Weekly Shonen: Bleach 457, Naruto 548

Alas, no One Piece this week, isn’t that sad. It is unfortunate, but most likely there won’t be a post next week or week after because my finals are right, breathing down my back, and just like I did last time, I will most likely just forego reading my beloved Shonen until the exams are done.
Sorry if this inconvenient for anyone.

Bleach 457
This was a solid Bleach chapter, not only did we have a good deal of action, but also a good deal of information was revealed. Not much to say though, GInjou’s fight was quite rough, I feel sorry for him, facing all of those people at the same time must be quite harsh, it’s even worse since most of them are his friends. The brat has an interesting ability, I wasn’t really expecting Kubo to throw in probability, but hey, some of these Fullbring’s are quite strange, so I shouldn’t be to surprised.
Ichigo and Tsu-kun’s fight also had some interesting moments, it was nice to see Ichigo hold his own despite having such little time to train. Seeing him use Getsuga Tenshou was a bit of a surpise, I am glad that Kubo did not give the move some super exagerated sequence that could have lasted for several chapters (you know it happens, in Shonen anyway).
Once again, I am not really a big fan of angry Ichigo, it’s out of character, I prefer a calmer Ichigo, but meh, it looks like this storm will pass over soon, though it would be most interesting if Ichigo’s anger and range made him a villain and it was up to a combination of his old friends and Karin/Yuzuu to stop him, that would be interesting, and quite saddening to.
The most interesting part of the fight was when Tsu-kun said that “it’s over for me”. What did he mean? What is he thinking? Does he want Ichigo to get stronger, it seems like he does, but for what purpose? I have no idea what Tsu-kun is planning, we shall see, for a book worm, he is really hard to read.

Is Ginjou actually the bad guy, even though he saved Ichigo at the end? Speaking of Ginjou, if he had the time to come in between Ichigo and Tsu-kun, then surely, Ichigo should have had the time to dodge or move away, meh.

hmmm, what could he mean.

Naruto 548

GAST, a color image of my beloved Itachi and Nagato, I wonder why this is here.

A color image of our favorite ninjas (or some of them anyway) eating Watermelon, I see no reason for this to be here.

The title was a bit misleading, but this was another good chapter. We didn’t really learn anything new of Gara’s past, but he certainly did, and that is enough for me. So, it seems that sadness dezombified Gara’s dad. Most interesting.
Not much to say about the other Kage’s, I liked how they were yelling out their strengths and stuff as the fighting was going on. I was no so surprised to see that the former Raikage was a lighting user, but the Mizukages Genjutsu claim was quite interesting, if only because none of the previous kages that we have seen have been shown to use Genjutsu. In general, outside the Uchihas, not many people use Genjutsu, I hope that Sakura learns it someday, it will make her semi useful at least.
“If you have a minute , I’d like to know more about who you are” was a hilarious line, too bad it didn’t work.
And lastly, I wasn’t expecting Naruto to encounter Pain/Itachi so soon, but oh well, next chapter should be quite awesome, though the title did imply a full on fight, but maybe next time. It would also have been nice to have Itachi vs Sasuke just to pound some sense in that punks head, but maybe some other day, or never.

This image was included because it had Naruto and Bee in it,I am sure Itachi had nothing to do with it.


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  1. #1 by paper on July 30, 2011 - 2:29 pm

    I didn’t like the title for the Naruto chapter.
    Maybe after Naruto vs Itachi, Naruto might run into Sasuke and I’m going to assume that Naruto wins. If he does, I wonder how Sasuke will react to the fact that his brother is brought back to life to be controlled by Kabuto. I would hope that Itachi tries to talk some sense into Sasuke to abandon his goal of trying to destroy the Leaf Village. I can’t see Sasuke turning back and returning to the village as one of its members because of all that he’s done.

    and, and– good luck on your exams. :3

    • #2 by Reiseng on August 2, 2011 - 1:29 pm

      Yeah, I would also hope that Itachi talks some sense into Sasuke, but Naruto has been boasting that he is going to be talking some sense into Sasuke, so yeah, oh well.

      Thanks for wishing me luck, I hope I don’t need to use too much of it.

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