Weekly Shonen: Bleach 459, Naruto 550, One Piece 634

Yay, I am back, well exams are done, so hopefully once I get accommodation for next term sorted out, I will be able to relax a bit, in theory anyway.
It would seem that there was no Weekly Shonen last week, so instead of missing two chapters, I only missed one, how sad. 😦
Oh well, so, these are the chapters that came out two weeks ago, that I read yesterday, so yeah, just letting you know. Not much point in talking about 2 week old chapters, so I will try to be short ( I am sure my own laziness has nothing do with it).

I decided to go ahead and include html anchors just because Ichigo may or may not have gotten a new look, and as such, I felt like being courteous to the folk who don’t read the Bleach manga.

One Piece


While reading this chapter, I thought that Shinigami was Karin, I mean, come on, it looks just like her, even when Ichigo said Rukia, I was just like, “No, Ichigo, you be all wrong bro, that’s your little sis”, but as it turns out I was wrong, that is actually Rukia, and dammmn, she looks different. Oh, and she is also a lieutenant(another detail I failed to notice the first time). It was actually really cool how Rukia, the original power giver person stabbed Ichigo, I guess Bleach has started anew, yay! Some people have suggested that this whole arc was just an excuse for Ichigo to get a new look for his Shikai, who knows, it just might be true.
Nothing else to say about this chapter, but it was a great chapter, also, Ichigo should really trust his dad and Kisuke, the two would never go against him.

Wait, what’s that, I forgot to talk about Ichigo’s new form, and that to despite having alluded to it in the beginning chapter? Why, I thought my opinions would be obvious, his new form is badass, and that is all that needs to be said. I normally dislike rape, but I am looking forward to the Ginjou/Tsu-kun/everyone else raping that Ichigo does next chapter.

Hopefully, non Bleach manga reading people will not see this.


An Itachi picture? Why, I haven't even started talking about Naruto.

This chapter, this chapter was freaking amazing. Do you want to know why? It’s because Itachi was in it, and Itachi did badass things. Now, you might accuse me of letting my Itachi fanboyism get out of hand, but a forum member on Mangashare mentioned( I am paraphrasing this) that had this crow scenario been carried out with anyone else, it would have been considered a breach of plot (or Kishi’s plotno-jutsu), but because it’s Itachi that said all of the crow stuff, it makes perfect sense. See, all along, Itachi has been shown to have been a very careful and ninja who always has contingency plans Most things play along with his predictions, and when something he hasn’t predicted happens, he has a contingency plan in place.
I wonder, for how long has Kishi been planning all of this. Uchiha Shisui’s name was mentioned many eons back, way back in Sasuke’s flashbacks, and he was explored a bit during the Danzo fiasco as well, Kishi probably didn’t mention his name back then just for the lols, I can’t say for sure if he knew what he was going to do in the future, but he might have figured that it would be good to have a name to fall back on later on in the future, hmm.
I find it interesting how all along, the Uchihas have always been presented as powerful, badass, noble, intelligent ninjas. Everytime an Uchiha is mentioned, or the clan, that mention is more often than not followed by a certain amount of praise. Unfortunately, this is all ruined by the two bad seeds in the clan (Madara and Sasuke), but it’s interesting nonetheless.
Now, Itachi made this chapter great, brilliant even, and I would have been satisfied if it had ended after his crow speech, but then Oh Boy, Oh Boy.

Nagato, Nagato, oh my dear Nagato. If Nagato had retained his personality, and all of his actions had been by choice, then Nagato could very well have become one of my favorite ninjas of all time.
Back when Pain attacked Konoha, we were all like, yeah, this guy is strong, but he is just another over powered super villain with a slightly sad past. Now, we no longer have an over powered super villain, we have an exceptionally badass ninja, unfortunately, this ninja happens to be a zombie (in every sense of the word), but I will accept it.
In those few panels, Nagato really demonstrated the power of the Rinnegan, and he didn’t pull out any new tricks or anything, just used old ones really well. I want to see this in the anime, if only because of Nagato’s red hair, his yummy, Uzumaki hair.

ninja edit: This chapter was 550, ain’t that a cool number?

One Piece

lol@Brook, Lucky bastard.

Only 50000? I was hoping Luffy would take down everyone including Hodi. I hope the Straw-Hats don’t struggle too much with this fight, I kinda want to see their strength, but at the same time, I want to see the bad guys get totally destroyed. I am tired, so I will just discuss a few quick things:

1)-The weakling comments by Luffy
I guess Luffy is good at recognizing strength, even if it isn’t a physical thing, well he always has been good at judging people.

2)-The Haki comments
Zoro, Sanji and Robin all seem to know about it, most likely, the former 2 also know some Haki, we shall see in the future, that is all.

3)-Note to self: Don’t ever mention being a Pirate King around Luffy.

4)-Jinbei’s jokes like the name for a plan.

5)-Luffy, meat and pirates.
This should be something that should be forever quoted. Here’s the quote if someone is too lazy to find it:

Meat, it's important.

Luffy: HERO?!
Jinbei: What?!
Luffy: We’re Pirates You Know! I Love Heroes, But I don’t want to be One!!
Do you even know what a Hero is!!
Jinbei: ?
Luffy: For Example, you have some meat right.
Pirates will Feast on the meat, but a Hero will divide it Amongst the People!!
I want to eat that Meat!!


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