Weekly Shonen: Bleach 454, Naruto 545, One Piece 630

Hey, I am on time, well, somewhat anyway! It’s a bit sad how I am sitting here, writing this post at like 10:45 on Canada Day, when I could have gone out with my family and seen fireworks, oh well, such is the life of the lazy.

Yeah….I wrote this post, or well most of it on Friday night, but then a friend showed me the manhwa, “Witch Hunter” and things could only go south from there.

Bleach 454

I think Kubo has long gone past the title of troll, or even master troll, he keeps showing us Kisuke, and Ichigo’s dad, and yet nothing happens! WHY! WHY, WHY, WHY!
Next chapter will show nothing of the pair,then a 2 or 3 chapters down the line, we will see the two having carrying out the first two 2 moves of the Macakerena, the remaining moves will be saved until a later chapter.

The sword thingy Isshin was holding was kinda weird, well, we shall see what it is, some people suggested it is a Fullbring, well, who knows.
Ichigo and Genju, just don’t get a break, I sometimes found myself doubting myself, just maybe Tsu-kun is actually a good guy, but meh.

I am not really enjoying the current stuff, there are too many pretend mind mind games, and Ichigo has broken far too much. Now, I understand that Ichigo has just gone through some tramautic experience, but this is not the Ichigo we all know and love. One of the great things about the old Ichigo was that even in trouble, he still held his head relatively high, but that all started to change when his inner hollow came into the picture. I don’t really think the changes are natural or indicative of who Ichigo is, but are rather just poor implementations of a “humanize my characters” project.

Well, I could go into a bit more detail about why Ichigo is kind of uncool now, but alas, I shall save that for some other day.

Naruto 545

Oh my.
Naruto is quite the boss, ain’t he. Actually that expression is degenerative, instead of saying “what a baws”, we should say “what a Naruto”, yeah, that could work, quick, everyone, off to Meme central we go!
All of his techniques were quite awesome, the multi-rasingan, the vacuum rasingan, the mini wind-rasingan, and lastly the summoning. The mini rasen-shuriken seemed to be a fan favourite, and rightly so, it was awesome.
I doubt Naruto will be strong enough to counter Madara, every main character needs one last random powerup(Kyuubi+Sage chakra?????) before the final villain, but I am hoping that isn’t the case this time.
No doubt Sasuke would have gotten a lot stronger to, but I’d really, really like it if Naruto pwned Sasuke with nary a hitch.

There has been a lot of hubaba over the using clones while in tail mode thing, I was under the impression he couldn’t do that, but maybe he gained greater peace with the fox, maybe it is just a bit risky to do it, or maybe by making clones, he has trapped himself in a corner. Madara is really, just like Aizen, he “has planned for everything”, I don’t like that, I don’t like that one bit. I just want a villain who is just plain strong, or purely cunning, not the maximum amount of both!

The only picture required for this post

One Piece 630

Not really the most exciting of chapters, but I suppose a set-up chapter like this is essential before the main fights begin. It was also a bit of a hard chapter to read for me, I don’t know why, maybe I just wasn’t as excited about these Fishmen as everyone else. Nonetheless, still a good chapter, but not One Piece great, if that makes sense.

Ok, on to their abilities:
I found the hammerhead guy and his mood swings to be kind of interesting. So, if he has more energy, he is more confident/arrogant, and not to mention stronger.
The drunk guy… is well drunk… to be honest, I don’t like drunk people very much, I’d rather see a sober swordsman fight my beloved Zoro, but we could have some lulz I suppose, but it would be better if his face was a bit prettier.
The camouflage guy was quite funny, I can see his future fight with one of the Straw Hats being quite excellent.
The Squid guy, well the past squid story was amusing, but I didn’t like the guy too much, his power is drying people with squids, that could be interesting though.

Now, lastly, the final reveal about Hodi’s mysterious new prowess over Sea Beasts, it seems Steroids are good for you after all, I guess this will now make Hodi an interesting contrast to the princess, who seemed to have controlled sea beasts by you know, calling for help (basically, being friends with them), while Hodi seems to instil some sort of Haki like fear in these beasts.

In other sad news, one of my fellow One Piece bloggers, no not fellow, one of my sempai’s is perhaps a better term, Master Kiiragi of RandomC has hung up his mantle. May, he find happiness in life, and use his anime know how for the greater good of mankind.


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