Catching up with a hitman.

No, not that type of hitman.


Note: I am sorry, but this post isn’t as good as it could have been, I wanted to add more relevant pictures, some hand drawn/paint pictures, and proofread some more, but after almost 2500 words, and several days of procrastination, I am too tired of this post to spend any more time working on it. I apologise in advance for my lacklustre grammar/horrible spelling and in general bad writing etiquette. But I would be happy if you read it, and you know had an epiphany or something while reading it.

Note2: If you are too lazy to read the whole thing, and are just here for random cleavage, then click this: cleavage

There was a time, long, long ago, when this poor innocent blogger would write posts talking about a simple little manga called Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, or well posts that included a paragraph or two on it anyway.
I stopped reading Reborn! during the fight between the Ryouhei and the other boxer(I stopped covering it a long time ago) whose name I can’t be bothered to remember, and then started reading again when the Enma arc was about to end. And well I figured it be best for me to write a post covering the current state of things, and what I thought about the last arc.

Okay, so what the hell happened?

The Vongola folk announced that Little Tuna Tsuna would be inducted in the Vongola hall of fame be made the tenth.
Tsuna was obviously against this.

In order to protect the 10th from would be assassins, the Simon (I pronounce them as SimonE for some reason) family decided to come over and play. Each one of the Vongolas hit it of quite well with their Simon counterparts, and you know all was good, until the truth was revealed (to us the reader) that Simon was actually trying to get revenge on the Vongola. In order to see if Tsuna was trustworthy or not, they held a test, Tsuna failed due to dumb luck and the Simon begantheir offensive. Yamamoto was taken out by a surprise ambush, and then the rest were annihilated at the party. The Vongola bunch got new rings, went to Simon’s island, fought some Simon people in one on one fights of pride orchestrated by the Vindice, lost a few, win a few, discovered evil underlying plot of Daemon, saved a corrupted Enma, defeated evil Daemon (who also happens to have been the first Vongola guardian of mist), and learned the true sad story behind Daemon and everyone else.
Then the Vongola returned home, and continued on with their daily, regular lives, while the Varia and Mukorou went after Flan, who now wears an apple helmet.

So, Sonny tell me a bit about this girl.

No, Grandma, I am talking about Hitman Reborn.

What I disliked:

  • Stating the obvious.
  • Restating the obvious.
  • Typical/Cliche/Un-Energetic/Contrived Fights.
  • Cheesy dialogue and cheesy plot.

Now, What I liked:

  • Scenes that involved Hibari(Obviously)
  • Scenes that involved Mukorou(Sans the Daemon possessed body of course).
  • Adelheid’s cleavage (Obvious, as well)
  • Scenes that involved Reborn.
  • Some of the sad/interesting back-story.
  • Some of the cool new powers, and the resulting fight scenes.
  • Adult (teenage) Lambo.
  • The return to everyday fun life.

First, let us talk about the bad things, and make no mistake, the bad things were bad.

Stating/Restating the obvious

Seriously, I am getting tired of this Shonen trend, and this trend really couldn’t be more obvious in Reborn!

I wouldn’t have realized that Daemon split up without Enma, thanks Enma!

Okay, well the above two images are probably not the best examples, I am sure there were more, but I am too tired to go look right now.

I am not very smart, so I don’t mind if my minuscule amount of intelligence is insulted, but the fight scenes in Reborn are ridiculous. I mean, it’s hard to tell who this manga is targeting. I mean on the one hand, you have these obvious statements that even a 10 year old would find redundant, and yet you also have this super brutal violence. I mean sure there is some blood, but did you see how Tsuna got his ass handed to him by Daemon, that looked painful. Painful, not because I like Tsuna, but because it looked painful, I wouldn’t want to be hit like that.

Speaking of fights, some of the fights this part arc were quite contrived.
I mean Tsuna temporarily gets both Sky and Ground flames, and he does so because he believes in friendship? Goddamit, I get enough dosage of the friendship drug thanks to Fairy Tail.
Most of the fights felt a bit forced, I mean, everyone just keeps on using random moves, I am sorry, I am sure the fights weren’t that bad, I am just tired of weird made up moves and arbitrary power ups, the fights didn’t feel very exciting either, maybe it’s because the Enma bunch were not an entirely well developed(from a fighting perspective) bunch of people.
I also really dislike seeing 13/14 year old brats fight, this isn’t so evident with most of the crew, but Tsuna and Enma make this really obvious, as the those two arguably the only two who actually look their age. If the author really wanted to take this manga in more an action oriented/darker direction, she should have had the characters grow up a bit, a 16 year old Tsuna could have been much better.

A Small picture for a small guy…

In terms of cheesiness, I am getting quite tired of Tsuna, the kid either complains due to fear, or utters needless cheesy lines, no wonder Reborn calls him No- Good Tsuna.

Now let’s move on to what I liked:

Liking Hibari is obvious, if you don’t have a crush on Hibari, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG, same sort of thing for Mukorou. Notice something else about Hibari, he never really loses, even at the end, he is just conveniently locked away, good old Hibari, so reliable.

This picture has Hibari and cleavage, saving it might be a good idea.

I will get to Reborn in a second.

Back when I was reading the chapters, the Daemon spade fiasco caught me off guard, I mean sure, one of the bad guys was probably orchestrating everything, but to think it was the original Mist guardian, that wasn’t expected, and well to tarnish the reputation of the Vongola like that, took quite some guts on the authors part, not just any mangaka could have insulted the good guy family our main character was from.

Now, some of the back story was quite cheesy and cliché, okay, well a lot of it was cheesy and cliché. But, some of the back-story was actually quite entertaining, as I was marathoning my way through, I was always looking forward to getting a bit more back-story, I mean, it’s the freaking Primo, the fourth hokage of Reborn! I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns in the fight, though I knew all along that Primo would have never betrayed his friend, at least not intentionally (it would have been interesting if Primo actually was a bad guy, and the lesson learnt from this arc was that descendants of douchebags are not always douchebags, but alas, most Shonen aren’t that deep). The addition of the lady (Daemon’s girl) might have been a typical thing to do, but it wasn’t that badly presented, so it’s fine, and well Daemon’s reasoning seemed just a bit more reasonable because of her addition.

Going back to the fights, I now feel that up above, I may have been a bit too harsh on the fights, I think the fights are fun enough to read, but they aren’t very memorable, the overall picture isn’t that great, which is unfortunate, but it’s a common thing to have fights like that in this genre. Still, some parts were cool, obviously all of the action scenes involving Hibari were cool, I thought Gokudera’s fight was also pretty cool, mostly because he used his head, and not brute force, and he won without doing much damage to Shit P. Even though everyone was supposed to be fighting a friend (you know, their equivalent from the Shimon side), I sort of felt like Gokudera and Shit P were actually closer than a lot of the other couplings, and it seems strange that this is the case, but given that Gokudera is the only one who can talk to Shit P, that’s the feeling I got.

I also like how Gokudera knew all about Tsuna’s bad habits, and yet still loves him, Gokudera is such a nice loyal friend, I wouldn’t mind having him as my left-hand man.

Wow, even by male lead standards, that’s pretty bad, Tsuna…

Speaking of fights, I also liked Lambo’s fight, not so much the fight itself, the fight itself was quite boring, mainly because of the weak villain, but Adult, er.. teenage Lambo. How could anyone not like that crazy Playboy.

LoL Lambo

Science Lambo

Awesome Lambo

Back when it first started, Reborn! was a school life Shonen, we didn’t have these crazy fights, these almost global peace threatening battles, no it was just a bunch of goofs who were playing Mafi. Ok, well by the time I started, the Mukorou arc had already started, but still that arc still had a bit of that Mafia kids vibe, and even the Varia arc had a bit of it (though significantly less). Now, the vast majority of readers (judging from my own bias observations and wikipedia) liked the change, they liked the inclusion of more fights, and overlying plot lines, but you know, I didn’t. I like it when the Reborn crew isn’t fighting and are just at home doing silly things. Why? Why do I like that? Because it shows off the excellent cast. I one hypothesized that Reborn! had the best cast in Shonen after One Piece. Now, I don’t know if that statement is still true, but I think the statement still holds some merit.

I mean think about it, I know I was a bit harsh on the Tuna earlier, but Tsuna isn’t that bad of a main character, and everyone else in the Vongola extended family is absolutely awesome. How could anyone not like Gokudera’s loyalty, Yamamoto’s simplicity, Hibari’s badassery, Mukorou’s err awesomeness, Lambo’s silliness, Ryouhei’s extreemeness, oh you get the point. That’s why I really liked the break this manga took, that short back to school arc. I like seeing this goofs goof around, I still like seeing them fight occasionally, but I love seeing them goof around, they are such an interesting and unique bunch of characters, you can’t help but like them all.

Moments like this are what I love about this manga.

Now, on to Reborn

Reborn is an icon, not just of this manga, but for Shonen, or maybe even manga in general. Let me explain why he is special.

Okay, first of, quite obviously, he is a baby that wears a suit, carries a lizard and a pacifier and is known to be one of the greatest hit men. But Reborn’s specialness goes beyond that. Think about it for a second.

In all or almost all action stories, the main character has a teacher, some wise old fool to teach him to fight and stuff, Reborn is Tsuna’s teacher, but unlike the wise old fools of other mangas, Reborn sticks with Tsuna. We only see teachers in other mangas teach the punk main character, then they disappear, only to reappear at a later time when necessary, but not Reborn. Reborn is always with Tsuna.

Notice how Gokudera immediately calls upon Reborn? He knows that Reborn is the only one who knows Tsuna best.

Forget the bonds between friends and guardians that the manga is always preaching, they are nice and all, but the real special bond is between Tsuna and Reborn. Even though, they have been together for so long, Tsuna doesn’t regard Reborn as a friend, but rather a most important mentor. Sure, Tsuna is often scared of what Reborn says or does, sure Tsuna gets mad at Reborn, but when push comes to shove, Tsuna trusts Reborn more than anyone. When they first landed in the future, Tsuna was all lost and confused, until he met Reborn, similar things could be said of other times to, often Tsuna gets lost and Reborn helps him back, without ever getting involved in a physical fight.

But a few interesting things happened this arc that concern Reborn:

1)-Reborn showed distress after the clear Pacifier was revealed.

Note how Tsuna has never Reborn like this before, this is kind of important.

The above Reborn was not normal, that is pretty much the first time we have ever seen him react like that.

2)-Reborn was about to help Tsuna.

Reborn is shaking….

This might have be the first time I have ever seen Reborn frustrated.

Now, ordinarily, it wouldn’t seem that strange if a teacher helped out his pupil, but this manga has gone on for almost 350 chapters without Reborn fighting at all, and this was the first time I can recall that Reborn showed a lack of faith in Tsuna, or rather hopelessness at the situation.

3)-The above observations though pale in comparison to this one:

This hit me quite hard.

We all know the manga is heading towards an arcobaleno centred arc, but what does that mean? It means we are reaching the end, or well I certainly hope we are, because I think Reborn is either going to leave or die after Tsuna finds out the truth and sorts out the arcobaleno mess.

I can’t promise you that Reborn will leave after the arcobaleno arc, but make no mistake about it, Reborn will leave someday, this was something hinted at since the very beginning, Reborn is only here to train Tsuna until Tsuna is fit to be the tenth, and by all means, Tsuna is now almost fit to lead.
Now, whether Reborn’s leaving will signify the end of the manga, I can’t be sure of that, but I really hope it is. You can argue that Reborn is only here to help Tsuna become independent and form the right bonds, and that the manga can continue on without Reborn. You are right, Tsuna and the others have grown, the last step in Tsuna’s growth is to become independent of his teacher, and this step will no doubt be shown, but that is all I want to see. I want to see nothing more after that, because a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! without Reborn is not something I want to read.

Now, I don’t know about you, I may not enjoy everything about this manga, but I want to make the most out of what little time we have left with Reborn, so let’s hope for some fun upcoming chapters. Thanks for reading, have a good day.


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