Weekly Shonen: Bleach 464-465, Naruto 555-556, One Piece 639-640

So, sorry I didn’t post last week. I didn’t get time on the weekends, err, didn’t get much time, anyway. After the weekends, well, laziness, a lack of resolve and School Rumble out did me. Funny, isn’t it? I blog about manga that primarily revolve around the importance of resolve and determination, and yet, I seem to have none my self.

Also, sorry I haven’t posted about Elfen Lied episodes 3 and 4 yet, I watched them a while back, but I still haven’t covered them, sorry!

Now on to the post itself, but first let us note down something interesting. This might be kind of obvious to you guys, but did you notice how Bleach and One Piece are both in transnational arcs while Naruto is in an important arc. Actually, it’s not just an important arc, but possible the most important arc, heck, there is a good chance that this is the last major arc of the manga, but more on that later.

Bleach 464

Contrary to what a lot of people said, I actually liked this chapter. I didn’t mind Yachiru’s new look that much, actually I liked the bandage thing. I wonder what Ichida’s worst case scenario is, hopefully, whatever it is, it either doesn’t delay the end of this arc by too much, or it is awesome and leads into the next arc. Notice how I implied that it would happen? Yeah, it will happen, Kubo is no master of deception.

Hitsugaya is being pretty cool, well he kinda has to be, his fanbase is or at least was huge. I liked how he, a child, treated Yukio almost like a child to. I hope their fight doesn’t drag on too long, it’s one of those fights that involves illusions and stuff, and they might be fun at first, but get boring fast, and that to only happens when the illusions are done by the Uchihas.

Rukia and Riruka’s interaction was pretty funny, I am guessing the two probably won’t even fight, and Yukio will be defeated and the game over before that, at least that is what I hope.

As for Byakuya, well he is Byakuya, and he is an eternal badass, I hope he destroys Tsu-kun(i.e. inflict massive amounts of pain), I would really like that.

It's Byakuya, he had to be included.....

Bleach 465


Not a bad chapter if I do say so. Ikkaku was super badass, and damn that kid is pretty strong. People on forums are speculating that had he gotten powers from Ichigo, his whole body would have been covered by the good charm thing, and that would provide not only an exceptional offense, but also super defense. I actually want this kid to become one of the good guys now. Anyway, Ikkaku was a badass, but so was Renji. Renji did a fine job showing that ugly Jacky person, still though, you gotta feel sorry for her, the one time Kubo decides to draw a semi-important female character who is not pretty, and she gets made a bad guy who gets destroyed.
REnji’s new look is looking really nice, it really suits him, I found his Aizen expression interesting. No, I doubt it means that Aizen has escaped (Kubo would not announce it in such a manner), but just that either Renji wanted to get strong enough to compare himself to Aizen, or he was referring to before Aizen was captured, which wouldn’t make sense, but don’t think about that line, I don’t think it means anything important.

Hisagi and his bike, lol, I hope we get to see it in a future chapter, I really do, Hisagi on a bike would be well quite cool but it could also be funny. 😛

Renji, what a gentleman, not only does he use the back of his sword, but he doesn't look at a woman in her time of duress, what a gentleman indeed!

Naruto 555

Chapter 555, eh, pretty cool Kishi, by the way Masashi Kishimoto’s younger, twin brother Seishi Kishimoto wrote 666 Satan, just felt like pointing that out, I might do a post someday if I get over my laziness comparing the twins.

It was nice to see Naruto use Sage mode again, and it was also nice to see the simple tactic that allowed him to win.  It was particularly cool how fast Sage mode was activated, now Naruto only needs to combine Sage with Fox to be even with Sasuke. Yes, all you Sasuke doubters, Naruto is not stronger than Sasuke, and he won’t be stronger than Sasuke, no matter what you think. No, the two of them will be evenly matched, and if Naruto wins, he will only win because of the power of love, guts,  friendship and all the people supporting him. Yes, Lord Reiseng, Lord of Shoujo and Shonen has decreed it so, and not without reason, look inside your hearts, you know it to be true!

Oh and, I also liked how Naruto contacted Bee to get a strategy update, and well, I found it slightly amusing, but not really funny that Bee wasn’t with Naruto just because he was taking a piss. I hope Gara ends up okay, but seriously, the Mizukage is pretty cool!

Going back to what I said earlier, this is probably the last arc of this manga, or at least this section of the manga, it might be nice if Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi went on some missions together after this, but I doubt they  would show that, maybe a timeskip to when Naruto is hokage. Having said that, it would be nice if there was a timeskip right after or even right before the NarutoXSasuke fight and we get to have a brand new manga with Naruto and Sasuke’s kids as the main characters. Something like that might breath some fresh air into the ninja world, for you see, I might be getting tired of the characters, the redundant over powered techniques, the Good vs Bad dynamic, the cheesines, but I am not getting tired of the ninja world. There is so much stuff left to explore that they never explored!

Naruto 556
Not much to say other than the fact that the Mizukage is pretty damn sweet, I wonder what this Jokey boy technique can do. So, he is using an old technique that was invented by someone living in the time of Muu’s ancestor, or a technique invented by Muu’s ancestor? Hmm.

I actually thought that the Tsuchikage was dead there for a second, and a few people are speculating that he might indeed die soon in this battle. I would think the same, he will probably sacrifice himself or something allowing Gara to defeat the Mizukage. Or, maybe Bee will come out of nowhere, but I don’t think that will happen, hopefully, Naruto won’t pop in, I don’t want him to get all the credit.

Gara meets the Joker, now where is Batman.

One Piece 639

Not the greatest or most exciting of One Piece chapters, but whatever, I am mostly just looking forward to this arcs ending. Poor Decken, killed by his own axe, that’s a bit sad. Hodi has officially gone of the deep end, well he sort of did a while back, but now, it’s official!
Jinbei and Sanji are going to rape that giant, and I hope that Zoro destroys the Octopus, although out of all the fishmen badies, I like the octo-assassin the best. I especially liked Zoro’s “He might make for a good warmup” line, you go Zoro. It was a bit disconcerting to see the manga use the age old damsel in distress trick with Robin, but I guess Zoro’s “Sorry, I will be taking this guy” line might imply that Robin could have handled herself,but Zoro just wanted a fight, so, I guess I will overlook it, but I don’t like it when Nami and Robin are damsels in distress, we had full length arcs that covered that base, and those arcs served the additional point of great character development for many characters.

One Piece 640

If a man ain't got pride, he ain't got nothing.

The only reason I am not enjoying most current One Piece chapters that much is because I want this arc to be over and the New World to begin, but overall it was a pretty good chapter.
So, we got more match-ups, and now everyone except the two female characters have an enemy.
Some pretty funny moments this chapter, the first being Brook’s accidental saving of Nami, he really wants to see those panties eh. Then Brook’s I am all dry joke, that had me laughing quite a bit, and in general, Brook was awesome this chapter, what a funny guy! It’s strange, I didn’t really warm up to Brook at first when he initially joined, but now, now, I really like him.

It's strange that Brook keeps asking for panties even though he ain't got anything to unload, well, I guess a man will always be a man.

Franky was pretty funny to, and both Usupp and Chopper were awesome, the two make a really good team, and they always have. The tieback to Alabasta was interesting, especially since the front page arc involves Alabasta. Speaking of Alabasta, Vivi has gained some major boobage, she didn’t really need it, but I guess that’s the Oda treatment for you, other than her extended chest size, she hasn’t changed much though.

Zeo’s pride and Usupp’s new attack were both awesome, I also want to see Zoro destroy squid boy next time, I don’t care about the giant though, for the most part, he is a large wall for Sanji and Jinbei to practise on, having said all that, it looks like we are in for a fun bunch of remaining chapters.



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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on September 24, 2011 - 12:54 pm

    Derp, do not mirror

    I think the people in Bleach are a bit too OP – I mean, I understand wanting to get this arc over, but I really can’t imagine what’s going to happen after this. I thought it was going to end after Aizen…

    The giant’s so cute in One Piece, though 😦 If he hadn’t taken ES I’ll bet he wouldn’t be an enemy at all.

    As for Robin, I doubt she’ll win anyways – swords cut hands off. Maybe she’ll win against a rock-type enemy because y’know paper beats rock 😐

    • #2 by Reiseng on September 24, 2011 - 1:03 pm

      Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Bleach, no doubt somehow shortly after this arc, everyone will somehow magically seem weaker, lose horribly to some new contrived villain, then get some “new haxor powers”(when I say haxor, I mean become as strong as they used to be), and then beat up the new villain, then rinse and repeat until Kubo gets tired of it all.

      I guess, the giant is kinda cute, I sort of forgot to look at him like that. Had he not taken ES, he would have probably just sat there, cried and picked his nose. 😛

      Fair enough point on Robin, I have always wondered how paper beats rock, but I am neither a paperologist, or a rockeothologist (read Geologist), and so I don’t know how the physics works out.

      edit:-Yeah, I mirror because I am a rebel!

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