Quick impression: Mashiroiro Symphony

...this is probably a good indication of what's to come....

So, I watched this anime’s first episode? My thoughts? This is going to go down the drain, and fast, but as far as first episodes of destined to fail anime go, this was actually a pretty good first episode.

I liked the slow pace of it all. I mean, sure, some would argue that it was too slow, or that absolutely nothing happened. But, I liked it, I liked how it set a nice serene, calm tone.
I also didn’t mind the main character that much, I mean, he is nothing special, BUT, his wimpiness wasn’t so obvious this first episode, and he seemed to have most of his life under control. I also liked the interaction between him and his sister, you wouldn’t think it, but calling his sister cute, and hugging her are kind of good things that are missing from most harems.
No, I am not saying incest is a good thing, but many male characters are awkward around their imoutos and that always makes me angry.

Speaking of the imouto, I liked her, she was really cute, and even though, she was the generic spaced out character stereotype, there was something oddly genuine about her.

Not going to lie, Sukano, or whatever her name is, is pretty darn cute.

Another reason, I fond the imouto to be cute, was the animation. This show was well animated, and the character designs, though relatively stereotypical, were pretty good.

The lighting is quite well done, I guess shows like this make much money, so they get nice budgets? Or maybe, the lack of fights means budget can be allocated to other places, hmmm.

So, it should be a good anime, right?

Beeep, NO! It could have been a good anime, or at least a decent one, but the signs of failure are there.

First fail: The bath scene, I mentioned earlier that I liked the lack of awkward interaction, but that scene had plenty of awkward. Ideally, the main character should have told his sister, sure, and provided us the viewers with some nice fan service. Before, I get the “you incest loving pervert” look, had he said sure, it would have implied that he was comfortable around his sister.

I am sad to say, but I kinda wanted to see this....such is the curse of a hentai-san like me.

Now, I don’t have an imouto, so, I don’t know how I’d have thought of that, either, so, the other option should have been him just telling her with a straight “blush free face that they are no longer children and as such, they don’t need to bathe together”, though to be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with bathing with your sister especially in a culture in which men bathe together anyway. Note: I might only be saying that because I thought the imouto was cute, and yeah…

Then, the other disappointment was the other girls, judging from their smiley faces, their personalities aren’t that special.


Yeah, it's going to suck starting next episode....

Sigh, so will I keep watching this? Maybe, it partly depends on the reactions of my fellow bloggers, but it’s unfortunate, I think this is another anime that will most likely upset me. I hope it doesn’t. I haven’t watched a good harem in quite some time.

Oh, and for an anime that has Symphony in the title, the music wasn’t all that great, I was hoping for you know, some awesome music and stuff, oh well.


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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on October 21, 2011 - 11:45 pm

    The first screenshot reminded me of Hourou Musuko, which was interesting and has nothing to do with your post.

    Perhaps you should continue watching this show merely to expand your horizons, as I’m doing with… Horizon. That said, I’ve never actually finished one of these types of shows (I dropped Amagami SS in episode 6), so I’m not a very good horizon-expander, I guess.

    P.S. A reason I fond the imouto to be cute was the fondling.
    P.P.S. Another reason I fond the imouto to be cute was her room’s plafond.
    P.P.P.S. Une autre raison j’ai trouvé l’imouto d’être mignon était son ski de fond.

    • #2 by Reiseng on October 22, 2011 - 4:29 pm

      Damit, I have forgotten all of my French, I don’t have the right to call myself Canadian.
      I watched the second episode as well, surprisingly enough, it was better than I predicted. As some dude on randomc said, this anime just falls short of entering the bad cliche zone. Which is nice.

      I watched most of Amagami, I think. You should probably go back and watch the final arc, I think that was a good arc.

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