Weekly(Bi-Weekly) Shonen: Bleach 455-456, Naruto 546-547, One Piece 631-632

Given that I have been doing  this on quite a frequent basis, I really should maybe just change the title of these Bi-Weekly Shonens, or perhaps the “Shonen 1 week too late.”

Bleach 455

Pretty good chapter, not much more to say other than that. It looks like Tsu-kun has everyone under control, and it looks Ichigo’s form is also quite cool. Chad and Inoue were not that unexpected, it was just like a “meh” moment. I must wonder though, is Ichigo mad because Tsu-kun messed with people he loves, or because Tsu-kun “harmed” people because they were related to Ichigo, or perhaps because Ichigo’s could not protect the people he cares about.

I cannot recall if I have made mention of this before, but Ichigo’s current ” I are teh serious” face is not the same ” I are teh serious” face he wore against his past villains. That old face was more of a resolute, “I got this” face, his current iteration is more of a ” Shit just hit the fan,  I gotta mop, fast!” face.

Still don’t know anything about Ichida, Isshin, or Kisuke. Hmmm.

Arm Chopping is a popular pastime for many Shonen Characters.

Naruto 546

This was a good chapter. Even without Rock Lee, this chapter was still Rock Solid.
Naruto had some fun, then Kabuto got a little upset, and there was some Father-Son bonding/2nd-3rd TsuchiKage bonding going on. It would appear that all of the Sand’s previous Kage’s used some form of sand. I guess that makes sense. Even though Gara’s dad did not seem to be that bad of a person, I couldn’t help but notice the total lack of empathy that he treated Gara with. No wonder Gara has daddy issues.
The 2nd and 3rd TsuchiKage’s had some fun moments to, the mummy dude is really cool, but I don’t really care so much about the 3rd, i.e. the old fart.
The 3rd Raikage didn’t get to do much, but he is no doubt really strong, same goes for the Mizukage.

You know you are in trouble when four kages are chasing you down.

One Piece 631

This chapter was significantly better than last time. It was far less confusing, and even though it didn’t feature the Straw-Hats, it was still a great chapter.
Who was that dude chilling with Lagoon and the doc (whose name I cannot recall)? I am too lazy to guess, but he may or may not be important.
Van Der Decken’s little bald escapade was quite amusing, I hope he doesn’t cause too much trouble, it would be nice if for the rest of the arc he just becomes some side villain whose sole purpose is comedic entertainment, but his whole “break everything apart idea” seems really sinister, maybe he is the one who is going to destroy the island. The prophecy did state that a dude with a Straw-Hat will do it, or, he will set it up so that Luffy can accidentally/intentionally destroy the island.

I am not going to lie, Hodi looks like a badass and his little ball of water goes for 150km, that’s quite a distance, when I spit, I only reach 100 or so kilometers. I think I asked this before, but how was he controlling those beasts, just what did those pills do to him.

I guess this means that there is no necessary central villain to this arc, and that Hodi will be the main dude. But, I still think it is possible that there is someone/something in the background, and the Straw Hats might encounter them in a later arc, maybe the celestial noble fellows. Hmmm.

The Princes seem quite strong, but alas, I do not think they are strong enough to take down Hodi.

I wonder what happened to Luffy, he was probably not defeated, maybe tied up, but more likely he was send somewhere else. Or, he might have gone ahead, and Jinbei was chasing him.

O'l Hodi adopted the blond hair, uber power look, very original.

Bleach 456

I enjoyed watching Tsu-kun mess with poor Ichigo’s mind, the whole change time thing is a bit complicated, but I think all that means is that basically, Tsu-kun changed the time lines of them people, a bit like Stein’s;Gate, except instead of the main character changing time lines, we get characters from different time lines living on Ichigo’s timeline.

Meh, other than that, not enough happened, Inoue healed, the bald kid has some weird power that drops chandeliers, maybe magnetism, or some form of telekinesis. Now, how will Ichigo win, and even if he does win, will the pasts of the other characters go back to their default state?
Note: This wasn’t a bad chapter, I enjoyed the fighting, somewhat anyway, but there doesn’t seem to be much to talk about.

Ulquoira likes Inoues behind, but then again, I do to.

Naruto 547

If a cool kid like Gara can't have friends, then there is no way I could.

I should shave my eyebrows.

Awesome. Gara’s dad isn’t that much of a douche after all, as it turns out, he was atleast partly only acting in the interest of the village. Gara’s mom doesn’t hate him after all! And lastly, Gara is a total badass.
The flashbacks and the explanations were cheesy, but damn, I enjoyed them very much. Poor Gara, he suffered so much, and now finally, he can learn that his mom didn’t hate him too much after all, and that maybe his dad wasn’t totally bad either. Kyaaa, how sweet.

As for Gara’s physical strength, it was quite awesome, I don’t know if this fight is over yet, but hey, I wouldn’t mind either way.

This was so very badass. Gara captured 3, not 1 or 2, 3 Kages!

So, just like Naruto, Gara’s mom really liked him, and wanted to do her best to protect him, heck she even took form in his sand techniques, though I wonder if that was Gara’s intention, or her lingering feelings. It was sweet regardless. So, now we know why Gara didn’t lose the ability to move sand, it was something he inherited from his mom, hmmm.

The Tsuchikages seem to be having fun, this Muu fellow must have been pretty strong to so easily proclaim that numbers make no difference to him, that’s pretty badass.

Gara, who is one of the best characters in the Naruto-verse just got some awesome character development, how can you disagree with that, oh and the Mizukage to, a great chapter indeed.


One Piece 632

Awww, father son bonding.

Let us go over all of the revelations this chapter:

1)-Shirahoshi can’t even recognize her own father.
2)-Madam Shirley is the sister of Arlong.
3)-Hodi killed Otohime.
4)-Shirahoshi knew the identity of her mothers killer all along.
5)-Van Der Decken is going to use a large ship to destroy the island, or well a good chunk of it anyway.

1)-Shirahoshi is an idiot, a lot of people were upset that Jinbei got caught in such a stupid way, but I guess Oda needed him out of the way, fast.
2)-Wasn’t expecting this, it’s not a big deal, but wasn’t expecting it.
3)-Not too unexpected, I was thinking that this wouldn’t be the case, but I guess I was wrong, actually, I was hoping that this wouldn’t be the case, it would arguably meant better development for Hodi as a villain and that there might have been somewhat in the background.
4)-Wasn’t expecting this, I don’t know why she didn’t tell anyone, it seems most strange.
5)-I told you guys Van Der Decken would play a hand in the destruction of the island, but no, no one beleived me, or well that would have been the case had I actually released the last post on time. We still don’t know how Luffy fits in, he might destroy the ship and the pieces will destroy the island or something.

Oda seems to be rushing, which isn’t like him, I guess he really wants to get to the New World, which I don’t mind, the New World should be awesome.
Oh, and speaking of Oda: “The Author undercame a sudden illness, so OP will not appear in the next issue.” Get better soon, Oda Sensei.

That's quite the feat, a full ship, oh my.


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  1. #1 by paper on July 17, 2011 - 7:06 pm

    For me, the best chapter for this week is most definitely One Piece. So many unexpected things were revealed which has me on edge and wanting to know how all these things fit together.
    I would think that Luffy will show up in time to stop the ship from crushing Shirahoshi…

    • #2 by Reiseng on July 23, 2011 - 2:58 pm

      Sorry for the late reply, and yeah, although I didn’t enjoy the chapter as much as I should have, I will agree that a lot of things happened, we are about to see some major stuff happen in One Piece, it looks like this arc won’t last much longer, and yeah, Luffy will most certainly save Shirahoshi somehow, though whether the rest of the island gets destroyed or not is still up for debate.

      • #3 by paper on July 23, 2011 - 5:13 pm

        No worries– as long as you reply, hah. :3

        I find it hard to believe that he’ll actually destroy the city whether intentionally or not. I’m thinking that it won’t exactly be the island that he destroys but rather the concepts of discrimination the island holds will face destruction.

      • #4 by Reiseng on July 24, 2011 - 2:25 pm

        Yup, that could happen, it would be nice if that is what happens, I am still not totally convinced that Luffy was the guy in the prediction, I still think it could have been Van der Decken, but meh, we will find out soon enough, maybe even in the next chapter.

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