Weekly Shonen: Bleach 458, Naruto 549, One Piece 633

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn`t post anything this week, but I ended up reading my weekly dose anyway. Sorry, this post is a bit late, and I need to study, so I cannot splurge too much time on this, but here we go.

I like jokes to..

Bleach 458
Kubo really likes pulling fast ones eh. A lot of people were suspecting that Ginjou might have been a bad guy, and I guess they were all right, and I was wrong. Oh well. So, from what I understand, Ginjou had Tsu-kun stab him once and make him a good guy that looked after Ichigo, and then stabbed him once more reversing the spell and making him a bad guy again. This way, he could “truly” look after Ichigo without arousing suspicion. This brings up a lot of questions/plot holes though. What about everyone else, were they being controlled by Tsu-kun as well, were they being controlled by Ginjou, or did they just have no idea of what the hell was going on? Are Tsu-kun and Ginjou in cahoots, or are they enemies, they seem to be treating each other as enemies, but we can’t be sure. Why the hell does Ginjou want Ichigo’s fullbring, it doesn’t seem all that special, I mean sure, it’s pretty strong, but other than that, I don’t see the point in aiming for it. What about the former “Shinigami Representative”, some people are suspecting that it might have been Ginjou who was the former Shinigami, who knows, this could be true, or it could be false. I don’t know, to a certain extent, this “reveal” feels a bit forced, I mean back when Ishida was stabbed, that didn’t look like Ginjou, it looked like Tsu-kun. Maybe Kubo came up with this twist to gain popularity or something.
Oh well, the chapter wasn’t too bad, if anything, it’s indicative that this arc should end soon, and brighter times are up ahead, poor Ichigo though, the kid has been mind fucked quite bad.
I’d laugh if Ginjou is just pretending to be a bad guy, and this is all for Ichigo’s sake, sigh, sometimes I dislike the fact that everyone, good or bad seems to just want to use Ichigo, the poor kid, I don’t know anyone other than his closest friends thinks of him as a sentient being.

First the sword goes in along with a healthy dose of despair, then it comes out with Ichigo's full bring, and damage to repair.

Naruto 549

Itachi, Nagato, Naruto and Bee, fighting and talking. That is all you need to know. That is all you will ever need to know about this chapter. That alone should be enough to consider this chapter incredible, and awesome.
No part of the conversation was that big of a deal, but I suppose the crow thing was sort of a big deal, I guess that is the defense Itachi gave Naruto against the Sharingan.
Still, it was really cool to see how even in death, Itachi was so paranoid about the village’s secrets, and I guess Madara was right, Itachi really didn’t know how much Madara knew.
As for Nagato, Nagato was awesome, cracking jokes, laughing along, complimenting Naruto, yes, this was the Nagato that we would have been treated to had he not gone all rogue and become pain. Seriously, this version of Nagato is pure awesome. Such a fun guy, I’d like to have him as a friend. I wonder if Naruto will find out that Nagato was an Uzumaki like him. I want to see that conversation, it would be most interesting.
Even the “cheesy” parts in this chapter, this manga has really gotten the cheese down lately, it feels genuine, and well aged, like all good cheeses should.
I should just upload the whole chapter here, almost each page had Itachi in it, and you all know how much I love Itachi.

Such love for his clan despite their betrayal, if only he could love me like that....

One Piece

I wish I had left this chapter until after exams, then I could have read all of this awesomeness along with the 2 awesome chapters that are no doubt about to follow.
The first part of the chapter with the whole, “I knew because of my shark friend” was alright, a bit cheesy, but that sort of thing was to be expected. Luffy’s entrance however, was totally unexpected, I was expecting him to burst in, but nope, he was regurgitated out. I was also not expecting all of the other Straw Hats to show up, I guess everyone escaped and met up, that is pretty interesting. Maybe Oda will shed some light on how that came about, or maybe he won’t. I still get the impression that Oda now just wants to get rid of Hodi as soon as possible, which is perfectly fine with me, as I am really looking forward to the New World and encounters with past friends/enemies, ooh, the future of One Piece is so bright.
The ending was perfect, Luffy’s line was flawless, he doesn’t care if he is a friend or a foe, and he isn’t going to impose himself on anyone, spoken like a true pirate, I say.

This is a cover spread of the Straw Hats, as such, inclusion is necessary.


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