Fairy Tail: Chapter 253

Super WTF moment!

I stopped blogging Fairy Tail a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean that I stopped reading it. No, I still read Fairy Tail every weekend, and every weekend, I laugh/cringe at the cheesiness and cheer along as cool characters do cool things.

This is how my reading of this week’s Fairy Tail went:

I express all serious things in rage comic form.

So, yea, I was not expecting that, not expecting it at all. The kid who was looking out at sea was first seen in chapter 234.

The story starts here

Who is this kid?

Note how he wears a scarf, it is different than Natsu’s, but most likely, it’s a throwback to Natsu, this kid probably looked up to Natsu, as some people have suspected, he could be Romeo, who probably looked up to Natsu quite a bit. Note: Romeo is Macao’s son, and he had Natsu and Lucy help him find Macao right at the beginning of the manga.

So, was everything on that island a flashback? Or, was the author just jumping around time frames. Another interesting thing to note is the narrator. You can’t really tell who it is, but if memory serves me correctly, the narrator is normally Lucy. I wonder if that’s the case here to.

So, the Fairy Tail crew or well the important members anyway, have been missing for seven years now, and they probably won’t show up for quite some time,  that’s quite something, eh. Also, you know that shit is about to go down when the font of the title/sub-title changes.

This is the standard Fairy Tail font, it has existed for a long time... I think.

This is the font used for this chapter, I don't know if it's permanent or not. I also really liked this title, it's cheesy, but kind of sweet as well.

The first question we must consider I: “Who was the person reading a prayer or performing some magic?”

Clearly not tinkerbell, but she is really pretty, I wish Mashima drew more female characters like this.

Most people are of the opinion that she was either the Sky Dragon Granadia or Mavis (the first Fairy Tail guild master). Both possibilities are open, Granadia has shown an interest in the human plight before, and Mavis was never shown to be a guy, so it could have been her ghost. Regardless, the form taken by the being whoever it was resembled a Fairy. A very pretty Fairy if I might add.

As I was reading this chapter, I was slightly mocking the cheesiness, but now that I am done with it, I kind of feel sad actually, and appreciate of the cheesiness in a rather strange way. Thinking about the “let’s go back to Fairy Tail” bit hurts my heart a bit, and yet at the same time, it is a scene infused with hope, one can’t help but feel that these Fairy Tail members will return to their home, even if that home is in the afterlife with previous members of the guild.

Despite just being shocking, this was an oddly touching chapter, the combination of the friends desires to go home together, the hopelessness of the situation,  the Fairy overseeing everything was really well pulled of and then finally, the transition into the notion of succession, all of these different things came together to make a very beautiful chapter.  I don’t think any chapter of this manga has touched me as much as this one has. You did well, Mahima sensei.

At first, I didn't care, but now, this scene makes me sad, really sad, sniff, sniff.

Now, here are the possibilities:

1)-The Fairy Tail members were killed, and now the story will continue with a new gang.

This seems highly unlikely, all of that development will have been for nought, though I do think a new gang will do stuff by themselves for a few chapters at least.

2)-The Fairy Tail members were sent to the future.

Possible, that fairy did something, but why 7 years? Also, how soon will they be revealed, I get the feeling that we won’t see them for a while.

3)-The Fairy Tail members were sent to an alternate dimension and will come back after gaining strength.

This is also possible or likely even, maybe the author felt that they needed power-ups to defeat the evil guilds. Again, the question remains, when will they show up, if past precedent set by other Shonens is worth anything, they will show up right when the new gang is in super deep, world changing trouble.

4)-The Fairy Tail members are sleeping somewhere.

This possibility actually seems quite likely, the new gang will do stuff for a bit, then come across a magic cave and find the old members frozen in some form of magic, at which point, they will get a quest to free them. Given the  possible involvement of some Grandia, this seems likely, a bit like sleeping beauty I suppose.

5)-The Fairy Tail members are hiding somewhere.

This is totally uncharacteristic of the guild, so I doubt it.

Regardless of the truth, the fact remains, we likely won’t see the crew for a while, so, I guess that is sad, but at the same time, I am looking forward to what’s next. It’s been a while since I have been this excited about Fairy Tail.

Goodbye Fairy Tail, I hope to see you again soon.


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