Weekly Shonen: Bleach 462, Naruto 553, One Piece 637

Sorry, I am late, not much to say this week.


Sigh, Kubo, I hold a soft soft for Bleach, but must you continue to test my patience like this? I mean did you really have to give the Fullbringers powerups in such a contrived, silly way, I mean, I know you are trying to end this arc, so, no one would have been too upset if you just killed Ginjou of without him putting up a challenge. Back when Bleach started, I felt that at least it some semblance of rules and stuff, that you couldn’t just arbitrarily gain powers without working and that you couldn’t just arbitrarily slash free power to others.

I am also angry about Inoue. Just when I was beginning to like her again, Kubo decides to go out and bring back the whiny “Kurasaki-Kun” Inoue of yesteryear, sure, I can understand maybe showing some conflicting emotions but did it have to be so accentuated, so exaggerated? Having said that, I did find Riruka’s attitude interesting, her reaction to mind control, she was making the excuse that she didn’t want Ichigo’s powers, I guess that’s her way of doing what Inoue was doing, only a bit better.
So, about those Fullbringers, why did they get together in the first place? Did they really want to get rid of their powers? Were they perhaps zombified to begin with, or are they only now zombified, Kubo has quite a few questions to answer, I mean, that’s what happens when you decide to change the direction of an arc halfway through. Oh well, hopefully this arc is ending soon, and we will be moving on to bigger and better things, and hey, we got a few captain-y fights to look forward to, but I seriously hope that the captains just destroy the Fullbringers, I don’t want fights dragged on, but knowing this manga, each fight will last at least 1 chapter, if not several chapters, so yeah, if next chapter shows any indication of that, then I might just leave Bleach alone for a while….

Oh, and Kubo should get a good English proofreader, that title is atrocious.

Obligatory bad guy powerup shot


The chapter was pretty decent. I am okay with Naruto using new variants of the Rasengan, but really, that’s all he does. He is like a typical Shonen hero, he charges in head first, now that would be fine in any other Shonen, but, Naruto is supposed to be a freaking NINJA! He is seriously lacking in the elegance/grace section, sure everyone calls him a great ninja, but he isn’t. I doubt he could even do a substitution jutsu right, look at everyone else, ok almost everyone, Kakashi is a badass ninja, the 4th was a badass ninja, and yet Naruto is well…Naruto. I could understand that at the beginning of the manga, but I was hoping he would grow up into more of a super slick ninja with a great variety of jutsu, oh well, the manga has been going in a more action, less stealth direction for a long time now.

The third Raikage is quite the badass, I wasn’t expecting that backstory, I wonder, why is Kabuto stalling? I am also a bit sad that everyone seems so reliant on Naruto, oh well, this does mean that next chapter we might get to see some interesting wind jutsu, though it’s probably just a RasenShuriken, or a bunch of them anyway.The Mizukage is as funny as ever, but now Gara and Tsuchikage will deal with him.

Oh and Sasuke? He is a dick, but Zetsu deserved that, at first I thought his new eye-toy looked cool, but it on closer observation, it isn’t that cool, it would have been better without the white triangle ring thing. His Susano seems interesting, so Sasuke can burn people by looking at them, AND by stabbing them? Sasuke’s comment about darkness or something is probably Kishi’s “literary” way of saying that Sasuke is one evil, badass motherfucker, or well at least that he is one badass motherfucker. This is all done, so that when Naruto makes Sasuke good again, it will be all that more of an accomplishment.

Obligatory eye shot.

One Piece

It was nice to see Luffy hand out quite the pounding on Hodi, by this point we know that Hodi doesn’t stand a chance against Luffy, and him being a “tank” is just Oda’s way of showcasing Luffy’s new moves. A few people are whining that they wanted the main character and the main villain to have an all out brawl and that Hodi shouldn’t be defeated so easily. Well, I respect your opinion, but screw you! If Luffy had a hard time against weak little Hodi, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the New World, so yeah.

Oda did a really good job of demonstrating Luffy’s haki prowess, he used the strengthening(Armament) attribute and the sensing attribute quite effectively, though I don’t know if the water stuff can affect Luffy as he is made of rubber.

Shirahoshi’s “sacrifice” was expected, now, how will the confrontation between Luffy, Hodi and Van Der Decken go. I guess Luffy might cause the islands destruction by dropping Noah on top of it, OR, the island won’t be destroyed after all and the prediction would be wrong, this would be quite the twist, and if I do say so, a welcome one.

Obligatory LoL.


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