him for his own sake. A bit cheesy again, but hopefully this is the last, well, at the least it seems the Raikage understands Bee.

One Piece 628
Hodi rants against the kingdom, all traitors will be killed, the Straw Hats are captured, Luffy discovers his new bounty, Robin finds something cool, Jinbei stops the Princess and Luffy from interfering. Hostilities begin between Luffy and Jinbei.

See, how nice and long the One Piece list is. Great chapter. I wonder who this Joy Boy fellow is. Franky and Chopper’s “Because we are human” remark was hilarious, and so was Luffy’s reaction to his bounty. The ending was kind of sudden, and a bit unexpected, and felt a tad rushed, I guess it just shows how serious both of them are, we shall see how their fight starts/ends.

Comedy for the ages.

Bleach 453

Oh my, poor Ichigo, everyone is against him now, aren’t they. Can’t say I was expecting this, I was sorting of hoping Tsu-kun actually was his cousin, that might have added a different dynamic, but this works as well. I wonder what his ability is, but the fact that he was able to deceive the other Fullbringers means that it is quite impressive. I felt bad for Ichigo, he must felt quite a bit of psychological shock back there, I would have reacted the same way, probably, but still, Ichigo is a seasoned warrior, he should have been a bit more calm about everything. It was most upsetting when Ichigo’s last ray of hope, the nice MILF was also brainwashed, but at least the torture did not go on that long, too much suspense/horror upsets me.

I wonder what Ichigo and Ginjou are going to do now. If this was some other confusing manga, Ichigo and Ginjou might have partnered up and then only later would Ichigo realize that Ginjou was the real bad guy. But then, the question would be left to the reader, did Tsukashima get Ichigo to? However, this manga isn’t that complex, so that probably won’t happen. Still, I do find it interesting that Ginjou was able to escape. I also wonder about why Tsu-kun is torturing poor Ichigo like this, then again, this kind of thing seems all most characteristic of Bleach villains, Aizen played a few mind games himself to. Nonetheless, Tsu-kun has been shown to be quite the formidable opponent. Oh, and hopefully Ginjou won’t fall as well, though, it would be interesting to see Ichigo fight all by himself, for the loved ones, that he just so haphazardly ditched behind.

Ok, so maybe he isn't that poor after all.

Oh my...

Naruto 544

Boom, a new yellow flash, well, he was called that before, but you know, now it's official.

Shika’s dad’s conundrum was kind of funny, he worked so hard trying to find an alternative, but in the end he came to the conclusion that Naruto was needed after all. Naruto for his part, had some very heartwarming moments, they were kind of cheesy, but the heartwarmingness outdid the cheese, so it was ok. I liked Tsunade and her various faces this chapter, she really is like a grandmother to our little protagonist. I liked the idea of a sun guiding Naruto, I might be over blowing things, but this seems to be a nice stark contrast to the whole “ninjas are creatures of the shadows” idea, this manga has been trying for a long time to make ninjas more “human”, and I guess this is the sort of direction it has taken.

And Naruto not only gains the respect of the Raikage (officially becomes the fastest ninja), but also runs forward with the sun behind him.

But man, I really didn’t want Naruto to jump in straight away, I wanted him to jump in after Sasuke, but oh well, the SasukeXNaruto fight should still be a treat, but for now:


One Piece 629

Robin, the reader of things, the interuppter of fights, and all around badass, hot woman.

Another awesome chapter, unfortunately, the conflict between Luffy and Jinbei has still not been resolved. It’s obvious though, Luffy will do something, how he can do it without offending the people is the question here, or maybe he will actually offend the populace. Who knows. Robin’s entrance was awesome, looks like she really can make clones of herself.

The guy eating stuff was weird, and a bit cruel to.

Brook’s new ability finally gives a use to his devil fruit power, his discovery of this ability and use of this ability had me cracking up a lot. A moving skeleton, once worshiped as Satan himself, got an ability by praying, praying of all things. That is really, quite funny, even without the satanic bit, it would have still been funny. Brook’s chasing of Papug was also quite amusing.

I am a bit upset that the Fishmen would hate humans to such a large extent that getting help from them would only cause more hate, but then again, this is quite a realistic portrayal.
This was another great One Piece chapter, I look forward to next weeks.

It's okay Brook, you aren't the only one who would have used his powers for no good. What? I was talking about Sanji.


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